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Essay on Climate Change

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Climate change is actually called a change in climate conditions on Earth. This is due to various external and internal causes, including other internal and external causes, including solar radiation, change in the orbit of the earth, volcanic eruption, plate tectonics etc. In fact, climate change has become a cause for concern in the past few decades. Changes in the nature of climate on Earth have become a matter of global concern. There are many reasons for climate change and this change affects life on earth in various ways. Here you can find some essay on climate change in English language for students in 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 words.

Essay on climate change (200 words)

Climate change is basically known as a change in the structure of the climate, which has been running for many decades and centuries. Various natural factors that change the nature of the Earth's atmosphere are also known as ecosystems which are pressurized on the environment.

These special external systems, which put pressure on the environment, may be natural, such as variation in Earth's orbit, inequality in solar radiation, volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, etc. and various human activities such as greenhouse gas, carbon emissions etc. .

Various activities of human beings, such as deforestation, excessive use of land have also been included in this particular external system to bring about change in the environment, the formation of different conditions has been made naturally as it involves ocean activity. It includes-environmental variability and the presence of life on Earth

Essay on climate change (300 words)

As is evident from the name itself, climate change is the change in climate conditions on Earth. Over the centuries, contributing has been contributed to many factors in bringing this change. However, in recent years, pollution in the environment is primarily a result of human activities and these activities have had a very negative impact on the environment and it has badly polluted it.

With the understanding of the present and present conditions in future as well as in the future, the researchers are constantly studying different forms of climate. A complete record of climate change has been prepared in which regular new changes are being incorporated and due to this the use of this record is used as evidence during the study of climate change. These evidence include vegetation and organism, glacier and transit procedures, marine level records and Borohol temperature profiles and sediment layers, among which there are many other things.

Here we have tried to understand the causes and effects of climate change:

Different causes of climate change

The factors that bring changes in climate are as follows:

Solar radiation

The energy emanating from the sun reaches the earth and then goes through the winds and the oceans in different parts of the world, it is a major cause of climate change.

Human activities

The use of new age technologies is increasing the rate of carbon emissions on biology and in this way the environment is being influenced in the opposite manner.

In addition, there may be changes in the climate with orbital variations, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions.

Effects of Climate Change

Diseases affecting forests and wildlife

Due to widespread change in climate conditions, the entire population of many plants and animals has become extinct and many others have reached the edge of extinction. In some areas, some types of trees have become collectively extinct and hence the forest is becoming less in the area.

Negative effects on water

Due to changes in climatic conditions, there is a negative impact on the water system. As a result, the glacier is melting and the rain occurs irregularly, as well as the nature of the rain is getting worse. In all these situations, the imbalance in the environment is increasing.

It is important to take seriously the problem of climate change, and it is important to control human activities that contribute to the poorness of the environment.

Essay on climate change (400 words)

Climate change is originally known as a change in the distribution of the nature of the weather conditions on the Earth. When this change persists for a few decades or centuries, it is called climate change. Various factors contribute to changes in climate conditions. Here we are explaining these causes of climate change:

Components responsible for climate change

Here are some of the main factors that bring change in the climate conditions on earth here, we are focusing on you:

Solar radiation

The sun's energy reaches the Earth and is released back into space. The energy of the Sun goes through various parts of the world through air, sea flow and other mechanisms, through which those parts have a bad effect on the climate system.

volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are frequent on the earth and it is another important reason to change the climate. Earth's influence on the volcanic eruption remains for some years.

Human activities

Life on earth itself contributes to changes in the climate of the individual. The process of carbon emissions by humans is one of the reasons that affects the climate inversely. Continual emissions of carbon in combustion of fossil fuels, burning of industrial effluents and pollution by vehicles, gives serious impact on the emitted climate.

Orbital change

Due to changes in the orbit of the Earth, there is a bad effect on the seasonal distribution of sunlight and it changes. Because of the adverse effects caused by this change, Milankovitch chakras are formed which have adverse effects on the climate.

Effects of Climate Change

Here the details of the effects of climate change are being described:

Impact on forests

Forests play the role of housing for many species of different animals and plants in a way, and they also maintain ecological balance on Earth. However, due to climate change in many areas of the world forests have reached the brink of extinction.

Effects on water

Due to climate change the whole system of water on the Earth has become disorganized. The nature of rain has also become uncertain, which has resulted in people facing various extreme conditions like droughts and floods in many places. Because of this, glaciers are also melting

Influence on wild life

Climate change has emerged as a serious threat to the existence of various wild species, due to which the number of wild animals and many species of plants is declining and some have reached the brink of extinction.


Climate change is a global problem. Apart from natural factors, human activities have also made major contributions in this transformation. Humans can not control natural causes but at least they can definitely make sure that they keep their activities under negative influence on the environment in order to keep the harmony on the earth.

Essay on climate change 4 (500 words)

Climate change reflects changes in global climate patterns. Our planet has seen changes in climate patterns for centuries. However, changes since the middle of the 20th century are more clearly visible. There has been a significant increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, due to which there have been major changes in the climate of the Earth. In addition, for many centuries, many natural forces such as solar radiation, variation in the orbit and volcanic eruptions etc. have been affecting the conditions of the Earth's climate. Here we have discussed the main causes and their negative effects of climate change.

Reasons for Climate Change

There are several factors that have been responsible for bringing change in the past in the past. These include diversity in solar energy, volcanic eruptions, orbital changes and plate tectonics, etc. Apart from this, many human activities have also been responsible for bringing changes in climate conditions in the past few decades. The climate conditions that have just changed recently have also been known as global warming. Let us know about each of these reasons in detail:

Solar radiation

At the rate at which the energy is received from the sun and the speed at which it spreads all around, the balance of temperature and climate is fixed on our planet accordingly. Wind, oceanic water bodies and other mechanisms of the atmosphere take this solar energy in the whole world, which affects the climate conditions of different regions. In the intensity of solar energy, long-term as well as short-term changes affect the global climate.

Volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions, which produce more than 100,000 tons of SO2 in the stratosphere, are known to affect the Earth's climate. This type of explosion occurs many times in a century, and for the next few years, it keeps the Earth's atmosphere cold because, because this gas partly blocks the transmission of solar radiation on the surface of the Earth.

Orbital change

Moderate changes in the orbit of the Earth also result in changes in the seasonal distribution of sunlight on the surface of diffuser. There are three types of orbital changes - changes in the earth's eccentricity, the precession of the Earth's axis and the rotation of the earth's axis, changes in the tilt angle of the Earth's axis etc. These three together make a huge impact on the climate.

Plate tectonics

The speed of tectonic plates brings changes in the nature of land and oceans on Earth, and also changes the topography in millions of years. Because of this, global climate conditions also change.


Weather conditions are getting worse every day. Negative effects on the climate due to the above mentioned natural factors can not be controlled, but the human activities which are the cause of air, site and water pollution and which have a negative effect on the climate. can go. To control this global problem, each of us should contribute ourselves.

Essay on climate change (600 words)

As the name implies, changes in climate conditions on Earth are called climate change. Although there are frequent changes in the weather, climate change only happens when these changes last for decades. There are many factors that bring changes in the climate. These factors are being discussed in detail here:

Different causes of climate change

Climate change occurs due to changes in various external and internal systems. Let us know in detail about these:


Volcanic eruptions

They are known to affect the Earth's climate by volcanic eruptions, which generate more than 100,000 tons of SO2 in the stratosphere of the Earth. These explosions continue to cool down the atmosphere of the diffusion because these gas emitted by this obstruct the transmission of solar radiation on the surface of the Earth.

Production of solar energy

At which rate the earth receives energy from the sun and the rate from which this energy is emitted in the climate, it determines the climate balance and temperature on Earth. Any change in the production of solar energy thus affects the global climate.

Plate tectonics

The speed of tectonic plates prepares new topography by reconstructing the land and oceans over a period of millions of years. This activity affects climate conditions globally.

Variation in the orbit of the Earth

The change in the orbit of the Earth changes the seasonal distribution of sunlight, which affects the amount of sunlight reaching the surface. There are three types of orbital changes, including changes in the Earth's pathogenesis, changes in the tilt angle of the axis of the earth's rotation, and the Earth's axis's radiation, etc. Due to these, Milankovich chakras are formed which have a major impact on the climate.

Human activities

CO2 generated due to combustion of fossil fuels, pollution of vehicles, deforestation, animal farming and land use etc. are some of the human activities that are bringing changes in the climate.

Influence of mechanisms of internal forces


Life plays an important role in bringing negative changes in carbon emissions and water cycle. It also affects climate change. Apart from providing many other negative effects, it also affects the formation of clouds, the evaporation, and the formation of climatic conditions.

Ocean-Atmospheric Variability

The atmosphere and the ocean together bring changes in the internal climate. These changes may last for a few years, and can influence the global surface temperature inversely.

Effects of Climate Change

Due to climate change, there is a negative impact on the Earth's environment. Here are the details of these effects:

Impact on forests

Forests play an important role in maintaining the balance of carbon dioxide in the environment, because they absorb carbon dioxide. However, many species of trees have become extinct due to their inability to face the changing environment of the environment. Due to large scale extinction of trees and plants, there has been a decrease in the level of biodiversity which is a bad sign for the environment.

Impact on Polar Regions

The North and South Pole of our planet are important for regulating its climate and the bad effects of changing climatic conditions are also being done on these. If these changes continue in the same way, it is being speculated that in the coming time, life in polar regions can be completely extinct.

Effects on water

Climate change has caused some serious conditions for water systems around the world. Due to the changing weather conditions, the whole world is changing in the form of rain and due to this the conditions of flood or drought are being created in different parts of the earth. The melting of glaciers is another important issue due to the increase in temperature.

Influence on wild life

The number of various wild animals, including tiger, African elephants, Asian rhinoceros, edley penguins and polar bears, has declined.

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