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Essay on Knowledge Without Character is Dangerous

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Knowledge Without Character is Dangerous  in English language for students in 600 words. 

Character and knowledge are the heart and soul of a person. Characters @ is a set of inherited and acquired properties, which defines the identity of a person and makes it different from others. Knowledge is gained once through formal and informal education. Formal education has been received from schools and educational institutions. Informal education is obtained through family, friends, friends group, and social circle.

Education empowers a person and enables him to make logical decisions. Every person is blessed with some or other talents and this is a bundle of unused ability. This is the reason that education has an important role. It helps a person to make the best use of his talents and abilities. Education can not be limited to a person's personal development

She can inspire other people to learn and act as an ideal for many people. In fact, the progress of a society can be measured according to the number of educated people. The knowledge and expertise gained by the person during his education should be used for the benefit of others and the society. An educated person with a strong moral values ​​is an invaluable asset for society and nation.

Lay the foundation of a strong character of moral values. A person with poor moral values ​​can easily achieve his short-term goals but it will be difficult for him to fulfill his long-term goal.

Techniques have taken education to the next level Students are taught by special teachers and trainers in smart classes. E-learning solutions have become an important component of the course. But it is very disappointing that among all these, moral values ​​and qualities have taken the last seat

Today's generation has failed to understand the importance of creating a character. The failure of education and the lack of character are increasingly evident from rising crime and violence in society. In school children and adolescents, there has been an increase in disrespect for officers and violence.

Children are involved in early sexual activity, self-destructive and addictive behavior. The rates of abusive crimes such as physical and sexual harassment are increasing among children and adolescents. The development of media, peer groups and the Internet falls on the development and learning of the child. If all his knowledge is using in a negative direction, then it is a waste of his talents and abilities. What is happening with today's generation?

Ethical values ​​and qualities of a society play an important role in the character building of individuals. Over time, these values ​​have declined gradually. We must remember that character development and education should be hand in hand. Character creation should be an important aspect of education. It is important to teach the ethical and moral values ​​of children, these are moral values ​​which will help them succeed in the long run.

The purpose of education should be to develop the tendencies of such a child in a manner that is willing to morally correct it morally. In addition to teachers and guardians, society should be an active collaborator in character-building efforts.

Character development and education should go hand in hand. Effective education should include courses that honor students for moral and moral values ​​and help them succeed. Education should strive to develop commitment to the students' inner motivation and right.

All school staff-teachers, administrators, consultants, coaches, secretaries, cafeterians, playground associates and bus drivers should be involved in learning, discussing and sharing about the responsibility of character education. Parents and community members should have full pay scale in character formation efforts. Effective education should include an effort to assess the progress of character building. Without character, knowledge is not only useless but it can also be dangerous for the entire person, society, country and humanity.

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