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Essay on Criminalization of politics

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Criminalization of politics in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic : Define democracy, Nexus between politics and crime, Misuse of political power, Money and muscle power should be curtailed from politics, Criminalisation of politics and the main reasons behind it, Suggestions of different committees in regard of suspension of criminalisation and its application.

Democracy is said to people, people and people, in that sense, people are emphasized at the center stage of democracy, although after more than six years of independence, the lives of ordinary people have diminished, less To say less than. Democracy means the rule of law, following the principles of the Constitution, after the principles of moral and legal justification. However, the process of social, political and economic change in all these years since independence has been distorted by the way politics is being done in our country. Politics and crime are related to each other, just as the navel connects the gentle mother and infant.

It is shameful that politics is linked to the sect of gun in the world's largest democracy. Despite such records and illegal participation, these people were elected to the Parliament and the State Legislative Assembly and are responsible for running and running the country.

Political power has the right to regulate the nation through the actual process of election. Criminalization of politics is the reach of criminals in the field of politics. As a result, political power is misused by national representatives. Kautilya, a very clever political and economic philosopher, has said in his original book economchart, "As it is impossible to taste the honey or poison at the tip of the tongue, it is also impossible for the minister or the government servant to at least Do not eat a bit of government revenue "

In any country, political power is the best way to achieve social and economic change. However, in a corrupt institution, politics becomes the easiest way to get financial resources. There are two main components that encourage criminalization of politics, money power and muscular power. These two powers are displayed during the election process Recently, the Election Commission of India increased the spending limit for the Lok Sabha elections to 70 lakhs.

However, various sources have suggested in the media that 70 lakhs is a tip of iceberg, which the candidate spends for the election process. There are two moral and legal issues related to money power. The moral aspect is that the candidate contesting the election tries to vote with the power of money, but it should be based on the basis and not based on material things. The legal aspect of breaking the spending limit is that the candidate is not following the prescribed limit prescribed by the Election Commission. Apart from this, the money spent is the malicious money which the candidate is spending with prudence.

The second component of criminalization of politics is 'muscle strength' since the 1970s, it has been used to use the votes of workers with the use of muscles and to influence voter's attitude and behavior.

In the popular culture of Indian cinema, it has been depicted with a great taste of reality. Films like 'Gangs of Wasseypur' show how money and muscle power are used to win elections. However, since 1990, it has happened that these men started entering the political field rather than giving the muscle power to the candidates only.

This change in the history of Indian politics has worsened the area of ​​politics. A famous political commentator and scholar Rajni Kothari has summarized Indian politics in a nutshell- "A relation between leader-dada-babu-lala" (politician-Muslim-bureaucrat-businessman). The worst part of money power in politics is that once the candidate was elected, his first goal was to get back the amount spent in the election process. Here, the Vicious Circle has started, which has entangled Indian politics.

There are many reasons which cause the criminalization of politics. The greed of power is the biggest factor because people want to enter politics. Upon the political topology, people have state content in all the settlements.

They use it all to pursue their own interests, put their pockets and grind their ax. As political masters, there are legislators and political officers, they have the power to influence policies. These attractions have led the immoral elements to enter politics.

In the first half of this decade many scams took place, where a large number of politicians were involved. Corruption Perception Index 2015 has placed India at 76th place. It reflects the alliance between politicians and bureaucrats' The concept of 'committed bureaucracy' is transforming into 'sympathic bureaucrats' dancing on the tunes of' political bureaucrats'. In this process, the 'corruption of institutions' has been changed to 'the establishment of corruption'.

The second reason for criminalization of politics is vote bank politics. In this process, many descriptive attributes like caste, religion, etc. play a role. Money and muscle strength are used to force voters to vote for a particular candidate.

However, in recent days some of the election reforms have progressed. Introducing Nota (Any of the above) in Electronic Voting The machine (EVM) has now given an option for voters. Also, there is no one in the right direction for the prescribed forms by the Election Commission to identify the criminal records of the candidates. This was the result of the Supreme Court ruling in 2002

In 1993, the Vohra Committee was established to go through the incidents of criminalization of politics. The committee observed that different crime syndicate and mafia organizations have developed vital funding and muscle power. They have important government relations, working with political protection and impurity. Our elections involve a lot of black money and it is a factor that has led to criminalization of politics.

In pursuance of the above observation, in 1998, Indrajit Gupta Committee was formed. This is recommended for state funding of elections, this will prevent the use of money power in the election process.

Therefore, misuse of state politics and criminalization of politics can be reduced and if people take part in large scale in running state affairs then it can be eliminated.

Power should be decentralized, rules and regulations should be transparent and people should have more involvement in the government running through civic committees, cooperative societies etc. The state should not interfere in every economic activity.

Representatives should be inactive and they should have the qualities of a social worker. They should think and work for the welfare of the people on a large scale in the interest of the country. Our Constitution ensures a socialist, secular state and equality, a community between its citizens. There is a democratic system in our country for people and people by people. Gandhiji has mentioned, "Politics without any theory as one of the seven principles"

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