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Short Essay on Trees

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Essay on trees is a general topic in essay competition, which is given to educate children about Trees.

The tree gives us life and is actually very important for survival on earth. Many people are completely dependent on the tree, for example, depending on the trees for their economic status like paper industry, rubber industry, mail industry, etc. is. The main role of trees gives us fresh and oxygenated air and consumes CO 2, but they also provide people with safety, shade, food, source of money, home, medicines, etc.

Trees are the source of rain on Earth because they attract clouds, which eventually bring rain. They help prevent soil erosion and refresh the environment by preventing pollution. They are home to wild animals and are the source of wild life in the jungles. Trees are very useful and useful friends of humanity, they control chemicals, noise pollution, air pollution, reduce flash flood and mix and filter. Given the importance and value of trees in our lives, we must respect trees for saving life and environment.

Essay on trees in Hindi (300 words)

The tree is the best thing in nature is the tree. Trees serve humans in various ways. They provide us with medicinal herbs, lace, rubber, oil and many other useful things. Each part of the tree's roots, stems, leaves and flowers is used in our diet. Wood is the most valuable product that trees give us. It is used in the form of fuel and firewood. Wood is used to make furniture. Tree needs oxygen for our life, they also absorb carbon dioxide. They clear the air, they maintain the balance of gas in the air. Thus they control air pollution. They attract rain, it is very important for our agriculture; their roots sprout the soil together. They prevent erosion of soil and maintain the fertility of the land. They are the natural habitats of many animals and birds and during the summers provide us cool shade. Trees also save us from the bad air. They also add natural beauty. Thus, trees play an important role in our lives. Trees are valuable natural resources, we should be protected from great care.

  • Tree removes 70 times more pollution on new trees.
  • Trees work as sound obstacles to reduce noise pollution.
  • The role of trees is important in helping to preserve the intensity of the earth's magnetic field.
  • Three-fourths of the world depends on wood as the main source of energy.
  • A tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen per year. This means that two mature trees can provide enough oxygen to support the family of four years.
  • Scientists have found that when attacked by insects, trees can flood their stones with those people called phenolics. These harmful compounds are inauspicious for tree pests and their growth may also be disrupted.

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