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Essay on the Summer Season

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Summer season is the hottest season, however, it is very entertaining and entertaining for children because they get a chance to swim, go to hilly areas, eat ice cream, eat lassi and eat the favorite fruits. They enjoy school holidays during the summer season. It is one of the four temperate seasons, which comes in the middle of spring and autumn. We are making available some essays in the summer season to help the students, who are given their teachers to write paragraphs or essays in the form of homework. Here you can find some essays in Englishlanguage for summer, for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.

Essay on the summer season (100 words)

The summer is the hottest weather to keep day and little nights. This is the longest season in comparison to other seasons of the year. During instability in the summer, the days are big and the nights are small. Summer usually begins after the Holi (the month of March) and ends in the month of June. As the day is high, the summer temperature is at its peak: However, as the day decreases, the heat temperature gradually decreases. When there is heat on the North Pole, there is a cold on the South Pole. The weather is very curious during this season, however, due to the high temperature, hot winds run throughout the season, which is unbearable for us.

Essay on summer season (150 words)

The summer season lasts for months in March, April, May and June, this is the warmest season of the year because the temperature reaches its peak. During this season, the days are long and warm, while nights are smaller. In the middle of the day, the sun's rays are very hot, hot air moves throughout the day, making the atmosphere warm and dry. At the height of the summer season, drying of small currents, wells and ponds. People living in rural areas are suffering due to water scarcity, high temperature, drought etc. There are many problems due to the lack of electricity and the lack of other comfortable resources.

Despite the high temperature, people in the summer season; Fruits like fruits like mangoes, cucumber, cucumber, litchi, jackfruit, watermelon, watermelon etc. enjoy. People from urban areas are involved in many activities to get rid of this summer; Like swimming, hilly areas etc.

Essay 3 (200 words) on summer season 

Summer season is the hottest season, which makes it almost impossible to go all day out. Usually people go to the market late in the evening or late. Many people like to walk in the summer because of the cold effect in the morning. Dry, dry and hot air keeps moving throughout the day. Sometimes people are affected by heat-stroke, dehydration, diarrhea, cholera and other health related problems due to excessive heat. Here are some points, which we should follow during the summer:

  • It is very sunny weather
  • We should wear comfortable cotton clothes.
  • To avoid heat from heat, we should eat and drink cold foods
  • We must be very careful to stay healthy and healthy throughout the season.
  • During summer holidays we should go to mountainous areas to face the summer
  • To avoid water shortage and heat stroke, we should drink a lot of water.
  • We should not go from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., especially during the day to avoid harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • In order to save the birds in summer, we should have some water or some rice or cereal grains in our bolt or corridor.
  • We should ask for water for people, especially people, item vendor, postman etc.
  • We should use cooling resources during the summer season: However, to reduce the impact of global warming, the use of electricity should be low.
  • We should not waste electricity and water
  • We should plant more trees in the areas around us and give them regular water to reduce the heat.

Essay on summer season or essay on summer 4 (250 words)

Summer season is one of the four seasons of the season. Despite the hottest weather of the year, children like it most because they get summer holidays to make fun of many ways. Summer is due to the rotating axis of the Earth towards the sun. The summer season brings very dry and warm (in the Mediterranean region) and rainy season (due to the monsoon in East Asia). In some places, during the summer, tornadoes and tornadoes (which typically arise due to fast and hot winds in the morning and evening) during spring are very common.

Many people living in urban areas can not tolerate too much heat, due to which they go for summer holidays with their children for coastal resorts, hilly areas, shores, cold spots, camps or picnics. They enjoy swimming, eating seasonal fruits of summer and drinking cold drinks. For some people, the summer season is good because they entertain and have fun in those days; However, this season is unbearable for the people living in rural areas, due to the lack of heat relief resources. In some places, people suffer from excessive shortage of water in their areas and they have to take water for a very long distance.

This whole season is very good for children because they like to have summer holidays for family fun, to roam at some cool place, to enjoy swimming, ice-season with seasonal fruits, To enjoy the cream one month is 15 days (one and a half months). Generally, people go for a walk before sunset, because it gives them a sense of happiness, calmness and fresh air.


Essay on summer or summer season 5 (300 words)

There are four main seasons in India: the summer season is one of them. This is a very hot season, but it is mostly preferred by the people. This happens for four months (March, April, May and June), however, May and June are the hottest months. Summer is due to the rotation of the earth around the sun. During this process, when the part of the Earth comes closer to the Sun, then that part (hot due to falling of the sun's rays) becomes hot, which brings the summer season. During this season, the days are longer and the nights become smaller.

It falls after Holi festival and ends with the onset of rainy season. During the summer season the vaporized water is stored in the atmosphere as vapor (which creates clouds) and falls in the rainy season as rain. There is also some losses along with the benefits of the summer season. On one side, where this season is for children's entertainment and comfort; On the other hand, it puts people in many difficulties and risks; Such as high heat, storm, lack of water in the body, weakness, restlessness etc. In the summer the meridian time is filled with fierce heat, due to which many weak people become sick due to lunge or die.

In many places in India, people suffer from water scarcity and drought conditions because the wells, ponds and rivers are dried up. The leaves of trees fall due to water scarcity due to lack of water. Warm winds run around the dust, which are risky for people's health. We should eat more fruits to reduce heat in the summer season, drink cold things.


Essay on summer or summer season 6 (400 words)

The warmest weather in all four seasons of the year is warm. It starts during the summer solstice, although its end is on the day of Autumn Calicut Equinox. The southern and northern hemisphere is located in the opposite direction of each other; So when there is war

Facts About Summer Season

Some key facts about summer season are:

  • When the earth bends towards the sun during its rotating period, then the summer season (i.e. the hemisphere bends towards the sun and the hemisphere is cold when away from the sun).
  • Children are happy in the summer, because they get many holidays together with school.
  • In the Southern Hemisphere, December, January and February are also summer, however, in the northern hemisphere, there is a summer season in June, July and August months.
  • This is the season in which most people live in mountainous or cold areas far away from their homes.
  • It keeps the longest and hot days of the year.
  • We get favorite fruits and crops.

Summer is hot weather

It is very high temperature and dry season, which also includes violent monsoons, which is the main reason for the increase of mortality rate. In this season the weather gets more hot due to high temperature, which causes drought due to lack of water supply in some areas. Both hot winds and temperature rise, both make this season very hot, which creates a lot of trouble for both humans and wild animals.

In the summer season, many (deaths of both humans and animals) are due to lack of water in the body. According to the report of the Disease Control and Prevention Center, high thermal irradiation is the reason for the extreme limit of heat in the summer season. Therefore, the best in this season should be well hydrated. According to National Food Academy and Nutrition Board of Science, women should normally take 2.7 liters of water and men should take 3.7 liters of water on a daily basis in the summer. However, those who are involved in more physical exercise should take more water than usual.

According to the data recorded by the National Climate Center of NOAA, it was recorded that the year was the warmest in 2014. According to NASA, global warming is increasing year after year in summer. And it seems that, this increasing temperature will soon make all the places in this world as warmth place.


As we all know, the human being is the most intelligent creature created by God, we should always act positively as we think at the ever increasing temperature. We should enjoy this season with all the warmth of summer, however, we should not violate the boundary. We should enjoy staying in the border area and always save water and electricity. We should not waste electricity and water, because the clean water on this earth is in very small percentage and unnecessary use of electricity also increases global warming. Let's go! We all try together for it.

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