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Essay on Satya Nadella : The First Indian CEO of Microsoft

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Satya Nadella : The First Indian CEO of Microsoft in English language for students in 900 words. In this article cover Topic : Early childhood and family background, Educational and married life of Nadella, His journey with Microsoft, Appointed as the CEO of Microsoft in 2014, His contribution to the company, His achievements as the business executive, His vision about digital technology and Dedication and hard work are the ladder of success.

Satyarthi Narayan Nadella, American business executive of Indian origin and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, was born on 19th August, 1967 in the Telugu-speaking family of Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh. His father, Bukkapuram Nadeela Ugandhar, was a government official and government servant of the Indian Administrative Service.

Nadala was out of Hyderabad Public School After schooling, he obtained a bachelor's degree in the field of Engineering and Technology from the Manipal Institute of Technology, in 1988, in Electricity and Telecommunication. He obtained his degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin, Nadale tied the knot with Milkwalker and business school, Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration, University of Chicago, Anupama in 1992. This Daman has three children, two daughters and a son and lives in Bellevue, Washington.

Nadella was always eager about building things and enhancing the lives of people through technical development. In 1992, he started joining Microsoft and changing his life completely, started his career with Sun Microsystems as a member of Sun Technology staff. He led several major projects and organized many different positions in the company. He worked as Senior Vice President of Research and Development (R & D) Division for the online service division and Microsoft Business Division. Later he was appointed as the Chairman of Microsoft Server and Tool Division. Nadala was a mastermind behind the company's move to cloud computing and the development of one of the world's largest and record-breaking cloud infrastructure.

Nadella has been credited for his leadership and guidance in the creation of his Azure Cloud of MicrowaveFaves Database Window Server and Developer Tools. All Microsoft departments were registered to grow under Nadeela's control. The business and technology culture of the company has changed greatly and its revenue from cloud services increased from $ 16.6 billion to $ 20.3 billion.

Satya Nadala is an ideal for millions of people due to his achievements on technical fronts. He works hard and always tries to make revolutionary changes in technology through innovation. Nadella was appointed as CEO of Microsoft on February 4, 2014, giving pride to all Indians, she has been working with Microsoft for the last 22 years and dedicated her best to her company's success. The credit for his promotion and achievements is his determination and never dead soul.

Nadeela's contribution has given the company a new shape, Microsoft's cloud computing division has been invented, its most inspiring and effective achievement. This Indian engineer has joined the league of technical magicians like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on the basis of his great work.

Nadella is an avid reader of American and Indian poetry, often comparing poetry coding and spending his spare time to read poems. He is also a big fan of cricket. He credits the game to polish his leadership qualities and to increase his team's spirit. Nadala calls himself a lifelong learner and also works in online classes in his spare time because he always tries to learn and implement perfection. He likes to run and is also a fitness enthusiast

This Microsoft, CEO, is privately preserved by Bill Gates, who took an anchor to enter the hands of Nadala, as soon as Nadala joined the company, believes that the culture of an organization can bring long-term success Is responsible for

When asked about the motto, he says that he is trying to change the old ways with a new style to achieve the goal. Nadala has reinforced Microsoft in its cloud business, which has recently been designed to give a mobile experience. He emphasizes the difference between mobile experience and mobile device

Satya Nadella is a very influential business executive who is known all over the world. When asked in an interview that what he takes inspiration, inquiring about it, he says, "Whatever we do, our every customer's conversation, our product builds every product, we have our industrial partners With the edge, the sense of identity and the spirit of purpose strengthen the mission. He is the third CEO of Microsoft, only two others in the role, Bill Gates and Steve B. Follow Almer.

Nadella plays a role fully for Microsoft CEO, a company that wants to convert from a software company into a device and a service company, the steps taken by the acquisition of Nokia's mobile division. They believe that using all the digital technologies, they can achieve their goals that fit their business.

Microsoft's main aim is to enable each and every person on the planet and population to achieve as much as possible. Nadeela says, "What do we do to provide digital technology and digital technology platforms so that others can be used to work, work, work and work". According to Nadella, the technology paradigm varies, and in the next 10 years we will reach a point where almost everything has been digitized.

He explained, for example, that even the farmers are also using the tools associated with large-scale production monitoring in real time. In the future, it is expected that Microsoft can succeed, and this indicates that 'estrumment market' means more than IT department in our local bank or call center. If their vision is successful, Microsoft can achieve a great success.

Satya Nadella managed to grow in his career due to his fearless dedication and hard work. They should remember that success is the result of hard work years. Nadala's life story is an inspiration for us and it is hoped that India produces individuals like Satya Nadella, which is not only property for one organization but also property for the whole world.


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