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Essay on Indian Sanitation Program to Make India Clean and Clear

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Our country's father, Mahatma Gandhi, dreamed of a clean India and was an essential component of cleanliness, cleanliness and hygiene. The importance of cleaning in his life can be determined by the fact that he considers 'cleanliness ahead of independence'. In order to fulfill the long dream of 'Bapu', 'Swachh Bharat Mission' was launched on October 2, 2014 across the country. Mr. Narendra Modi had correctly commented, "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will be the best tribute to the payment of Mahatma Gandhi to India on its 150th birth anniversary in 2019".

The purpose of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' is to eliminate the problem of open defecation with the construction of toilets for homes and communities, ending with manual cleanliness and optimizing better solid waste management techniques. Shri Modi has correctly cited that the open defecation, especially girls and women, is a scar on our society. Apart from this, if it was meant to create awareness about the importance of cleanliness among the public. On the day of its launch, with the contribution of shares of local people, students, politicians, industrialists, celebrities, 'Sanitation Campaign' got positive notes in different areas of the society.

The mind of millions of Indians '' a seed of ideas '' about its hygiene and its significance was imposed. Without 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' became a topic of homes and national discussions. It was definitely a positive step towards 'Swachh Bharat Mission', a country which was far away from talking about toilets and defecation was actually discussing these.

To make it one step further, the government started ranking the cleanest cities in 2016, with Mysunugudi in the first place got place with Chandigarh. This move of the government encouraged cities and states across the country to work on different areas of cleanliness and hygiene in their area.

Cleanliness and hygiene play an important role in promoting tourism in India. India is the most sought after tourist destination in the world. It is home to picturesque places, historical monuments and spectacular architecture, craftsmanship and art. Apart from our country, it is known for its hospitality around the world.

All aforementioned factors definitely have a profound impact on tourists from around the world. More tourism means more development of our economy, tourism contributes to a major part of GDP as well as connects the country's foreign reserves.

With the tourists visiting a special place, the local craftsmen and the economy of that particular area are encouraged. Everyone said and done, it is a unhealthy condition at most foreign tourist sites which leave a bad impression on the mind of tourists.

Undoubtedly, the official figures and numbers issued by government agencies claim to be successful 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan', but the success of any government program or scheme is directly proportional to the response received from the public. In 1999, a campaign similar to 'Clean India Mission', 'Niramal Bharat Abhiyan' was started with a similar mission and approach. However, it was wasted and records were left in the government only as 'Naam'.

India is our homeland and we have to give a lot to it. We need to understand the people of this country as their social responsibility toward the country. Any program or scheme can be successful without the active participation of the public, it does not matter which celebrity supports it 'Clean India' is not restricted to keeping roads and public places clean. There are many dimensions in it, people should clean their surroundings that this is their home, office or neighborhood.

It cannot be confined to any particular day and will have to be practiced throughout the year. Every effort is made in this direction, cleanliness workers should not be left alone in the form of their job. It should be the mission of 1.2 billion people of our country to clean our homeland. This is not the only thing that will help in this case.

The government is making its share of the fund and construction of infrastructure; it is to help people to make the mission a success, to use the social media platform to highlight the actions of small gestures and cleanliness. can be done

Educated and literate people should try to make their home and support staff understands the importance of cleanliness and discourage the practice of defecation in the open. It is important for low level people to understand the consequences of open defecation that the killing of thousands of children, blocking children and spreading of various diseases. At the side of the road, at school, at the workplace, should be washed at home.

Should be squeezed from our weekly program in one hour and this hour should be devoted to the surrounding cleanliness. Parents, schools and educational institutions have to be encouraged to make children sensitive at different dimensions of sanitation and to adopt healthy principles of hygiene. NGOs should actively participate in this campaign and guide the citizens in new ways of waste reduction.

They can work with the help of various research institutions to come out with some innovative techniques. Famous personalities and public figures should be taken on 'example basis'

As Modiji had commented during his speech that 'Quit India, Clean India' was half a incomplete dream of Bapu. It becomes the moral duty of all citizens and the government to work in cooperation to clean India and fulfill Bapu's unfinished dream.

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