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Essay on Modern Scientific Inventions

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Need is the mother of invention . Human civilization rises on the high peak of progress, the area of ​​human needs also becomes very large in the same quantity. Discontent is the second name of life, for this reason man does not satisfy in his current situation and imagines the ever-new happiness.

Where the man of yesterday understood the pleasure of the aircraft as the paramount importance of the journey of the pilgrimage or car or rail, there is no talk of the 'Mars Planet' rocket journey, but the rocket for the future journey The places are also being secured.

Not only this, new research has also been done in connection with the use of garments and food items. The place of cinema is taking television. Most of the plastic is being used instead of metals. Plastic has also done a unique job as a 'plastic surgery' in the field of medicine.

The varnish has been invented from the walnut. India has a wonderful contribution in the field of medicine. A herb named 'Sarpagandha' has been considered as an abnormal drug for blood pressure. Science has greatly reduced the problems of human life. There was no effective treatment till now even for the pestilence.

How many promising prospective citizens of the nation were victims of this gruesome disease, they were confined to the cheek in a very short time. Now a lot of the disease can be removed from a substance called 'aerosporin'. This 'antibiotic' substance is available in the soil of England called 'Surrey'.

There are new experiments in the area of ​​removing the disease from soil. The useful drug such as 'chloromyisteen' is also formed from the soil of a farm in Venezuela. For the treatment of diseases like colds, influenza, yellow fever, etc., it is being used on soil and success has also been achieved.

When patients of cancer get into aggravated pain and suffer from pain, at that time they were given injection of 'morphine' to get rid of this pain. This Marfin is produced by 'Opium'. For this purpose, a medicinal called 'Metapone' has been created from opium on one side, which is more powerful than Marfin.

Till now, to remove cancer, work was done only with rays of radium, but now this work is taken from even more powerful cobalt rays. They are also called 'radium cannon'. Kocherin, a professor of the Russian Ministry of Health, says that this new tester can remove cancers from radium cannons.

A Swedish doctor has claimed to be successful in finding cancer vaccine. The artificial heart, 'killing' the person for a while and making successful experiments of keeping the human embryo alive for many weeks in the test tube (Test tube) are some of the amazing achievements of science in medicine.

Vehicles or modes of transport are also being improved. Dr. Albert Simon of Germany has partially succeeded in making the world's largest aircraft. It will be so big that four hundred passengers will be able to travel together. Air travel by this plane will be quite simple. A United States company has also created a simple flyover, which can run after 20 minutes of learning.

It can not only lift 140 kg weight but can fly continuously 240 kilometers at the speed of 104 kilometers per hour. Many applications are being used in the field of non-warring steel and aircraft made of titanium metal etc. However, the most important use in this direction is the use of ceramic in the construction of aircraft. Porcelain or ceramic will be used as coating on metal. This will increase its speed.

A Berlin company has made a water-based plastic scooter. There is a cylinders in it and its shape is oval. It runs 10 miles in an hour. Russia has created a submarine, which can shoot at the surface of 9,140 m deep water, but also hit the surface of the water as well as kill 225 kms on the surface.

There have been many research in connection with 'Robot' or 'Yantra-Brain' with thought power. These robots can answer questions related to mathematics, modern events and history etc. A student named Kenneth Freud has created a robot who can pick up the paper; Can defend himself from the gun of water and can also tamper with boys and girls. Not only this, he does not miss his fear by standing up his hair.

In the direction of foodstuff, potatoes are grown in 'Boham Botanical Research Station' located in Blatna, Czechoslovakia, which is like apple crab. The interesting thing is that this potato can be eaten raw like apples. Vitamin-C is available in very large quantities and most of the specialty is that it is not destroyed even after boiling the vitamin potatoes.

Apart from this, the tourism x-ray devices have also been created with the help of Radioactive Isotopes from the Nuclear Furnace. Safari scales are also made for taking the weight of the worms. By staying on the move, even after stopping at some place, by taking the weight of any lorry, it will be possible to find out how much weight is stuffed in it.

A glaze on the eye has also been made, which is as thick as a newspaper paper. Its weight is so small that it is also called 'floating glass'. It will be pasted on the eyelid of the eye, which will keep on top of the eyelids and eyes will not experience any weight.

There have been many inventions in the field of entertainment. 30 cm A gramophone record of diameter has been made, which can entertain you for up to half an hour continuously. In the meantime, you can play 10 records by changing

Falling. In fact, the record rotates very slowly on the machine. CinemaScope is an important invention in the field of cinema.

Its characteristic is that the curtains are enlarged and can enjoy all the scenes on a big screen. In 3D Pictures, we can see any scene in its exact form - that is, as we see with our eyes, length, thickness and depth. This attempt is not limited to even the same. Now, there is a similar effort that the viewers can experience the floral scent of the park when it comes to the park, but it will take time. The invention of transistors in the field of radio is a unique achievement.

Large machines are also being built in large numbers. Great Britain has made the fastest machine in the world to make socks-vest, which wears a hundred stitches of stitches in a minute. In Russia, wood-turning machines are being made. The invention of these machines has brought a new revolution in the furniture industry.

In addition to this, the Russian people have invented a machine machine called 'Kirovsky Mattelist', which will enable heavy cutting tools such as cutting wood, peeling and cleaning pails i.e. fast-moving tools. A 732 meter long agro-equipment has been invented by Herman Cohen of the Northern Portland Corporation of Portland, Menneskin, which can do many tasks together by plowing, sowing, and leveling of land. Sun-heat hearth has been built in India. Stations are being made in Russia to receive electricity from the Sun, where the sun-heat can be converted into electricity.

Wherever science has presented such a means of happiness, he has made arrangements for the destruction of the universe. The destruction potential of molecule bombs and hydrogen bombs can be understood. The power of Mega Ton bomb can be estimated from the fact that within six miles from the location of his explosion, one can not survive even if it is made of steel. By the way, even houses 35 miles away can be damaged by him.

Humans are now living in 'Space Age', in which the journeys of Mars or other planets are not impossible or imaginable. Yuri Gagarin and Titov of Russia and the Colonel Glen of the United States and the subsequent successful space travels are a testimony to this, but these spaceships have been made possible by powerful rockets, , And revolve around the Earth and return to the pre-arranged place.

Here the United States has started producing rocket-tubes. These tubes will send the spacecraft drivers to the moon. Whatever it is, this is the biggest success of human history in the field of science, which is enough to change all history.

Although scientists have left no stone unturned in the form of embarrassment for the welfare of human well-being, the human nature tends to be higher than the creation of a killer. This is the reason that now almost all the countries are giving more emphasis on people-welfare except for the destruction of humanity with nuclear power.

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