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Essay on News Channels have turned into Entertainment Channel

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on News Channels have turned into Entertainment Channel in English language for students in 1100 words. In this article cover Topic :Stiff competitions among news channels, Channels cater entertaining content for getting high TRP, Paid news are telecasted by news channels, The changes in news channels : from serious news reporting to sensational news, Newreader lost their popularity, Prime time news anchors become the face of the channels and Social and moral responsibilities of journalists.

An old quote is, 'Better than quality quantity.' It is something that needs to be understood in the current age of Indian news channels. As the cut-throat competition is being seen in the media area, now the news channels resort to something and whatever they can possibly do to bring higher TRPs. The popularly known TRP is the target racing point for calculation purpose. This tool, also known as the People's Meters and records the time and program, which the viewer sees on a particular day.

News channels have driven their wheels for entertainment because the only reasons for real and serious issues are not able to capture the interest of the viewers, thus reducing their profits. Entertainment news due to the promotional channel, sensational and visible opportunities. The channel has occupied a lot of space, which is to be offered. Competition is also one of the main reasons, in which the news channel has been forced to take the shape of the infotainment channels, i.e. Spreading informative and entertaining content There was no alternative to the news channel that the issues of spice and garnish with drama were done to remove TRP and other channels from their share of profit. In order to earn maximum revenue from viewers, till the Indian audience gets mature, the news channel will have a strong presence on the news channel.

Paid news for news channels also became a huge source of income. Paid News promotes institution, products, services etc., which have been paid for it. This is very advertising, there are many dedicated news channels that broadcast information round the clock. But now these channels have taken the form of entertainment channels, they are more concerned about celebrity's personal life, property of a politician, popularity of daily soaps, winners who show reality. In the past, news channels were concentrating on hourly news bulletins that included major political and other news events, humanitarian beneficial stories, sports and entertainment stories. But now-a-days news channels have gone through the analysis of serious news reporting and tablelined television, sensational, influential and dramatic framework, which depends on breaking news of all kinds rather than serious news. The Prime Minister has become a forum for political debate, where the representatives of the major political parties are more likely to talk about the qualifications of the issues and the views of the party, thus raising the issue unnecessarily in its existence on this issue.

Until a decade ago, the news channel was known for its news content, editorial standards, fairness and fair telecommunication degree. But gradually news channels are covering special programs on entertainment, like on other channels such as 'Asgs, Bahu and Bitayan' till today and on 'Saas, Bahu and conspiracy' Star News. They also have special shows for catching in celebrities and their partitioning methods, such as coverage in newspapers, such as on some Telugu news channels like 'Knight Out' on the show NDTV, special programs show where the sounds of films Tracks are issued.

News Reader and Weekly Debate Anchor, who was also Newsreader in the weekend, was known as professional television journalists working for a particular channel. He was known for his reading skills, presentation style, language proficiency and other professional skills. Today, the Newbradter old hat or non-organizations are more accurate to be replaced by the Prime Time News anchor which is the face of their respective channels. In fact, they are not only the face of the channel, but also the celebrities and brands from the channel. As a result, today some channels are known by their star anchors such as Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and Rajat Shalna as names, just like daily soaps play them by their main characters and TV stars.

Now, the question arises, why do the news channels wander themselves from their primary duty? The news of the political government was given importance on most news channels, after which crime / law and order are conformed on time when some introspection is required by the Indian media. The defects should be democratically addressed and corrected. Such irresponsible journalism should not be left out of their social and ethical responsibilities towards the journalist society. Describing the true reality of the society, the demand for their work. Therefore, they should not compromise anything to reveal the truth.

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