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Speech on Hindi Day

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Speech - 1 on Hindi Day

Dear principals, dear fellow teachers, parents and my dear students!

Like every year, today we have gathered here to celebrate Hindi Day. I am feeling very honored to be responsible for hosting the program. Our school celebrates Hindi Day with very enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Hindi is our national language and is also a part of our identity. In this way, I am happy to welcome you on the Hindi Day to celebrate today.

Most of you should be aware that Hindi Day is celebrated every year from 1949 to September 14. The Indian Constitution accepted English as Hindi as the official language of the country along with Hindi. Two years after independence, the newly formed administration was under social pressure to unify many cultural linguists and many religious groups of the nation. It was also important that unique national unity was maintained in keeping the whole country together. Since there was no such language in India that could give it a unique national identity, Hindi was accepted as a solution for integration. Even more, this is spoken in major parts of North India. It was a clear resolution for national linguistic integration. Although non-Hindi speakers settled in a vast area of ​​India were dissatisfied with this idea. He did not completely accept Hindi as the official language because he was unable to reconcile due to cultural mismatch.

It was a small background about Hindi Day. Our school celebrates this day every year because we want our students to recognize the importance of this language. In my opinion, we feel more connected to each other when we speak in Hindi. The conversation becomes personal because it makes it easier to express our inner thoughts and feelings. Indeed, non-Hindi-speaking areas have started to understand the Hindi language.

In addition to providing knowledge of English and other disciplines such as Mathematics and Science, we should also emphasize Hindi language as we think Hindi is represented by Indian unity and also our national language. As part of this celebration, many programs, competitions and awards ceremony are organized in our school. The theme of this year is 'Hindi is our mother tongue'. It is very encouraging to see how children have participated very enthusiastically, and it is important for them to give credit to their parents who also mention this culture in their children along with teachers.

The central government is also emphasizing on promoting Hindi language as a symbol of national unity and Hindi Day celebrations are an important part of these efforts. This day is celebrated in all central offices, schools and institutions. It is very encouraging to see that our Hindi language is getting popularity not only at the national level but at the international level.

Today's youth will have to come together in promoting Hindi language and feel proud to take care of Hindi language. When we say this, we do not mean that you stay away from other languages ​​such as English or any other language with which you are comfortable. We only appeal to you that united India through one language, one country.

Thank you.

Speech - 2 on Hindi Day

Respected chief guest, dear staff members and all visitors!

Thank you for joining this ceremony and making it more special for all of us. At our publication house, we have gathered here to celebrate the 5th Annual Hindi Day. It is celebrated every year on September 14 with an annual festival. This day is celebrated with enthusiasm and glee in the Hindi-speaking states of India. Although the celebration of Hindi Day is a Government funded program in all the centers, offices, schools and all institutions of the Government of India, our office celebrates this occasion with enthusiasm. It is originally celebrated to promote and spread Hindi language culture all over the world. Its importance is displayed on the occasion organized by programs, festivals, competitions and different types of festivals. Hindi Day is also celebrated as a loyal reminder for their unity and the Hindi language population of the common man.

Our organization attaches great importance to this day's celebration, although our publication house publishes newspapers and magazines in English language, but we highly respect our mother tongue Hindi because it is our national language. Now please allow me to share the Hindi Day background! On September 14, 1949, the Constitution of India accepted Hindi as the official language of India. This decision was approved by the Constitution of India and came into effect on January 26, 1950. According to article 343, the Indian constitution, written in Devanagari script, accepted Hindi as the official language. There are now two languages, Hindi and English, which are officially used at the level of Government of India.

All of you should be aware of the ongoing competition in our office for the past one month. Every year we do some interesting and informative work. Since we have our own publishing house, celebration and function mostly revolve around education. This year our theme is 'Doh' of Kabir Das (poems of Saint Kabir Das). Participants were originally presented with a creative and innovative way of researching Kabir Das's poems and through plays, songs, various Indian dance forms etc. We received appreciation from many colleagues in the last week's celebrations. We will announce the results of the competition today.

I am very happy to know that there are still many people who are interested in maintaining our Indian culture and traditions and moving forward the importance of Hindi language. I appeal to all those present here to use Hindi language as much as possible in their daily life and make it more widespread among the people.

Unfortunately, the importance of 'Hindi' language is gradually falling down. Those who speak Hindi are seen by the so-called High Class Society with a view of suspicion. People are ashamed to speak Hindi in public places. However, I have also seen that many educated people speak very confidently in Hindi. There are many people in my contact that I feel connected when they speak Hindi.

Hindi is our national language and we should always feel proud when using language as much as possible.

Thank you.


Speech - 3 on Hindi Day

Good morning principals, teachers and my dear friends Thank you all for being part of this special seminar session organized by our school.

Today is September 14. Do any of you remember something about this date? Most of you will not be able to answer it. Only some people know the answer from the literature section. September 14 is a day dedicated to Hindi Day. One day our mother tongue - Hindi language has been allocated to honor and dedicate it.

On this day, many schools, colleges and offices, like our school, special programs, sessions and competitions are organized in which Hindi poems, essays, stories, quiz etc. are organized. It is our double fulfillment to test their vocabulary in Hindi and to feel connected with another Hindi language. With this, special singing competitions and Antakshari games are also organized on this day. All this is an attempt to promote Hindi language which unites a nation.

In foreign countries voluntary classes are organized to take the money from the citizens of the country and to learn Hindi. Learning Hindi in different countries is very exciting for the citizens. Honestly, friends, we learn French, Spanish, etc. in India. It is our motive to make a career in this, but foreigners are not interested in career but they are interested in Hindi, so they learn Hindi. We support the existence of this language as Indians and on the special occasion of the Hindi Day we should organize ourselves in a small way in which we should prepare people to write some Hindi essays on special authentic subjects. This will enable people to feel more satisfied with the mother tongue and feel more satisfied with the existence of this language.

We need to step forward in the society as the vigilant citizens of the country and pursue our support for the steady identification of our Hindi language. We should understand that how important this language is when it comes to notice clearly when we get the information that our Hindi language has gained so much publicity for its celebration on this day. It was a day of pride when Hindi language was recognized in Devanagari script. This language has taken a long way to register its presence globally.

If we support all Hindi language and respect Hindi language then in the end, we directly or indirectly give respect and support to our country. There are currently many authors who are dedicated to the very authentic Hindi writing, and no one else insists. We all should be a part of the Hindi Day celebrations once a year and we must engage in many activities besides those that are related to our mother tongue.

Thank you all for becoming a part of this session and we must all be dedicated to the progress of our Hindi language and address the existence of Hindi Day effectively.

Thank you.

Speech - 4 on Hindi Day

Hello my dear friends I am very happy to see you all gathered here at the special day of Hindi Day.

This is the day when we propagate and spread all our national language - Hindi. Hindi is the native language spoken by most people worldwide. This language has been declared as the mother tongue of India. Many sessions, seminars, celebrations etc. are organized on this day. Various Hindi poems, essays etc. are organized during these celebrations. The main agenda behind this day is to recognize the need of Hindi language and people should also understand that whosoever speaks Hindi language correctly, it is not backward, but it is that which will take Hindi language forward Is going.

This day is celebrated annually to honor our mother tongue. The festival of Hindi Day is celebrated throughout the country which reflects the importance of the most popular Hindi language. This day has been declared as a legal day dedicated to identify the ancient times of Hindi language accepted as the official language in the Devanagari script.

Nowadays, people are eager to learn English and feel that if they keep speaking in Hindi then they can create obstacles in their ban on the career or their progress. But it is not so for people to move forward and learn other languages ​​is important but forgetting or reducing the importance of our mother tongue is not the right path on which we move forward. During my school days, our teachers used to organize essay writing and poetry writing session especially among inter-classes on various ancient Hindi topics. That time was really fun, entertaining and used for education, but nowadays the attention of schools has shifted towards Oxford studies and therefore they promote the English language in all age groups. It is also necessary but it is very important for us to be the root of the Hindi language's success.

We should focus on achieving the importance of recognition of our mother tongue - Hindi in other languages ​​and other countries of the world in the form of citizens of India. Due to the assessment of the existence of this authentic language, every year on September 14, it is celebrated as Hindi days. According to my view, every school, college and organization should celebrate this day by special competitions dedicated to our Hindi language. Writing poetry and writing poetry, listening to storytelling and narrative, essay writing and Hindi vocabulary can be arranged in different sessions so that the younger generation is more associated with other people than Hindi language.

Thank you all for being a part of this session. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Hindi language runs in our rugs. We all pledge to take special initiatives on Hindi Day together every year so that the incredible value of Hindi language and Hindi Day remains prominently.

Thank you.

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