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Essay on Deforestation

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Deforestation is emerging as a major environmental and social issue. Which is now more than a powerful monster. We must know the reason, effect and solution to this problem. In order to make future generations aware of this problem, we are providing many paragraphs, long and short essays in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find some essay on the deforestation in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.

Essay on Deforestation1 (100 words)

Removing forests on a large scale by burning trees and forests to meet individual needs has wildlife. Forest is very important for the entire human community and for creating a natural balance in the environment. However, without neglecting its negative consequences on society and the environment, trees are being continually harvested by understanding the person, since ancient times, wood has historically become very important and it is used for fuel, buildings, boats, paper Production and many uses of mankind are used for many purposes. To live and enjoy a healthy and peaceful life in a polluted, unhealthy environment, the forest is very important for us and our future generation.

Essay on Deforestation(150 words)

Vanonmulan is emerging as a major global problem for society and the environment. This is a serious punishment for our planet, and it is also emphasizing the end of life. Due to the continuous harvesting of trees, climate, environment, biodiversity and the entire environment, there is a very negative impact, as well as the threat to the cultural and physical life of mankind. There are many reasons for forest effluent such as the increase in the wood collection and the industrial needs of the people due to human population. Wood is considered to be the main product of the forest and is the structural part of the physical nature of mankind.

More land is required for explosive human populations and cultivation, so humans need to cut forests. In this way, due to the needs of human beings, wildlife is getting faster and faster, however, there is the effect of sharp forest deforestation compared to self-destruction. By making negative changes in the environment and environment, it is affecting human life on a large scale.

Essay 3 on Deforestation(200 words)

To meet all the needs of the growing population, there is a result of cutting or removing trees at a large level. Humans are very selfish; Without completely rearranging the forests, they are not stable. However, humans do not know that they unknowingly dig their wells for themselves. People are turning the forest into a land so that the city can be built for more wood, fuel, farming, farming, home and comfort.

There are lots of effects of wild bloom, such as loss of animal homes, animals are dead, environmental changes, temperature increases, environmental heat increases, global warming increases, greenhouse gas effect is increasing, ice caps and thaw glaciers , Increase in water level, decrease in ozone layer and hole, the death of marine animals, the risk of natural disasters has increased, such as cyclones, cyclones, til The storm, the negative effects, such as floods, droughts, etc. which is enough to destroy the existence of life on Earth

It is enough to balance human life and the environment cycle by providing control of water cycle, soil production, animal feeding, providing oxygen, use of dangerous CO2, environmental temperature and soil degradation etc. Plays the role

Essay 4 on Deforestation(250 words)

The rapid loss of forests by continuous cutting without planting planted trees is in vain pollution. These wildlife, human health and environment are very dangerous to the growing human population, the growing competition in the world is forcing humans to set up a well developed city or cutting forests for farming. In such competitive world, all nations want to be more powerful than other developed and advanced nations. People need to cut forests for home, park, multiplexes, industry, paper production, public structure etc. By selling wood, some greedy people are cutting forests to earn more money and are putting wildlife and human life in jeopardy.

Wildlife are displaced and dying, the real flora and fauna are ending, there is a marked change in the environment and the human life is messing up. Because of this very important animals are losing their natural habitats and some are being displaced or entering human areas. In order to preserve the natural cycle of the environment and to prevent the harvesting of forests or to plant trees once again in order to save life, we have to protect the trees. Conservation of forests is important for fresh and healthy oxygen as well as reducing the amount of carbon dioxide.

Due to non-pollution, air pollution, increase in levels of toxic gases in the environment, increase in soil and water pollution, environmental warming, and other negative changes occur. All negative effects of Vanonamoolan increase the risk of many health disorders, and especially lung and respiratory diseases.

Essay on Deforestation5 (300 words)

The elimination of forests by human beings is non-monolingual. Due to increasing population, the need for land is being increased in order to meet the other objectives of agriculture, industry, housing, business, city etc., including removal of permanent forests. In the last decade, our earth was surrounded by forests from all sides, whereas in the days of now only a few numbered forests have survived. Vanonmulan is a big problem for India as well as other countries. As a major environmental social issue, it is spreading all over the world.

Due to ecological and environmental imbalances, Vanonmulan makes human life confusing. Vanonmulan is constantly warning us for the need to stop the harvesting of trees to save life on earth. Some greedy people are waning to earn money from wood. To make people their agricultural activities, papers, matches, furniture etc., cut trees for urbanization (road construction, house etc.), desertification of land, mining (oil and coal mining), fire (to get heat) etc. Are there.

Through the imbalance of climate, global warming, soil erosion, floods, elimination of wildlife, the occurrence of pure oxygen level and the rising of carbon dioxide gas, Vanonmulan is badly affecting the human race and the pure environment. It is extremely important to stop wildlife in order to run life in a normal way. There should be some stringent rule by the government of the country, which all citizens should follow. There should be some simple and easy ways to make the masses aware about the causes and effects of deforestation. To reduce the need for forest cutting, population should be controlled. Whenever a tree is cut, there should be a rule to plant another tree in its place.

Essay 6 (400 words) on Deforestation

To increase the use of sources of life and the use of timber, there is permanent destruction of forests. Cutting trees is not bad but cutting it permanently is bad. If a tree is bitten, it should be re-planted in the same or other place. Vanonmoolanan is used for many purposes such as farming, livelihood, home, furniture, road, fuel and industrialization etc. Vanonamulan is taking the environment very bad and rapidly towards destruction. In the last century, the earth was covered with forests, while about 80% of the forest has been bitten and destroyed and even the rain forest has also been permanently disappeared.

For wild animals, humans and the environment, the forest is needed. Due to the degradation, many unique species of plants and animals have been permanently over. The process of cutting trees is messing up the natural carbon cycle and increasing its level of environment in day-to-day. With the removal of pollutants from the environment, the forest is a better medium to use CO2 gas from the environment and maintains the purity of the environment. In any way whenever trees are destroyed or burnt, they release carbon and methane which is harmful to human life. Both gases are called greenhouse gases which eventually lead to global warming.

The forest is very important for obtaining complete rain, drug recovery, removal of air, air pollution, and wood for many purposes. When we cut trees, it messes up all the chakras and affects human life. Instead of cutting trees to meet the paper requirement, we should make the habit of recycling of old things as old as possible to avoid cutting down new trees. Imagine the planet without water, life is not possible. And in the same way, life without trees and forest is impossible because it is a means of rain, fresh air, animal residences, shade, wood etc.

Without trees, it is possible to have rain, pure air, animal, shadow, wood, and no medicine on earth. Every summer there will be no heat, dry, flood, storm, carbon dioxide gas, methane, other poisonous gases, and summer season, winter season will not be there. To stop the vandalism, we should take a step together. We should not ruin the paper and avoid unnecessary use of paper kitchen towels, mouth cleaning tissues etc. To reduce the need for tree cutting, we should think about paper recycling and recycling. Protecting forests and trees is in our own hands and a small step taken by us can prove to be a major step towards curbing wildlife.

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