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Essay on Rising Fundamentalism - Challenging Time for Secularism

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Rising Fundamentalism - Challenging Time for Secularism in English language for students in 950 words. In this article cover Topic : Define fundamentalism, Ideology of fundamentalism, Changes in the lives of people due to capitalist, imperialist systems, Turning to religious fundamentalism due to insecurity, Rise of fundamentalism due to major political changes, Change in economic and social functioning of society due to capitalism, Establishment of many fundamentalist organisations and Loss and displacement of life due to fundamentalism should be controlled.

Fundamentalists believe in old and traditional forms or belief that whatever written in the holy book is true. This was especially evident in the twentieth century, which tries to restore the aspects of the past and make it publicly institutionalized, which obscures modern life. Fundamentalists have increased in the 21st century with fundamentalism and global terrorism.

Radical secular states see their primary enemy because their goals are not aligned with each other. Socialist society believes in education, democratic reforms, modernization, liberalization and economic reforms. Fundamentalists believe that all these goals are obstacles in the form of their objective of keeping the spiritual dimension of life safe.

The ideology of fundamentalism has not only strengthened the poor and underdeveloped countries, but has also kidnapped the developed, liberal and democratic nations. In the rise of fundamentalism such as imperialism, poverty, lack of good governance, corruption, political instability and poor economic conditions, fundamentalists have contributed to the rise of fundamentalism. Recently, the concept of fundamentalism has taken a bad position with increasing terrorism, violence and terrorism.

Religious consciousness is growing not only among the elderly but also among the youth in today's times. This is a sub-product of modern life, which has become synonymous with stress, pressure, competition and uncertainty. This distinctive religiousness has inspired the development, spread and strengthening of fundamentalism, in the most discriminating facilities of today's situation, the leap in globalization is linked to a quick process of capitalist accumulation in the world dominated by capitalist imperialist systems. . It brought significant, and often dramatic, changes in the lives of a large number of people, often reducing traditional relationships and customs. In developing countries, people are being run away from the fields of agriculture, where they live and try to achieve one's existence in very oppressive conditions, but now can not do it either.

They are being thrown in urban areas, which are located around the centers of the cities. Approximately half of the world's population lives in urban areas, which includes large-scale and ever-increasing urban towns. Being insufficiently in their traditional circumstances and in traditional forms, which are being exploited and suppressed, they are being put into a very insecure and unstable existence, in any kind of 'express way', economic and Can not be integrated into social structure and work of society

In many of these countries, most people in urban areas work in the informal economy. Because of this, for a significant degree, many people turn towards religious fanatics so that they can try to give this anchor, between all this disorder and upheaval.

These large scale changes and dislocations are arising in the context of domination and exploitation by foreign imperialists in developing countries and it is associated with local ruling classes. These classes are financially and politically dependent and are under imperialism and are seen as corrupt agents of foreign power, which promote the undemocratic culture of the West.

This, in short run, can strengthen the hands of radical religious forces and leaders, in the matter of corruption and the return of the western rulers of the local ruling classes and return them to the imperialists, and in case of withdrawal, a retaliation, traditional connection, Customs, ideas and values, which are contained in the past and include extreme forms of exploitation and oppression.

The rise of fundamentalism is also due to the major political changes, awareness policy and actions by the imperialists in the political arena, which has had a deep impact on the situation in many countries of the Third World in the Middle East. The piles and greed of capitalist countries and the multinationals behind them have changed the economic and social work of society.

The traditional institution of the family is fragmented. It is not just communism that the imperialists have worked to defeat and defame. They have also targeted other secular forces and governments, who are opposing or fairly opposing or opposing the interests and objectives of the imperialists by a degree or some other, especially in parts of the world, they are in the oil rich Gulf region Such as strategic importance is considered as.

In other parts of the Middle East and elsewhere, for the past several decades, the imperialists have deliberately attempted to defeat the secular opposition at the national level and in reality they are often in Kashmir- religious conservative forces.

Many fundamentalist organizations have been established, and it should be clearly noted, they do not limit Islamic fidelity Fundamentalism is viral in many religions, in which some liberal religions are involved in fundamentalism in the United States, the Niagara Bible related to Christian fundamentalism The conference is rooted in the use of Jewish fundamentalism to mark terrorist religious Zionism Or is similar Hinduism Ayodhya dispute, Hindu fundamentalists in Gujarat riots, etc. can also be seen. The origins of Islamic fundamentalism can be seen till the 7th century.

Shia and Sunni religious contradictions also created a wedge and increased Islamic fundamentalism. Al-Shabab, Boko Haram, Ansar-al-Sharia, ISIS, Alkaida etc. are the Islamic fundamentalist organization which is ending peace and harmony giving birth to terrorist activities. This growing fundamentalism not only leads to loss of life and property, but also displaces millions of people from their country. Increasing terrorism in Europe due to increasing fundamentalism in Central and West Asia is the cause of terrorist attacks and migration crisis. Peace, harmony and prosperity have been enhanced by fear, apprehension and hatred.

A democratic government whose better participation is needed to make the backbone of good governance. People need to educate so that their job can be increased. This can lead to improved standards of living. People should be given more religious freedom, more international cooperation and cooperation are needed to check rising fundamentalists. The United Nations can play an important role to improve the deteriorating global environment.

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