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Short Essay on My Daily Life

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Essay on My Daily Life is a general topic in essay competition, which is given to educate children about My Daily Life in English laungage.

Every person has his own way of living daily. Daily life also depends on our profession as soon as I am a student, my daily life is simple and normal. I have prepared a daily routine that regulates my daily life. I hope most students have the same daily life.

I wake up at 5:00 in the morning. I spend half an hour in brushing, washing and bathing. I am eating breakfast prepared by my mother, I go with my neighbors for half an hour in the morning walk. Then I read the last chapters, which the teachers taught me as an amendment. I read about two hours in the morning. I also practice mathematical problem and science numerical practice. I believe that practice makes us right.

After eight, I am preparing my uniform iron and preparing it. I read a story or a poem for a few minutes from a book collection of short stories and poems, when the clock is attacked at 9: 00, then I take my lunch and are ready to go to school. I always reach school for ten to ten years in ten years.

I make an assembly with all my friends, the elderly and junior people where we sing national songs and pray to our school prayer. Our class starts with ten. We have eight duration for studying different subjects. My first period starts with social studies. After the fourth period, we have a 20-minute break for Tiffin ends at school four. After the school is over, I am tired and tired in my home.

I clean my hands and limbs to prepare for snacks. Then I go to a nearby playground where my friends play football and sometimes play cricket, we usually play for an hour. When it gets at 5:30, I go back to my house and start working at my house. I usually work in my house in the evening and read books and notes in the morning. I have my dinner around around 8:00 am I rest for half an hour. During this time, I look at some TV channels which are quite informative. Then I complete the remaining house work. If it is already over, then I read novels and stories before going to bed. I go to bed every day at 10:00

My daily routine gets distracted on Saturday and holidays. During these days, I read newspapers, magazines and stories. I sometimes go to parks with my friends when holidays are high, then I go to my relative's home with my parents for a few days sometimes I feel that I have a hard time table Actually I'm becoming a machine. But I also believe that if we do everything on time, then the success kisses us and we can live a qualitative life.


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