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Short Essay on Exercise

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Essay on exercise is a general topic in essay competition, which is given to educate children about exercise.

Exercise makes the body healthy, strong, agile and fit. Today's era is an era of science and speed. What is the city, what is the village - what is happening on every side? Reading - writing, working at home, buying stuff, doing shop or office work - just days in those days. Who has the attention of your body in this hurry? Who is free to take care of his health? The senses are so that when a person falls ill and falls on the couch.

Keeping the body healthy and healthy has become a problem today. People say - "Where is the time of exercise with us?" But keep in mind - health and beauty get worse once, it becomes difficult to fix it. The body is beautiful, beautiful, youthful, it is in the control of man. It can be seen by working half an hour daily.

The great wealth of man happens to be healthy. The purpose of the exercise is not to make you wrestler. Its purpose is to protect your body from diseases - tight and nifty - to make the body beautiful and beautiful - to increase the urge of youth and youth. By exercising, the body is light, tight and healthy. The power of working in the body increases.

Exercise is exactly the one that insists on making the body fit and fertile, so that you do not sleep after exercise, do not sleep in the day. Rather you suck your day-to-day tasks - quickly and enthusiastically. Therefore, the exercises which do not affect the body, the function of the body - does not decrease strength, rather it is venerable, those exercises are beneficial.

Why do we adopt exercise? Scientific discoveries have proven that a person with a healthy body can tolerate work-and-tiredness in the sun. He can do more than others, because his strength is greater. He is able to bear the pressure and pressure falling on the body. The heart of a healthy body is more agile. His brain is tight, cheeky and active. Healthy body nadis - Day-round bars - easily and easily tolerate the stress of sunburn and sunburn. But if there is any weakness in the body, then it does not tolerate this tension.

That's why we must exercise regularly, every day. Exercise causes waste of body waste, fatness decreases, body suits are formed. Suckling - Strengthens the work - strength increases.

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