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Speech on Human Rights Day

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Speech - 1 on Human Rights Day

Good morning friends

Thanks for taking the time for this meeting today and joining me. I want to share an important invitation from all of you who came from our local government to our organization. We have been invited to support the government and join 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' or 'Swachh Bharat Mission'. This campaign is run throughout the city and will be launched on December 10, the day the Human Rights Day is also held. This campaign has been run since last one year, there has been little or no progress in the city. In this way, we have been invited to join and have been asked to help achieve the mission by achieving better results.

The Day of Human Rights Day is best suited to celebrate it because this day is originally celebrated to respect the rights of the people. It urges everyone to stand up for themselves and others' rights. Similarly, living in a clean environment is all right and it is also important to stay healthy. In almost every part of our country there is disrespect and humiliation for basic human rights. I have seen myself mostly neutralizing the spread of garbage in spite of availability of garbage in most parks and parks, especially educated people.

I strongly feel that we should revive humanity. Great works do not always require financial or physical support. In fact we are able to bring changes wherever we are. On the road, in the neighborhood, parks, schools, offices, public transport etc. Take care of us and other rights for each of us and together we can definitely make a difference. A small step can create a big difference. To share ideas on cleanliness, we will go to every school and colleges. In order to make people aware about the benefits of keeping the surroundings clean we will hang the hoarding and banner printed on roads, parks etc.

Not necessarily our gesture should be bigger A small step such as understanding the difference between wet and dry garbage and accordingly throwing it in the right trash, so many lives can be saved, it is important to understand people, not only that the environment is contaminated, but it is like dengue, malaria and chikungunya It also spreads to many diseases.

This is a grand mission and I have already given my confirmation to the government about being included in it. I am looking for volunteers who can support me full time in it. Let me tell you that this is the work of charity. In this way, you will not receive any payment other than off-course appreciation and recognition. Apart from this, you will need your presence on Saturday and Sunday when the office will be closed. While doing all this you may have trouble but it will last for 3 months, so your cooperation is highly requested. You do not have any pressure on people at all. Although this is a voluntary work. Next week we are planning to start this work. Interested people can send me direct mail. Its agenda will be prepared and shared soon if you want more information in this regard, you can also write to me.

Thank you.


Speech -2 on Human Rights Day 

Halus friends

I welcome everyone at the sixth annual celebration of Human Rights Day. Our non-governmental organization was established seven years ago with the aim of protecting the rights of ordinary people, with the support of poor and poor people. For all those who are new to our NGO, I want to briefly brief about the background of Human Rights Day. The United Nations General Assembly adopted in 1948. It is celebrated every year on December 10 by the international community. This day is usually marked by high-level political conferences and meetings as well as cultural programs and exhibitions that deal with human rights issues.

Our NGOs deal with such issues in their own way in this district and advise on the protection of human rights. Like every year, we will also work for a topic this year and this year's theme is 'Right to Education'. These rights are related to the right to free and compulsory primary education for all. Along with this, a commitment and responsibility for providing secondary education to all, especially for the freedom of secondary education and the responsibility of fair and unbiased access to higher education, through the development of free higher education.

Education is the right of everyone and it is very important to understand the value of education especially for people living in rural areas. In most of the remote areas of our country, parents still feel that it is not necessary to read a girl because they have to handle the house at the end. This is absolutely unfair expectations because education strengthens girls and helps them to make better decisions, as well as help in home management. It also gives them mental and intellectual power to fight against bad practices prevailing in our society like dowry torture, domestic violence and other crimes against women.

I am proud that our NGO has turned about 100 such villages into more awakened places. With the help of donated donations, we have opened primary, secondary as well as high secondary schools in about 89 villages and in the remaining 11 villages, the work of making the school is in progress.

In our mission, we are getting huge support and praise from many people especially young people. There are many young people who are free to give free education to these schools and I will say this is a good start. We have received assistance from the state government to spread awareness about education in more and more villages and rural areas. The government also promises to provide financial assistance in opening schools in more and more villages.

I am grateful to the government that it is fulfilling its duty and supporting good works. Educate people is a great job and seeing me girls go to school, seeing positive talk about their future gets great satisfaction. I feel that their parents are more happy seeing their smiles because they know that there is no difference between girl and boy and education is the right of everyone.

In the coming year, we are taking the aim of 100 more villages and I need more volunteers to join this mission. You can give your details over the counter and wait for my mail which will give you more details on this topic. If you have any questions please contact me on the phone.

Thank you.


Speech 3 on Human Rights Day 

good morning to all. Thanks for taking the time for this seminar session and being present. We are all gathered here to talk about this special day of human rights.

This day is celebrated as the memory of all those who stand for the rights of any person. Human rights refer to those rights that every human being owns. Even after some years of defining these rights some people have not used them and some people are ready to violate all these rights. It is high time for people to actually stand up for their rights. We all have the right to vote, the right to speech, the right to education, the right to earn and many other rights. After several debates and issues these rights have been allocated to humans. It is our responsibility and we have the right to take advantage of every rights made for us.

Many human rights have been specifically announced for special sections of people such as persons with disabilities, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes etc. All of us should support these people to witness their rights so that they can benefit from them. At present, about 30, yes, 30 are human rights. These rights are very strong and are the center point for the welfare of humans. Some of the top rights which I tell you: Right to Equality, Freedom from Discrimination, Right to Education, Right to Social Security, Faith and Freedom from Religion etc.

For the things we yell like, social security, education of the poor etc. have been addressed by the Council many years ago and all of them have been declared human rights. It is our responsibility to maintain them and to create awareness among all to take advantage of these rights for the wellbeing and welfare of the people. These rights were declared by the United Nations in 1948 for how to treat humans.

Every year 10 December is celebrated as Human Rights Day. This day has been accepted as a global declaration of human rights and it is to ensure its continuous existence and remembrance as a common standard for all countries. I have full faith that there are many people like me who do not know about these human rights. Many people do not even know that there is something like this and many people may be aware of it but they do not know what it is and how to deal with them.

My attention is the responsibility of educating people especially about human rights and teaching and using it and spreading this word. These rights should be a part of the curriculum of the children so that with increasing time, it is important to know what their rights are and how to work on them.

I request all of you to spread awareness about our human rights and ensure that on this day we make arrangements for a seminar or a special session every year to remember the rights of our existence. Thank you for giving me and encouraging me to work on effectively and efficiently addressing this topic.

Thank you.


Speech - 3 on Human Rights Day

Hello my dear friends, I welcome all of you to this special seminar which has been organized on Human Rights Day!

How many times do we all say that women are treated differently from men, women are unsafe in the society, how many people are uneducated in the population, white and black people should not be different, etc. What does all this mean?

This means that all human beings want men and women to behave equally, we want social security for women and everyone else, we want all to be educated and we do not want to discriminate. We all want to do this. As mentioned earlier and there are many more rights we want.

These human rights have been set up after many efforts and discussions to meet their basic needs for humans. Human rights are those rights which are essential for a respected and decent life of human beings, as well as adequate development of human existence and human personality. Human rights are essential for the development of human personality of society where it lives.

I am pretty sure that some of the attendees here are not fully aware of the 30 universal rights declared by the United Nations in 1948. 30 specific human rights were announced for the protection of humans and their well-being. On December 10, it is officially celebrated as the day of human rights.

Every human rights should be used and complied with. We all have the responsibility to spread the message of these rights among all people.

All rights have the right to the most important education for me. Getting education for me is the birthright of everyone. There are many benefits to getting education. He who is educated also has the power to change his life and the lives of others. The right to education is the most important importance. All of us should be well aware of these rights, many efforts have been made in many decades to list and offer these rights below. At present, important steps are being taken to preserve these human rights.

We all should understand that human rights are those rights which are fundamental to human life and for general human existence. It is very important for the government of every country to protect and maintain human rights of citizens. This is their basic duty. All of us should take advantage of our rights and should work dedicated to creating awareness among these people about the rights. Each of the 30 listed human rights is essential for our goodness and existence in society. I request you all to share the message with your immediate relatives and loved ones to spread the existence of these rights.

Thank you.

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