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Essay on Mother Teresa : Symbol of Peace and Humanity

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Mother Teresa : Symbol of Peace and Humanity in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic : Childhood and early life of Mother Teresa, Came to India and began work for the poor and helpless, Founded the missionaries of charity in Kolkata, Founder Nirmal Hriday, Leprosy Ashram, Shishu Bhavan, Expansion of her work all over the world, Won many national and international awards, including Nobel Peace Prize, Died in 1997 due to prologed illness and She was declared as saint by Pope Francis on 4th September. 2016.

Skopje, on August 26, 1910, then known as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu ', known as 'Mother Teresa' in an intermediate Albanian family in Yugoslavia, was widely known. As a child they were called Gonksak. His father, a businessman and member of the Community Council, died when he was nine years old. Her mother, the scary, alone Gonza and her brother-sister Agha and the ladder raised Draa Bokshshi earned living by sewing, and was very honest about her children's religious education. He belonged to a dedicated Roman Catholic family

Agnes attended Convent-Run Elementary School and then at a government secondary school at the age of 12, she was calling for religious life for the first time. Then he left everyone and followed Christ in the brain to serve him for the compassionate among the poor. The children were taught to deal with poor and needy people who practiced knock and charitable methods with respect to their doors. On holidays, the family made pilgrimage to Lelynice, where the Holy Virgin was worshiped. Ganxi participated in Lismé, where she sang in singing and played Mendolin.

Agnes became a nun at the age of 18 after completion of school education. His name was changed to Teresa. She joined the community of Ireland Nun, Loretto's sister, who was active in India. This community was a center in Calcutta (now Kolkata). Teresa received training in Dublin, Ireland. There, he learned to speak English and started formal religious training. Later he came to Darjeeling. He took the first religious oath in 1928 and finally, in 1937 Mother Teresa came to India as a teacher at St. Mary High School, in Anteli, Kolkata. He used to study St Mary High School in Kolkata in the next 17 years. They realized that their fight would be against poverty, disease and ignorance. He himself started working for the poor and helpless.

Teresa regularly went into slums with food and medicine and began to teach the slum children. In the year 1948, when he obtained Indian citizenship, he established the order of Missionary Charity in Calcutta and established Mother House on Kachhta Achwa Jagdish Bose Road. The Missionary of Charity is still headquartered in 1950, in the year 1950, the Missionary of Charity received official status as a religious community in 1950.

Mother Establishment, 'Kalighat Home for the Morning' (Nirmal Hridaya). "They lived like animals," she said, "at least they can die like human beings." Mother Teresa soon expanded her work to help India's leper In 1957, the missionary started working for the leper He opened a leprosy ashram in Titagarh, he opened a house for the orphaned and abandoned children, he founded the 'Shishu Bhawan' for the helpless children.

In the coming decades, wherever people were there, they needed rest, whether they were hungry in Ethiopia, Chernobyl radiation victims or poor areas in South Africa. In 1982, at the height of the siege of Beirut, he inspired the Israeli army and the Palestinian guerrilla to stop shooting for a long time so that he could save 37 children trapped in a headquarters hospital.

He created one of the first homes to help and protect AIDS victims from Kolkata to New York, to make a global network of homes for the poor. He expanded his work by establishing 750 centers in 250 countries. In 1970 he opened the branches in Jordan (Amman), England (London) and the United States (Harlem, New York City). In 1971, she opened a house for rape victims in Bangladesh. In 1988, he sent missionary charity to Russia, Missionary of Charity opened a house for AIDS patients in San Francisco and other places.

Mother Teresa used her powerful voice for champion conservative values, arguing strongly against abortion, contraceptive and divorce. His fame gave him a platform, and he preached the values ​​of life. He won many national and international awards for his human work In 1962, the Indian government honored him with the Padmashree (`Luxurious Lotus) 'award and the same year he received the Raman Magsaysay Award instituted by the Malaysian government. In 1971, the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize and Bharat Ratna were awarded the highest civilian award in India, in 1980.

But, worldwide recognition for his work took place in 1979 when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Accepting the Nobel Prize in 1979, in the name of 'unwanted, unpleasant and unseen', he wore the same $ 1 white sari who had adopted himself to identify the poor during the establishment of his order .

"I choose poverty for the poor people, but I am grateful to the people of the hungry, naked, homeless, disabled, blind and leprosy patients, who are unwilling, unpleasant, rejecting for the whole society. Those who have become a burden to the society and sacrifice to everyone, "Teresa acknowledged the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Mother Teresa had her first heart attack while meeting with Pope John Paul II in Rome in 1983, and the second most fatal in 1989 was followed by a pacemaker in her body. In the beginning of September 1996, his health took a turning point for the worse and died on September 5, 1997 at the age of 87, who inspired people living a life around the world, believers and non-people - Believers, rich and poor, unknown and famous alike

On October 9, 2003, Namr Nan, Mother Teresa, known as 'Saint of Gatters', was celebrated by Pope John Paul II and was honored with 'title' in it. Vatican on September 4, 2016, as a saint for Mother Teresa, as the date of Canon, on September 4, 2016, on September 4, 2016, Mother Teresa was catered to St. Teresa in Vatican City by Pope Francis.

It is declared that "To honor the Blessed Trinity, we declare a Saint to be blessed and proclaimed the Blessed Teresa of Calculta (Calcutta) and we nominate him among the saints so that he worshiped the whole church like this Go. " He does not live physically with us, but his feelings of love, service, charity and compassion are always for our guidance and help. In fact, he became a model of charity, compassion, purity and selfless service.

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