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Short Essay on Fashion Among Students

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Essay on Fashion Among Students is a general topic in essay competition, which is given to educate children about Essay on Fashion Among Students in English laungage.

Students in India are very specific about fashion. These days, most of the time students are spent in front of the mirror. They want to decorate themselves like this that attract every eye. In their desire to look modern and attractive, they become crazy for new fashion. They prepare themselves in the latest styles, with every change in fashion, their hairstyles also change. To be in the latest fashion, our young boys and girls are considered to be cared for they care so much for their outsiders that they have no time to come to their interior. They often go to beauticians for facials, but never go to the library for books, magazines or magazines. I hate these modern Jokers.

Students copy artists and actors. Some of them look at a movie to copy the latest fashion, they put expensive and attractive clothes of the latest cut, color and design, they use generous use of cosmetics and beauty aids. They do not realize that they are wasting their precious time and energy in this endeavor.

Apart from this, they waste their parents' hard earned money. Tailors also offer fashion It pays them Tailor shops are always crowded with people Tailored shops are the temples of today They add physical charm and grace

Fashion is not limited to dress alone Fashion clubs, hotels or restaurants, drinks, smoking, reading movie magazines, are involved in making so many friends. Everyone tries to look like a movie star. Boys are long hair while girls are bowed their hair. Girls want to highlight their bodies, they look like dolls and like to move like butterflies.

The body should be given proper care, but not artificially. The ruggedness should be saved as far as possible.

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