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Short Essay on Hospital

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Essay on Hospital is a general topic in essay competition, which is given to educate children about Essay on Hospital in English laungage.

One of my friends was operated for abdoment problem. I went to the hospital to inquire with him. He was still in the Deep Care Unit. Visitors were not allowed in the unit. I met the doctor, he told me that the operation has been done successfully. But the patient was very weak and upset. So be very careful. The doctor was very gentle and helpful. He advised us not to disturb the patient. There is no doubt that there is a very good advice. I thanked him and came back. Going to the hospital is always tragic. There is a lot of pain and pain in seeing.

The hospital is a place where patients are cured. It proves to be a refuge for the weak and the sick. It presents a pitiful view because it is always in the crowd with the victims and the sick. Last Friday, I went to the hospital with my father. We went there to inquire after one of our relatives. I was just surprised to see the crowd of many patients there. I wonder why such a large number of people became ill. I asked my father about it, he just smiled and said, "Mostly it is due to the state of unhealthiness. People living in unhealthy places look forward to getting sick ". Either way, we reached the Surgical Ward where our relative was admitted. To my surprise, it was also full of patients.

Some patients were crying and kneeling with pain, sitting on some pillows and lying in some beds. It was a pathetic sight to see the patients crying with pain. A doctor told us, "All the wards of the hospital are sometimes filled with patients. Many people are discharging daily but new patients take their place, so the hospital is full of them. "Then we met our relatives and inquired after their health. They told us that the facilities in the hospital were very good. Doctors double check the patients daily, the condition of cleanliness was excellent. They told us that free medicines have been provided to most patients. The food given to the patients was simple but nutritious. Meanwhile, the hospital superintendants came there to inspect the conditions of the patients. We met him praising his administration. He was a humble partner. He thanked us for praising, after that we returned home.

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