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Essay on Digital India

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find essay on Digital India in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic : Vision of Digital India, Aims of this program, Challenges of this program, The overall scope of Digital India and Appreciated by the global investors.

Here you can find essay on Digital India in English language for students in 1000 words

Digital India's vision is to transform the country into a digitally powerful society and knowledge economy. This will ensure that government services will be available electronically to the citizens. This program was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 2, 2015. This initiative involves planning for connecting rural areas with high speed interim network and improving digital literacy.

This program will be implemented in the 2018 phase. This program has been envisaged by the Department of Information Technology (DITI) with the active involvement of the Ministry of Information Technology (IT), Rural Development Minister, Human Resource Development Ministry and Health Ministry. .

From the day of its launch, the program has been able to get praise from different areas and played an important role in the transformation of India's Digital Infrastructure. It will act as a catalyst for investment in the information technology sector and thus will create employment.

The Digital India program focuses on their main vision areas, for services and utility on the demand of digital empowerment of infrastructure, every citizen, administration and citizens.

  • (1) In the form of utility for every citizen, digital infrastructure is included in high speed internet as core utility will be provided to all village panchayats. Crad was given digital identity, unique, lifetime, online and credentials. Mobile phones and bank accounts will enable participation in digital and financial sector at the individual level. Easy access to the general service center in their area. Secure and safe cyber space in the country Private share space on public cloud
  • (2) Government services in demand and government services are available in real-time from online and mobile platforms. Government ensures digital access to improvements in ease of doing business in order to ensure easy access to all citizen entitlements available; Global transactions with regard to support system and development of Global Information System (GIS) To use
  • (3) Digital empowerment of citizens includes universal digital literacy All digital resources are universally accessible All government documents / certificates available on the cloud Availability of digital resources / works in Indian languages ​​The collaborative digital platform for participatory administration of the cloud Portability of all entitlements for individuals through medium.

Instead of a digital India's perspective, the aim of the government is to provide high speed Internet connectivity to every citizen as a utility, which ensures rapid delivery of public services using the online platform and creating digital literacy among the public. Does. The objective of the program is to connect cities, towns and villages of India with high speed broadband, with network and data centers called National Information Center.

Some of the features to be proved through this initiative are as follows:

Government launches a Digital Locker under the name 'Digital Locker' The purpose of the Digital Locker System is to reduce the use of physical documents and to share e-documents between the agencies.

The e-hospital's portal will help citizens take advantage of online health services by issuing a unique health identification number. is a website to keep a record of the presence of government employees on a real-time basis. This initiative began with the implementation of a common biometric attendance system (BAS) in the Central Government offices located in Delhi.

Myjaw There is a platform for sharing these inputs and ideas on governance and governance. This is a forum for the support of citizens in governance through the 'discussion', 'do' and 'digimanate' approach. The objective of initial harvest programs is to develop IT platforms for public message and biometric attendance for all government employees. Its aim is to establish Wi-Fi facilities in all universities. E-Revolution Programmer will be helpful in electronic distribution of services such as health care, education, justice, educating farmers.

For all scholarships provided by the Government of India to the National Scholarship Portal, the submission of student application, verification, acceptance and distribution to end scholarship is finally one stop solution for ending the scholarship process. Clean India Mission (SBM) is being used by people and government organizations to achieve the goals of the Mobile APP Clean India Mission.

The objective of the Digital India program is to acquire zero imported electronics by 2020 as the level of manufacturing of electronic items like consumer and medical electronics is increased.

With the help of smart card, efforts will be made for clear clarity on promotion, skill development, government procurement and taxation. The program also intends to train one million people in cities and villages in five years. Digital platform is expected to include e-governance, e-criniti, public internet access programs, broadband highways, information access to all, mobile connectivity, early harvest programs, IT and electronic manufacturing for jobs.

As a utility, the Internet has a solid value and should be helpful in reducing leakage in the welfare scheme and making better decisions will prove to be a big economic benefit. Citizen Portal serves as a link link between citizens and the government.

Challenges of 'Digital India' project are

  • To accommodate such a large amount of data, India will need large data centers with mirroring. Data mirroring means supporting data on alternative sites.
  • In order to set up state or art facilities in different parts of the country, this will require large amount of investment. To prevent any failure, these data centers should be technically strong.
  • Digital India's biggest challenge is cyber security To keep data safe, the government needs to have a strong security mechanism in the picture.
  • According to the international standards, there is a need to strengthen and update the cyber sub-country of the country.

The overall scope of Digital India is to prepare India for a future knowledge. IT (Indian talent) + IT (information technology) is equal to IT (India tomorrow), it is to understand that if transformed, then. Creating a Technology Center for Enabling Change There is an umbrella program covering many departments, each person's element is standing on its own, but it is also part of the big picture. Together with weaving, there is total change in the mission.

Global investors have appreciated the Digital India program. Many of them have come forward to support this initiative. If the government has been successful in implementing the Digital India program, it will play an important role in the development of the economy and will stabilize its position in the international market.

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