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Thanks for the Farewell Speech

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Thanking your colleagues or friends for their support, it is necessary to give a thankful speech. Sometimes questions are also asked in examinations on this subject, where students have to demonstrate their skills by preparing speech on this occasion. Here we are offering you four thanksgiving speeches. You may choose your favorite speech according to your requirement.

Thanks for the farewell speech - 1

Respected managers, my dear friends and colleagues,

The moment has come when I stand in front of you to give a speech on your last day. When I was preparing myself for this day, then I was planning many fictional speeches with my officers and colleagues about my experiences, education, my relationships, canteen, cafeteria etc. But now that moment has actually come, then I can not think more than two words, that is, 'thank you'.

I can not tell you what has been rich in my last 15 years in ABC Company After completing my MBA, I started my career and joined the company as a Human Resources Executive. According to my profile, I worked with different people and I had the opportunity to know many aspects of the Human Resources Department, which I was promoted as Human Resources Manager in just 5 years. My manager Miss X has been a great source of inspiration for me and they have helped me to reach this place everywhere. Apart from this there are many other people who have helped me make my career successful.

I want to thank all those people, and especially my manager, Miss X, who explained to me like a teacher, who left my mistakes, when I was disappointed, then inspired me like a friend and besides Whatever they did for me

In addition to giving me a rich experience and a successful career, ABC Company has given me some immovable property in the form of my friends / colleagues who always inspire me to be tough competition and succeed. Frankly, I have been able to face difficulties in my life because of my own reasons.

I would also like to mention the name of the technology team which has always supported its backend. I have troubled the tech team by asking for complex data on many occasions and I do not have to mention that they have always provided support for me. Thank you very much for contributing to my success in my friends.

I want to thank all the time here for the support given by the Administration Department. I have always suggested new programs for easy arrangement of the staff and the Administration Department has always helped me organize and implement it.

I thank the transport team especially for me and all the staff in the organization for many times when I had to go for delivery, the transport team gave me relief by arranging cabs or taxis

In the end, I want to thank honestly the staff of canteen and cafeteria for food, snacks and drinks.

My whole journey is not only the most prosperous but also interesting, I would definitely like to remember the days spent here and I would like to apply whatever I have learned in my future.

Thanks again to all.

Thanks for the farewell speech - 2

I am sure all the people present here know that this is my last day in this company because I am moving abroad, that is, for higher education in the UK. Though my decisions may seem easy for you to go abroad, but in reality, the decision to move abroad was very difficult for me to go abroad. I took this decision carefully and after considering all the advantages and disadvantages of my plan, though I really need to move forward with this step.

Apart from this, I want to tell you that I have successfully completed 6 years in the company, which has made me thrilled and happy. In these years, I have developed a favorable bond with my colleagues. People working in ABC company are my second family because I have spent most of my time here and experienced good and bad times with them. So I want to thank all my colleagues for taking advantage of this opportunity. When you need you all helped me every moment and helped me, I will remember you for this.

Although tough competitors have always been guiding drivers for us, but we have never used inappropriate means to climb up the ladder of success. We all worked with a team spirit and helped each other. So on this last day on my last day I would like to tell you that work with a team spirit and always work to make this company prosperous.

I want to thank my company for giving me opportunities to learn and to make me a confident and strong-minded person. Initially, I had to face some extra responsibilities and challenges which came in my way but later with the help of my senior colleagues and team members, I could successfully face them. By saying this I do not deny at all if I had not been given the role of assistant manager in the sales department, then I

Can not realize your full potential. Not only did my level of confidence increase but I certainly learned to communicate well with the customers. By working, I have learned patience and have learned the skill to solve the problem. Secondly, meeting your customer's needs and interacting with them at different levels, think of them and their benefits together

I could start easily.

All these skills will definitely help me in my personal life where the problem solving skills are very important. Now that I am leaving the company, I want you to remember me for the good time you spent with me and forgive me if I have made a mistake during this period. Apart from this, my best wishes for the bright future of the company will always remain and I sincerely pray to God that in the future, the company will get more interesting and exciting projects, where you can make more use of your understanding and your knowledge and experience Can also apply.

Thanks again for all of you support and friendship!


Thank You Speech for Fairway - 3

Hello to everyone,

Everyone here is warmly welcomed. Hope you all are happy with your lifestyle.

From entering this room to sitting in my seat, I remembered my entire three-year journey in just three minutes. Happiness, sorrow, happy moments everything came to me in a few minutes. From the day of my interview day, every special moments touched my mind till the assessment day and the day of promotion and that particular moment always settled down in my mind.

Thanks to the management committee, my colleagues and all those present here who are here to share your experience by remembering the days you have spent with me. Thank you all for giving me a good luck for the future.

I am glad that every management worker has given me support for my proposals, initiatives and actions or support for the proposed scheme. My colleagues thank you all. All of you who always dreamed of helping me fulfill it. I am overwhelmed by my visit to work in this extraordinary company, which gave me an opportunity to encourage me knowing my strengths. This company has not only helped me grow in financial ways but has also created a good person and a person with a good knowledge.

How can I forget that special thanks to the person who helped me every three years during these three years? Yes, ma'am, I am talking about you! My official, my mentor, my supporter and my first inspiration source in life Thank you for empowering me by trusting and trusting my decisions. Each of your words has helped me to move forward.

I have read many surveys that, according to 60-70% of employees, they leave their jobs or organizations because of their official. I refute this statement on the basis of my wonderful incredible experience which I felt by working with you. Madam, today I am living the life of my life as a successful person, it is your only reason. Your leadership and support is the reason for my progress.

Anyway, all of you will not believe that despite the fact that I have spoken so much here, I still lack the words, so that I can tell you what I feel for everyone present here. My journey, experience and happiness of this company was incomplete without you. It is painful for you to depart like this, but whatever life is going on, the carriage of life keeps moving!

It is true that I am regretting leaving such a good company but I know that you all want to see me progressing in life. Please forgive me for doing whatever I have done wrong and if possible, remember me for good deeds.

I want to give company best wishes for the coming time. There is still to touch big heights and there are many famous platforms where our company has to reach. All of you will miss me a lot.

Thank you very much for this experience and showing my direction to my life.


Thank You Speech for Farewell - 4

Last time you thanked me for giving this platform to you ... the last time ... The word itself is very sad in itself.

Yes, this is the last time you guys have to send me away. I am very happy to work with you. Although all of us have not worked closely with close proximity, but this period of smile exchange has been the best when crossing each other's desk. This statement is absolutely true that there is also another choice of fun and happy time spent together.

I am lacking words to express myself today. Starting tomorrow is like a new journey for me, but this is also a complete obstacle for my current journey. Believe me, the current 48 hours are reversing my life ...

There is no doubt that in fact all of you have made me happy by holding this farewell ceremony but you are not feeling the pain of leaving everyone. Although standing here today I feel that I am satisfied but still saying 'goodbye' to all of you is not less than any pain. Nevertheless, I strongly admit that I am taking all those memories with myself who have made my work unforgettable.

I want to thank my officials for inspiring me every moment. Because of your trust and faith, I could achieve all that I needed for my life. You made me take care of me all the time while making me competent and as a result I am ready to explore new areas and develop myself for the development of a new future. The rich experience of my four years is just yours. Your inspirational words gave birth to a new person within me and that's why my life has changed forever.

The management department of my team and the company has played a very important role, but without the guidance and supervision of the officer, all this seems impossible. Your trust has made me so professional today for my work. Thank you very much that you Kept under your supervision. I hope that as a good leader I must be at least 2 percent like you.

Respected Management Committee Thank you for this intense rich journey. Even though I will be identified as a former employee tomorrow, but whenever I need to, I will be ready to work for this company. Believe me, I will always look forward to the respect I received during my tenure. Thank you, DG Sir, General Manager, Sir and CEO, Sir for your guidance and support.

Now let me talk about my beloved team, so everyone is amazing in my own right. Yes, I'm right. You are the perfect mix of all the diverse personalities who together make a great team. I'm proud to say that you were all in my team. Keep your focus and keep working well. Right now you have to travel miles, so keep your preparation well.

Anyway, I am happy to tell all of you that I have enjoyed every moment spent with you in my office. I will always remember working with you and with this company. Thank you very much for all of you who have done so much for me.

Thanks for such a wonderful farewell! I am so grateful to see you so much love.

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