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5 Essential Newborn Baby Care Tips.

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Caring for a newborn infant can be nerve-wrecking and unpredictable. But it doesn’t have to be.


Your baby has finally made it into this world, now you want to make sure it gets the best care it possibly can. The key to doing it right is to know certain protocol that you must follow. Follow these 5 tips for newborn baby careand your baby is sure to feel welcomed into this world:

1. Warm compress for blocked ducts

If the milk ducts in your breasts are blocked, a heating pad works wonders. This is one of those little known but really handy newborn baby care tips.

2. Sanitize your hands

The immune system of infants is underdeveloped, which makes them highly prone to infection. Ensure that you and anyone who is handling your baby has clean, sanitized hands.

3. Infant massages

Infants really respond to a massageand it isn’t very difficult to learn how to massage a newborn baby. Consult your doctor or you can also find umpteen books and online videos on the right massage techniques for infants. And remember, be very gentle.

4. Swaddling

When you’re preparing to swaddle your infant, take care that its hips and knees are bent a bit and face outwards. It is essential that your baby is not wrapped too tightly so that it can breathe comfortably. Also, do not swaddle the baby after it is 2 months old.

5. Diaper Rashes

These are very common in babies and can be prevented and healed quite easily. Just make sure you change your baby’s diapers after every bowel movement and, after cleaning the area with a mild soap and water, apply a cream that contains zinc oxide. This cream prevents the formation of unwanted moisture and keeps rashes at bay.

Nothing but the best for your precious little one! 

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