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Speech on World Environment Day

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Speech-1  on World Environment Day

Hearty congratulations and good morning on all the present respected great leaders, principal sir, sir, madam and my senior colleagues and dear friends all at the auspicious occasion of World Environment Day. My name is ... I study in class .... Today, I want to present a speech on World Environment Day topic on this occasion. I am very grateful to my class teacher who gave me the opportunity to present a speech on this occasion.

My dear friends, we all know about World Environment Day well, but we must also know about the objectives of celebrating this day. Today, in my speech, I will also talk about this campaign and about our responsibilities towards the environment. Friends, we are the only ones who can try to improve the condition of the decline in the environment and therefore will discuss this topic in detail.

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5. World Environment Day was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly. For the first time in the year 1973, World Environment Day was celebrated with the aim of taking positive steps to protect the environment from polluting the earth and to inspire people around the world in this direction. Our precious biodiversity is being lost due to illegal trade of wildlife for many years and wildlife like elephants, tigers, rhinos, gorillas, sea turtles etc. have reached the brink of ending the existence of important species. The World Environment Day 2016 slogan was "Be Wild for Life" to improve the people involved in crime against wildlife and to compensate for the damage done by them. To solve this big problem to get a better future on Earth It is necessary and it is in front of us as a major challenge.

The following objectives of celebrating this event are:

  • To spread awareness among the public about issues related to the environment.
  • To create a continuous and environmentally friendly development, encourage people living in society and communities to contribute as active representatives in this campaign.
  • Get the support of people from all over the world to make it a successful campaign globally.
  • To motivate people to clean up the surrounding areas for better start of this campaign.

Crime against wildlife has threatened many animal species and even some species such as Yavan Rhino in Vietnam and the western black rhino in Cameroon have become extinct in 2011. As the Great Apes species disappeared from other countries, including Gambia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo. My dear friends, if we live on earth then this way Earth is our first home. Forget about your different homes and keep your focus on the earth, our joint home. We should keep the body clean, green and crime free so that the environment here can nourish us and not cause us trouble. I am convinced that if all people follow their responsibilities in a sensible and earth and environment, then the day is not far when all living beings will live happily on this planet under the roof of a healthy environment.

Save the wildlife, save the environment!

Thank you

Speech-2  on World Environment Day

Principal sir, sir, madam and my senior colleagues and dear friends all of you good morning My name is ... I study in class .... I want to present a speech on the theme of World Environment Day, which is a safe and secure environment by the UN General Assembly and a campaign to solve all the environmental issues in order to achieve a better future. Today, on June 5 we have gathered here to celebrate an important day, which is called the World Environment Day. I am grateful to my class teacher that he gave me the resignation to give a speech on this subject.

World Environment Day is very important for us because on this day we are especially trying to improve our nature in the future, and this day also gives us the opportunity to review this fact about how much harm we have inflicted on nature And how do we compensate for this loss?

In the year 2016, the special slogan of the event was based on "Become Wild for Life" and its theme was "fight against illegal trade of wildlife for life" (meaning zero tolerance for illegal trade of wildlife). This year, the theme of this campaign was to focus on the lives of other species of wildlife, including the Aangutan, elephants, gorillas, penguins, whales, rhinos, sea turtles, rosewoods, tigers, helmets, hornbills. This step is taken to protect these species in danger in the future. The rising rate of crime in wildlife has spoiled the equilibrium of the ecosystem very badly and it needs urgent action to do it again earlier.

Wildlife trade has negatively impacted wildlife and some species of animals have reached the edge of extinction in many countries. The traders of wildlife have been earning money for many years, but they are leaving the funds of nature. The purpose of running this campaign in 2016 is to reduce the demand of illegal wildlife products in any area of ​​the world. It is therefore our responsibility to play an active role in this campaign and completely eliminate all crimes related to wildlife around the world. This global crime commits us to stand together to prevent smuggling of wildlife. We should promote activities related to solving environmental issues through art, craft exhibitions, film festivals, social media, etc. We should be aware of what is going wrong in our environment and should try to prevent crime related to wildlife in areas around us as far as possible. Many members of a family work hard to make money with the purpose of running home. My dear friends, we all live in the house of the earth whose roof is environment. We should take care of these two because our life will be healthy and safe only when the earth will be green and the environment will become clean.

The same earth, the same environment and life are the same, so do not waste it, live it.

Thank you.

Speech-3  on World Environment Day

Hearty congratulations and good morning on the occasion of World Environment Day of all of you respected dignitaries, Principal Sir, Sir, Madam and my dear friends. My name is ... I study in class .... Today, we have gathered here to celebrate an important day, World Environment Day. On this occasion, I am presenting a speech while looking at the history of World Environment Day. I have chosen this topic especially important for our better future.

World Environment Day is celebrated specially to consider the issues related to the environment and to solve environmental problems. It is also known as Environment Day, Echo Day or WED. This is a great annual event during which we focus our attention on issues related to the environment and try to solve them completely. This opportunity is celebrated around the world with a lot of creative activities aimed at bringing positive change in the environment. Our purpose behind celebrating World Environment Day is to protect every possible natural environment on earth so that the prospect of a healthy life is always on the earth.

After being declared in the year 1972, it was celebrated on June 5 by the United Nations General Assembly since 1973 for the purpose of giving information about the condition of environmental degradation and the importance of clean environment and to increase global awareness about this. The inauguration of this festival was aimed at implementing effective schemes aimed at telling people about the importance of environment and protecting the environment during the inauguration of the World Environment Conference organized by the United Nations. This annual festival is celebrated according to a theme declared by the United Nations. During this festival, focusing on implementing some new and effective schemes according to the subject given by the United Nations every year to save the environment.

My dear friends, this festival is celebrated in more than 100 countries around the world because no problem can be solved by any country alone. Its annual event is done annually by the United Nations Environment Program (United Nations Environment Program) by the individual host cities announced by the United Nations. It was first organized in 1973 with the theme "Only One Earth" theme. In 2016, the host of the event was Angola city.

The aim of this event is to attract attention of millions of people, political and health organizations from different countries around the world to this problem and to make new plans and implement schemes to deal with this problem. Controlling factors that harm the environment such as food waste, global warming, deforestation, pollution, industrialization etc. are very important. During the program organized on this occasion, people will be encouraged to use carbon hydroelectricity, forest management, control of greenhouse gases, promote the production of bio-fuels, use of hydroelectric power plant to generate electricity, and use solar energy to heat the water. Encouraging activities etc. are emphasized.

Healthy environment, happy future!

Thanks !


Speech-4  on World Environment Day

Hearty congratulations and good morning on the occasion of World Environment Day of all of you respected dignitaries, Principal Sir, Sir, Madam and my dear friends. my name is........ I study in class .... First of all I thank my class teacher for inviting me to give a lecture on this subject. Today, we have gathered here to celebrate an important day, called World Environment Day. The situation of our environment is declining day by day. Friends, we need to immediately improve the situation by detecting factors that harm the environment. On the auspicious occasion of World Environment Day, it is essential to discuss all points related to the subject.

My dear friends, for the purpose of saving our environment on Earth, in 1972, a special day was established by the United Nations as World Environment Day. In the joy of technological development around the world, we forgot that we are losing a lot with development. The activities of development have made us away from nature and many of our natural heritage have ended. Do you know that because of our mistakes, many of our favorite foods are also being predicted to be extinct from the earth. Only our mistakes, such as excessive use of electricity, deforestation, industrialization, disposal of sewage directly in rivers and canals, harmful discoveries of polythene and use etc are causing environmental damage to the environment.

World Environment Day is celebrated around the world on 5th of June every year with the aim of trying to make positive steps with understanding the mistakes and ineffective their bad influences. World Environment Day was first celebrated in 1973 by UNO for the purpose of finding solutions to various environmental issues such as global warming, lack of food, deforestation, etc. by the United Nations Environment Program. According to scientists, more than two-thirds of flora and fauna will become extinct due to human-induced environmental change in the near future. Things have become so bad that in the near future coffee, king corn, chocolate and many seafood have reached the brink of extinction.

Our daily diet, especially in the morning, we use a spoonful honey, but soon it will become extinct and it will be called as liquid gold. 2 out of every 5 bees will be eliminated due to the maximum use of pesticides in the field. These insecticides are also toxic for pollination of bees and this is due to which the population of bees is declining. Due to a decrease in the population of bees, many plants and food items will also end because approximately 250,000 species of plants are pollinated by bees.

Chocolate is being eliminated due to the increasing rate of climate change, because of the increasing temperature and changes in weather patterns due to the difficulty of producing cocoa. Due to the high temperature, cocoa trees are highly vaporized due to which the production of cocoa is decreasing. Its production is expected to fall drastically by 2030.

Due to high temperature, changing weather and decreasing water supply these plants are becoming unhealthy and they are feeling fungal and thus production of coffee is interrupted. The production of seafood has also been threatened due to global warming. Due to global warming, many species of aquatic species, fish etc. have reached the brink of extinction. Paddy oil, such as many species of plants, are going to be extinct due to untimely deforestation of forests.

Dear friends, we need to take effective steps to reduce the rate of climate change and save many natural resources for a better life on earth in the future. It is necessary that we focus on less experimentation, reuse and recycle so that we can be able to control the deteriorating situation of the natural ecosystem. We need to take small, but many steps like consuming organic food rather than inorganic food, use of natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers, reducing electricity usage, recycling of things, prevention of deforestation. Effective steps related to protecting wild animals, etc. have to be taken. Our positive steps will prove to be helpful in resolving environmental issues in the near future.

Healthy environment, healthy future!

The theme for World Environment Day 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution”

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