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Essay on Is Capital Punishment Perfect?

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on is Capital Punishment Justified? in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic : What is capital punishment ?, Capital punishment in different countries, Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN, Death penalty is against the human right, Various arguments against death penalty and It is a socio-ethical controversy.

Death penalty is the execution of a person by state as a punishment for a crime. The culprits have been sentenced to life imprisonment using various methods like deadly injection, hanging, electrocution, gas chamber etc.

We have the question "Is the punishment of death appropriate?" The sentence of death in the form of punishment has long been subject to disputes.

Its root cause is related to ethical and humanistic questions. For this, one needs to understand the sentence of death itself: In most countries, death penalty is a way of preventing crimes and political dissatisfaction. It is given in the form of a premeditated murder, espionage, sedition or punishment as part of military justice. In some countries, even sex crimes, such as rape, adultery and adultery and drug trafficking, are the death penalty. In China, human trafficking is also considered capital offense.

The continuing debate on the question is that when a death sentence is pronounced, what kind of crime or crime will demand death penalty? When a person commits a heinous crime against another person, such as a person who has raped an eight-month pregnant woman, then is she murdered? Or the disgusting thief? Or with a discretion serial killer should be cheated? Some people say life imprisonment is an easy way and it will also give chance for criminal reforms.

There is a big fight everywhere against death sentence and death penalty, by saying that it is unethical and it violates a person's "right to life". In 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is a pledge between the nations to promote fundamental rights in the world as a foundation of freedom, justice and peace.

Article 3 of the declaration states that every person has the right to life, freedom and protection of the person. A group of reformers, known as the abolitionists, made these meanings of life a crime and concluded that death sentence is a violation of human rights because it deprives someone of their life's right. If such arguments are followed, then the state should end the jails because it violates the right to freedom of a person.

Article 5 of the declaration states that no one will be given cruel and humiliating punishment. Abolitionists say that the sentence of death should be rejected as it is a cruel, inhuman and humiliating punishment. But one noteworthy aspect is that the survivors and most people miss the fact of justice for hunting.

In general battle for justice and human rights, the victim forgets about the right to justice. What about the mentality of the victim, which has been wrong? If the criminal has the right to live respectfully, then the victim has the same right. The person who violated the rights of another person to live peacefully and respectfully, should meet with similar treatment.

There are many arguments going forward against the death penalty. The classic one is that society can not show that it is wrong to kill murder. Even Gandhiji said, "Do not sin, do not be sinners" It has also been said that the death sentence is a wagon rather than a retaliation and, like, is a morally dubious concept

The criminal's leading pain, which can be kept on death penalty for many years, makes punishment more serious than the denial of life's criminal. Some people also argue that death sentence does not prevent crime, but recent studies have proved that each prisoner has died, three to eighteen murders are being stopped.

Apart from this, we talk about the purity of life, but it is not that the sanctity of the life of the victim is more important than the criminal's life. In our excitement to protect the rights of criminals, we should not reduce the rights of our victims. The life of an innocent T must be valuable above the culprit.

The most common argument of all is that killing one killer will not bring the victim back. Justice is not about bringing back the dead. It is about implementing the consequences of its action, it is about preventing future unfortunate and protecting the lives of the weak and reducing the weak.

Some people insist on the barbarous nature of the death sentence as a reason for their elimination, forget that the acts decorated by the people are not really human. Apart from this, death sentence is more humane and easier than life imprisonment, because it ends the torture of culprits in a few minutes because they want torture in W prison for a long time.

Our late former President APJ Kalam has written in his book 'Turning Point' that his role as a President was to investigate every case and to establish truth against those who were waiting for hanging. They also found out that almost all the cases are pending, in which there was a social and economic bias. The manner in which the eviction was carried out in utmost privacy in the Afzal Guru case, was led to an unprecedented step of the state, where it was said that a morally insolvent is trying to promote the opposition and the superiority of the government In the campaign campaign, the government has detected both its Achilles' heel and brutal side. An Oscar-winning movie (Foreign Language category), The Secret in its Eyes, has highlighted various aspects related to the death penalty.

There is a belief in public discourse that we hang the killer, we hang the rapist and we will stop all the crimes of the future. This is a result of the consequence, end satisfaction without a proper means. There is no denying the fact that most of the fun is for fun free legal aid system, most of the time waiting for death is in weak background

Therefore, it has failed to maintain the punishment of death. In its subordinates, this process is resistant to the main purpose of the Criminal Justice System and is resistant to rehabilitation.

It is said right, "hanging is not a symbol of death, but they represent a motivation of cruelty and cruelty, primitive helpless, horror and inconsistency for life, medieval fanaticism and modern totalitarianism"

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