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Essay on Children's Participation in Reality Shows

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Children's Participation in Reality Shows in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic : Television, as an important medium of communication, Reality show : a ticket to name and fame, Children participating in this show are constantly under pressure, Negative impacts of it on children, The parental pressure to win the show, The positive aspects of reality show and Some precautionary measures to be taken to deal with the children.

In the last few years, television has emerged as an important medium of communication. Because of its popularity and wide reach among the public, it has taken the level of visual communication to the second level. With the increase in viewership, the programs offered by various channels are increasing. The channels are coming up with different programs for people of a different genre. There are programs and channels dedicated to children, adults, housewives, youth and the elderly. Cartoons, kitchen shows, daily soaps, devotion shows etc. that meet different areas of society.

The reality TV shows are the latest to join the fad. The name, reality television show tells about the type of content delivered by them. The focus of these shows is to bring people together from all the backgrounds and keep the audience covered because they feel that the show is close to real life and experiences.

These shows have provided platforms to showcase their talents to the people of different areas of the society and to pursue a fascinating career later on. Most of these shows offer a wider price to the winner. In other words, we can say that the reality show is a ticket for the successful contestant's name and fame. The unprecedented response to the audience of these shows prompted the producers to show reality, which cater to the interests of various age groups.

Many entertainment channels have come up with reality dance and singing competitions for children. Of course, these platforms have provided exceptional performance for children and have introduced them with various career options, but children's involvement in these shows is a matter of serious concern.

Children are known for their innocence and childhood is considered to be the golden period of somebody's life. It keeps the cornerstone of a glorious future in these growing years. This is the reason why young minds need a favorable and favorable environment to nourish and blossom.

However, the atmosphere on the set of reality show is completely opposite. Children are under constant pressure to perform well and win the show. Competition level is high Also, there is unfair competition in this sense that a four year old child is judged in the same class with the children of eleven years of age.

In reality, participation comes at the cost of education and health of children, both of which are pillars of overall development. Innocent innocent children of the children are not mature enough to handle criticism and reject the public. Those children who do not win the competitions lose their confidence.

All these factors take a toll on the child's mental health and may suffer from depression. Actually, it shows that children should exercise for hours for them to end mentally and physically. In some dance, children are expected to perform adult item number songs, which have a negative impact on children and viewers.

Due to the long shooting hours, children often have to compromise their education; they can not attend their school regularly, which is why they are unable to make timely presentations which directly affect their grades. They do not get time for outdoor activities, watching television, reading books etc. He became so busy with work and studies that he works day and night, and fun childhood is often changed in tension.

With the increasing number of children participating in reality show, the expectations of parents of their children are increasing. The spirit of competition among parents is increasing, they want their child to be all-rounder. In bad cases, children have become a source of money for their parents and guardians. Children are made to work for forced work without feeling the same impact on children.

Apart from the negative aspects of Sudarshan Path, a child actor receives many awards and learns various life skills while attending a reality show. A child feels responsibility at an early age because she is accountable for the performance in the business. By pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, he also gives freedom to the child because he can be guided, but acting or performing is not helped.

In addition to enjoying independence and freedom, due to the large number of viewers, a child learns with self-confidence and becomes better with speaking skills after speaking reality and speaking in the programs. Many times, a child faces rejection, but artists are taught to deal with disapproval in a positive manner in the field of entertainment. Fame, money, attention, some other sparks, which is a landmark in the reality show, on the successful screenplay of the child actor.

Although the industry offers different sets of advantages and disadvantages, those who are working in this domain need to take additional care and stay extra alert while dealing with children. Working hours for such children should not be more than three to four hours in a day, so that they get enough time to sleep, study and play. Parents need to help their children

The child should also be advised to accept and handle the rejection. In all these programs, trainees and experts should be trained, who can learn to teach children and parents to deal with different situations. Parents and advisers need to understand the fact that each child is unique and has their own abilities and talents. It is better not to push the child beyond the bounds and make them prosperous in your place.

Nobody is denying that the world is becoming a very competitive day in the day. Despite the disadvantages, such a platform is preparing children for a difficult world. There are brains affecting young child actors and, therefore, need to be extremely careful while dealing with them to maintain balance and to reduce the impact on the child.

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