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Short Essay on Natural Resources

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Essay on Natural Resources is a general topic in essay competition, which is given to educate children about Essay on Natural Resources in English laungage.

Natural resources are those that are available from Earth without the action of humanity. They are naturally available and in tension of various natural features, including all the forces of the Earth. Naturally available forces include sunlight, wind, waves, forests etc. These resources maintain population and increase the economy of a country.

There is a natural resource that people get from nature, people do not do natural resources, but they collect them from the earth. Examples of natural resources are air, water, wood, oil, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, iron and coal.

We often say there are two types of natural resources: renewable resources and non-renewable resources

A renewable resource grows again and we come back after using it. It is like a rebinning ball, for example, soil, sunlight, water and wood are renewable resources. A non-renewable resource is a resource that does not grow and comes back, or a resource that will take a lot of time to come back. And this is done once is like a sin.

For example, when we use coal, then there is less coal. One day, there will be no one else to make the goods. Non-renewable resources can be used directly (for example, oil can be burnt to cook), or we may be able to use renewable resources (for example, using wind energy For making). It is important to preserve non-renewable resources, because if we use them very fast then it will not be enough.

Most natural resources are limited, this means they will eventually participate. An ever-ending supply of an evergreen resource is some examples of sustainable resources, including solar energy, tidal energy and wind energy. Other examples are salt, stone, magnesium, and diamonds.

There are some things that affect the supply of resources, whether it can be recycled, and availability of suitable options for the material. Non-renewable resources can not be recycled. For example, oil, minerals, and other non-renewable resources can not be recycled.

Demand: Demand for resources can change with new technology, new needs and new economics (such as changes in cost of resources). Some materials may go out completely, if people do not want it more, the demand for natural resources is very high, but availability is very low.

Availability: All the places have their natural resources when people do not have a fixed resource for them, they can do business from any other source or from other countries to obtain the resource. Some resources are difficult to find, so people sometimes fight to fight them (for example, oil resources).

When people do not have some natural resources, their quality can be reduced. Therefore, we need to protect our resources from pollution. For example, when they can not get clear water, people can get sick; If there is not enough wood, the trees will be cut off and the forest will disappear with time (deforestation); If there is not enough fish in the sea, then people can die of hunger. Some examples of renewable resources are wood, solar energy, trees, wind, hydroelectric energy, fish, and sunlight. So humans should start saving their natural resources. Otherwise, all will be lost and it will be difficult for humans to survive.

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