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Essay on Role of NGOs in India

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Role of NGOs in India in English language for students in 1100 words. In this article cover Topic :Definition of NGOs, NGO's role in Government's Five Year Plans, NGO's role to protect women's interest, NGO's role in educating the farmers, health and education of children, tackling environmental related problems, NGOs in India are increasing rapidly and NGOs work for several important social and developmental issues.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are voluntary organizations because they are exempt from government control in their functioning. They are open to people who are democratic and willing to become members of the organization and serve the society. They have assumed an important place in the civil society, which is emerging rapidly due to the weakening of the state.

We are not formally registered for the organization of the benefits of group of people established on the principles of equality, altruism and voluntary work to promote NGO "human development (including environment and biodiversity) and nation building" . NGO is a popular word, which has earned currency at the global level and it is respected in the society due to welfare services in the society.

The organization seeks financial support from the government, but it is at least theoretically driven on its principles and programs. NGOs, in principle, are open for voluntary membership. Any person can become a member by election and resign from the organization with the will of his own self.

Over the years, the NGO has got place in the government's five-year plans. Sometimes it happens in the form of its role in the development of rural areas and sometimes it happens in the formation of self-reliant groups. The government is coming up with schemes like 'Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan' and is allocating millions of budgets for the budget. Therefore, it is important for people to understand the importance of education. Poverty and illiteracy are two black spots for our country. In fact, these two are the root cause of many other problems.

Since NGOs are used to developing a bond with the cause of volunteers and related institutions, it helps in easy implementation and execution of various government schemes. He has played an important role in understanding the importance of education to people, such as to prevent the danger of social evils like child marriage, sarees etc. Night schools have become commonplace in rural areas where children and working adults can come and study. In the past few years, there has been a large increase in crime against women in the form of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. These horrific events leave deep traces that are unable to cope with young girls and women. They lose their self esteem and trust

It is over here that many non-governmental organizations take charge, recommend them, help to achieve their lost self-esteem and make them self-reliant. In fact, there are many NGOs who are fighting legal battle on behalf of living people. In addition to the support of women, NGOs have played an important role in educating the farmers and cultivating new technology. In some villages of India, farmers have still used obsolete techniques for cultivation and there is no information about the special benefits given by them by the government. It is in collaboration with various local NGOs, the government has been able to reach these farmers and has been successful in educating them about them. Farmers get information about new cost savings techniques, special types of seeds and manure etc. which are available in the market. There are some non-governmental organizations which help farmers to get the best prices for their produce in the grain market.

In the 20th century, children who came with their share of health and environmental issues are dying of malnutrition, lack of balanced diet, anemia deficiency, and other such diseases. International regulatory bodies such as UNO and WHO are working with cruelty to spread awareness, as well as free medicines, NGOs are radical in creating awareness and vaccination for fatal diseases such as health supplemental polio for various diseases, in fact, special non There are government organizations that are working with HIV patients and ultimately help them to lead a normal life.

As global temperatures rise, hundreds of NGOs have taken the initiative to create awareness among the people, especially young school children about the importance of flora and fauna in our ecosystem. They regularly organize plantation drives, awareness talks, walkathons and include youth in it. It plays an important role in sensitization to the public for these reasons.

Whether it is a horrific flood in Chennai or a tremendous earthquake in Nepal, thousands of volunteers and NGOs have stepped forward to help disaster management and rehabilitation of affected people. Due to such a great need, the number of NGOs in India is increasing rapidly, there is a huge role in bringing about social change and development of NGOs and it is being experienced from different parts of the country.

India is still a developing nation; Non-governmental organizations are often established to plug in intervals left by the government as a nation, there is still a large population in India which is weak in terms of health, education, employment and opportunities, in general rural development. Some of the most prominent non-governmental organizations working in the education sector include the first (research on academic results, famous for the annual position of education report), Teach for India (direct intervention in low-income classes) and Akshaya Petra. Mid-day Mean Scheme). Others like Gauge are associated with the problems of the poor. Gonz is particularly focused on clothing and believes that only by reusing the existing clothes in the country.

Apart from this, a large number of NGOs are one of the most important problems facing the problems of the poor, quality skills and the lack of employment opportunities. The role of women's voluntary organizations towards this reason has been fantastic. Service, Sathin, Eklavya, Direction, Environmental Action Group and Agnari Foundation etc. are among the thousands of NGOs known for their role in the field of development so that people can create awareness in interventions, if necessary.

The very celebrated Government of NREGA, ICDS, ICPS, Nirmal Gram and Health Insurance Plans are in the work of many NGOs. NGOs have developed many important social and development related issues such as law, information rights, juvenile justice, elimination of corporal punishment in schools, smuggling, forests and environment, wildlife conservation, laws and policies on women and elderly people Has impacted. Rehabilitation and rehabilitation development for people with disabilities

In addition to this, NGOs made little effort to ensure effective implementation of these laws and policies by conducting and disseminating the findings from participatory research, budget analysis, public hearing, social audit, workshops, seminars and conferences.

For a long time, NGOs will continue to play a major role in nation building. NGOs can play game changers and play them for the development of poor through leadership for the search for community research, community empowerment and development options.

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