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Essay on Students and Politics (1000 Words)

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Students and Politics in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic : Define political movement, Student's involvement in politics, National level parties have their student wings, Advantages of participating in student politics, Disadvantages of cheap students politics, Unhealthy politics affects the studies and Right balance between studies and political involvement is needed.

Politics incorporates all activities related to attaining and maintaining power in a government or influences the actions and policies of governance. Political movements mean active participation, taking procession, organizing public meetings, shouting political slogans, condemning a party, or accepting another; Today many students are involved in such activities. It is just that they are talking about their voice Need a platform to think in and share your thoughts with others: This platform is offered by universities and colleges Has been, which creates breeding grounds for new ideas, concepts, processes, beliefs and leaders.

Students come together in the form of student unions (political parties) with the same political and social ideology. These student associations can be considered as equivalent to the political parties of state and national level. The national level is the number of political parties, whose students wing work in various universities and colleges. Generally, the name of the student wing is different from the original organization. Thus, a university can be seen as a small constituency with political parties and voters. Students Union is an important component of many regional and national level universities. They play the role of mediator between governing council and students.

Student organizations were never silent spectators for various developments in the country. National issues have not been restricted to national and state level political parties. Over the years, the country has seen active participation and reaction from the student community on political and social issues, injustices and crimes. He was not afraid to take a stand on any particular issue. Undoubtedly, students' politics is an important component of learning a student. With active participation in politics, students get fundamental knowledge of democracy Students understand their rights and responsibilities in a better way. Rather than swallowing textbooks, they have the first hand practical contact for the functioning of democracy.

In fact, over time, they develop the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and to choose between. As a result, they are in a position to make logical decisions. University elections are a good starting stage for young and enthusiastic leaders. There are many instances where the universities have met our skilled leaders to resolve disputes, problems and confidence in them to deal with the situation of crisis flows. These situations play an important role in developing and enhancing their interpersonal skills.

The student community is the most progressive, clear, induced and dynamic segment of the country's population. In these years, politics has widened its scope by having an obsolete ritual of elections for healthy debate, deliberations and dialogue. This "politics of new age" promotes healthy competition, in a way, today, a student gives more information about the latest national and international affairs. In our country, many political parties adhere to them to follow 'youth policy'. They choose the college and compel the candidates to fight under their banner. Soon the students are absorbed as the workers of the political party.

But unfortunately, in recent days, there have been cases where the student organizations have made laws and arrangements in their hands due to the conflict between political ideologies. In a recent incident, we saw Kanhaiya Kumar, President of Junk Student Union, a leader of the All India Student Federation (AISF) was arrested with sedition charges. Later, he was given six months' interim bail by the Delhi High Court.

This incident happened when some students of Jawaharlal Nehru University organized a program on execution of Afzal Guru, who attacked Parliament, in 2013. Event organizers pasted the posters to invite students to invite students. In solidarity with Afzal Guru's judicial murder and Maqbool Bhat 'and the struggle of Kashmiri migrants. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyalaya Parishad (ABVP) alleged that the protesters were involved in shouting shout slogans of anti-India slogans in March. A video was presented to the police.

Based on this, the police arrested the student union president and some other students later granted bail to them because the evidence was not enough to punish the students. This incident gained much media attention and controversy, which was not suitable for maintaining academic environment in a university.

The politics of dirty and inexpensive politics was covered, the proxy between the national parties has become the basis of universities for the fight. Occasionally, it takes an ugly shape in the form of violence and crime in the campus. All of them obstruct the studies and ruin the precious time of the students.

Some student leaders misuse their position to meet their political and personal objectives. Many of these dishonest activities have been intentionally done to attract media attention and gathering publicity.

Today many political parties have taken advantage of the students for their own selfishness, once they are finished they will eat them. They incited students for organizing strikes, picks and procession But students do not get any real benefit from such movements. Fraud in student politics also attracts the attention of national political parties and they make heroes from such people and provide tickets for state and national level elections. What do they forget that they are setting a wrong example for the youth in this manner.

Now one day university has a lot of importance in elections, because national parties have started taking interest in these elections by nominating their own candidates. Sometimes, these elections become ugly with incidents of violence. Colleges and universities become battlegrounds for opposition parties Educational institutions have direct impact on unhealthy politics studies. In such cases either the examination has been canceled or adjourned. Many times students do not allow students to organize classes in campus for a few days. This creates an atmosphere of indiscipline and tension. That is why students are advised to stay away from dirty politics.

Students need to strike the right balance between their study and their political involvement. They should remember that colleges and universities are educational institutions and not political base. Unhealthy politics should be kept away from educational institutions. Youth is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm and need to move forward in the right direction. They are a powerhouse of unused capacity

Students should not participate in active politics before getting political knowledge and political ideology. Student organizations need to understand the inherent responsibility in them and make the channels of youth in the right direction. His main duty is to protect the student's interests and maintain a healthy environment. Organization Student organizations should aim better tomorrow and a promising future for the youth of our country.

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