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Essay on Biodiversity

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Biodiversity refers to various types of organisms and plants that live together in the world or in a particular area. It is important for us to maintain the harmony of biodiversity that we maintain the consistency of the environment related to our planet. Regarding biodiversity, which is also called biological diversity, is mainly due to the maintenance of its existence on the birds of various kinds of plants and animals on the earth. It is very important that to maintain high levels of biodiversity, we must maintain the status of our natural environment properly. Here you can find some essay on biodiversity in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.

Essay on biodiversity 1 (100 words)

Biodiversity, in essence, are also called biological diversity related to those different types of animals and plants that live in the same area on earth. It is very important for us that we protect biodiversity, which will maintain the purity of the environment and will maintain the existence of mankind. However, due to rising air, water and land pollution, it is becoming very difficult to save biodiversity.

Due to rapid changes in the negative environment in the atmosphere, many trees and plants have become extinct, due to which the levels of maintaining biodiversity have also declined significantly. That is why it becomes more important for controlling the existence of man and controlling these negative changes in the purity of our environment.

Essay 2 on biodiversity (150 words)

If it is said in clear words about biodiversity, then it is on one side the right balance of ecosystem of vegetation, genetics and other organisms. They all make significant contributions to the purity of the environment.

The nature of animals and plants on our soil has been abnormally done. Somewhere less The basic reason behind this unusual distribution by nature is the irregularity of our home's climate. The seasons of different parts of the earth are very different from each other and this is the reason that life everywhere is different from each other. In the past few decades, there has been a lot of change in the environment, which has led to a decline in the maintenance of biodiversity. This deteriorating situation is not less than the threat to our human life.

It is very important for us that we pay attention to deteriorating geographic conditions so that there is no threat to biodiversity and there is no question of any kind on the life of animals and plants.

Essay 3 on Biodiversity (200 words)

Biodiversity is related to the type of species of plants and animals of plants. This different kind of quintainage makes us worthy of our home.

The main reason behind this odd situation is that different organisms and different organisms can be found in the climate. Biodiversity is found near the equator. It is due to warm climate and high primary productivity. On the other hand, Western biological diversity is found more on the edge of the Western Pacific Ocean. The reason for this is that there is high temperature on the surface of the ocean biodiversity is considered to be a center of attraction, and many researchers believe that biodiversity will increase, but now their statement seems untrue. The kind of geographic situation arises, it is clear that in the coming time, the level of biodiversity will be reduced.

It is very important for us that we maintain a cosmopolitan environment which will help in maintaining a fundamental diversity, by this, humans will be able to meet their basic needs including roti, cloth, houses, medicines etc. But the continuous growing pollution in pollution is spoiling the environment, which has a very negative impact on biodiversity. Various types of species that lived on Earth have now become extinct, and many species have been threatened to become extinct in the coming years. Due to the increasing pollution, the environment is becoming unbalanced, which is a risk bell for humans.

Essay 4 on biodiversity (250 words)

Biodiversity, also called biological diversity, is a collection of different types of flora and fauna that live or spread in the same particular area. The more rich the biodiversity will be, the more streamlined and balanced our environment will be. Different types of flora and fauna also make their contribution to make the earth fit. Biodiversity is the only hand behind human life. This is because different animals and plants help together to meet the basic needs of human beings.

According to an estimate, there are about 300,000 flora and so on the earth, which includes birds, fish, mammals, insects, seams etc. Our home planet was discovered almost 450 million years ago, and scientists believe that life on earth began on 350 million years ago. In the last few centuries many species of vegetation and animal have become extinct and many are in the vanishing time. This is a sign of danger for biodiversity.

For the past some time man has become so much inclined towards the technique that he does not want to understand its adverse consequences. If seen from the point of view of correctness, many new inventions are making a negative impact on humans and biodiversity. It is a perfect time for humans to take this crisis seriously and resolve to make the environment pure. A clean environment can promote rich biodiversity, so that mankind does not have to face any kind of difficulty in their life.


Essay on biodiversity 5 (300 words)

Biodiversity is primarily a criterion in which different types of tree plants and animal-birds live together. Every kind of vegetation and fauna make their invaluable contribution in improving the environment of the earth, which ultimately makes life on earth richer. All these species meet the basic needs of each other, from which a rich bio-diversity is created.

How did biodiversity collapse?

Although, for the past several years, emphasis has been on to keep biodiversity prosperous, but for some time it has seen a decline in dignity, which is being announced in the coming period even further. The main reason behind this is the continuous pollution from industrial factories. Due to this pollution many species of flora and fauna have become extinct and many are on the verge of being. One sign of this change is clear that in the coming time, a terrible crisis will occur on our home planet. This will surely result in a balance of biodiversity, and also a question mark on the lives of humans along with the living beings.

How to enrich biodiversity?

First of all, it is important that we are very sensitive to environment related problems. The government of many countries is spreading awareness about the deteriorating balance of biodiversity among the people and is trying to overcome it quickly. It is also the responsibility of the common man to take part in this noble work and support the government in making the environment pure.


There is a need to reduce the growing love towards human technique. He has become so absorbed in the technique and new inventions that he has nothing to do with the increasing pollution of the surrounding environment. Humans should think on this side that they are harmed only by the environment that is contaminated.

Essay on biodiversity 6 (400 words)

Living with different types of flora and fauna is given the name of biodiversity. It has changed the meaning of words like species richness and species diversity.

Biodiversity - Integrated approach to biological varieties

There are many other vocabulary to explain biodiversity in which the main is ecological diversity (generated from ecosystem), classification diversity (generated from class system), functional diversity (generated from work system) and morphological diversity (generated from genetic diversity) | Biodiversity depicts and collects a new thought towards all of these.

Why is biodiversity important?

The reason behind the importance of biodiversity is that it maintains the balance of ecological system. Various types of animals and vegetation satisfy each other and at the same time they also depend on each other. For example take man. For its basic necessity, such as food, it is dependent on animals, trees and other species. The prosperity of our biodiversity only makes the earth worth living and living.

Unfortunately, increasing pollution is making a false impression on our environment. Due to the adverse effects of many trees and animal pollution, they have lost their existence and many are standing on the path of extinction. If that remains, then the day of the annihilation of all species is not far.

How to save biodiversity?

First of all, the human being has to understand the importance of biodiversity. Large vehicles are spreading pollution on a large scale, which is a big threat to the human race. To protect the purity of the environment, these vehicles have to be curb so that they do not contaminate the environment. The water polluted by the factories is spoiling the water. There is a crisis on the lives of living creatures. The resulting contaminated water will have to be properly arranged properly so that it does not take the form of a big disaster. In this way sound pollution will also be reinforced.

Deforestation is also a major reason for biodiversity decline. This not only reduces the number of trees but is also snatching their ancestry from many animals and birds which have become a major problem in their livelihood. Given the evil of the environment, it will have to be controlled with immediate effect.


There is a different purpose in making each and every living organism worthy of living. So if we have to bring the purity of our environment to a higher level, then we have to focus our attention on maintaining the balance of biodiversity. Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @

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