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Essay on Teenage Suicide - Today's Critical Problems in Society

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Teenage Suicide - Today's Critical Problems in Society in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic :What is suicide ?, Why the number of teenage suicide is increasing ?, Causes of teenage suicide and Ways to deal with teenagers.

Suicide is a work or an example of willingly and deliberately taking life. Teens; The transition phase of someone's life is the period of time when a person witnesses physical and psychological changes and the young innocent becomes difficult to adapt to these changes. Over the years, teen suicide has become the main cause of concern for our society. Increase in the number of suicides cases is the result of increasing peer, guardian and social pressures and the inability of adolescents to cope with it.

Teenagers live in the world of their dreams and fantasies, which are completely different from the realities of the land. The harsh realities of life understood him very difficult. They have high expectations and aspirations in connection with their personal and professional life, which are not meted out to disappointment, dissatisfaction and ultimately suicide, many hormonal changes are happening in their body, resulting in emotional distress. It is difficult for adolescents to handle these changes, due to which they have stress, depression, discontent, anger and disappointment in their life.

Teenagers are under constant pressure to fulfill their parents' expectations. Some parents habituate to compare their children with their brothers and friends, who are better in their different areas. This makes sense of weakness among these children. In the worst cases, parents harshly present their children and subject them to physical and emotional atrocities. Children are constantly stressed to perform well, it becomes difficult for them to face this stress and they eventually get out of depression. Adolescents who are unable to handle the pressure are swarming due to the thoughts of suicide because they are guilty and consider their lives useless.

There is a lot of peer pressure in this age, on one hand; there is pressure from parents on the adolescent who fulfills the expectations of their parents in different areas of life. And on the other hand, it is peer pressure to be a social life. Socialization, late night parties, branded attic and latest gadgets are synonymous with today's generation. However, it is against the ideal ideals and desires of the parents of the society. These differences in parents become the leading cause of conflict between parents and children. This happens when teens start avoiding their parents and stop paying attention to them. Instead, they depend more on their friends, sometimes it is their friend who misleads them wrongly.

Teenagers cannot cope with increasing pressure in their educational life. Thus, many schools have appointed school advisors to deal with the problem. Education puts so much pressure on them that some students committed suicide in the board exams. Suicide in quota gives justification for this pressure theory.

Kota is a major coaching hub for preparing for the competitive examinations of the country and there are several engineering and medical coaching institutes, more than 1.5 lakh students from all over the country come here to prepare for various examinations, ie, IIT-JEE, NEET-UG and AIIs etc. Students live here for 2-3 years and prepare for examinations. In the last few years, reports of suicides have increased in this city. Students cannot cope with the pressure and can commit suicide. They do this because they are afraid of reducing their family status or not having any career options.

Teenage occurs at a time when a personal AT-4ns to sexual maturity Sexual maturity is achieved as a teenager, it is common for them to attract members of the opposite sex. They develop more consciousness towards their physical nature and want to look their best. They are attracted to popular celebrities and imitate them. They are difficult to think rationally and they take it easily.

Social media and dating websites have become quite popular among teenagers, these platforms provide a means for communicating with others so that people in private life sneak peek into them. Sometimes peer pressure and sometimes due to the choices, they are involved in relationships but the fact is that they are not mature enough to handle the pressures of relationships. Unwanted teen pregnancies, unsuccessful relationships and rejection are the main reasons for depression. Inspire teens -0 commit suicide

Each society has its own rules and as a member of society, adolescents are expected to follow these rules. Ideally, a teenager is expected to be good at academics, if not, then invites unnecessary criticism from society. In today's crazy competition of the world, teens are expected to be versatile to make room for them in society.

To deal with stress, they resort to instruments such as alcohol, drugs and smoking. The end result of all these methods is frustrating, which is one of the main causes of suicide. Apart from this, children who have seen their parents divorced often have been victims of suicidal thoughts, with the death of a close or dear one, a painful childhood, bullying, physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

Older people need to be careful so that they can see the early symptoms of depression. The adolescents who have seen major stressful life events, such as breakdown, divorce or conflict of the big family, are more than negative thoughts. Such teenagers often talk about death or suicide, they prefer to be different and in their favorite activities Lose interest. This is where the elderly need to give them emotional support by giving them emotional support

  • Teens should be taught that failure and rejection are part of life and they have to accept the way to come. In extreme cases, parents should not be ashamed of receiving professional help from consultants.
  • Parents and teachers need to teach children the basics of sex education. This will help them avoid becoming victims of false and misleading information available through friends, the internet and other open sources.
  • Teens should be taught the importance of life. It is the parents and the teacher who can understand that no problem is to eliminate anybody's life. It is a solution to every problem. Everybody makes mistakes, it is important to learn to learn from these mistakes and they do not have to repeat them. Mistakes should work as a stepping stone for success
  • Children should be involved in yoga and meditation classes which promote the general welfare of a person. They make a personal mentally flexible to deal with the difficult conditions of life and to better handle the stress.
  • Every person is unique and has its own weaknesses and strength. It is important for parents, teachers and family members to understand this fact. As an elderly, they need to help the children to find their strength and motivate the children to work in that direction.

Innocent, the mind of the teenagers should be relieved by the love and care of the elderly. Once children have developed faith in their parents and the elderly, they will feel comfortable sharing their problems with them. When they share their problems, their level of stress will also be very low. The elderly need to develop a favorable bond, as well as share their valuable experiences. This will help the teen to successfully handle the difficult circumstances of life and emerge as a strong human being.

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