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Essay on Role of Computer in Different Fields

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Role of Computer in Different Fields in English language for students in 1100 words. In this article cover Topic : Discovery of computer and the basic idea of it. Its role in various fields of i.e. (i)Medical (ii) Banking (iii) Sports (iv) Entertainment (vii) CAD (v) Artificial intelligence (viii) Agriculture (vi) Biology (ix) Education and Significance of computers in our life.

Computer is a device that can be programmed to carry out desired operations for the user. Charles Babbage also known as the father of computer invented the first computational device in the 19th century. It was a device much ahead of its time. The idea could not meet its desired conclusion as financing for the project was withdrawn by the British Government. Computer in its modern sense was outcome of a paper published in 1936 by Alan Turing.

Computers are used in so many different fields in our daily life. From engineers to doctors, students, teachers, government organisation; they all use computers to perform specific tasks, for entertainment or just to finish office work

The basic idea of Turing's device was to store programs and carry out desired operations based on the programs. The application of computer changed when internet and operating systems like Windows were invented. They changed the way man interacted with machines. In the 21st century an individual's life can’t be envisaged without computers.

Computer plays important role in various field i.e.:

In the Field of Medical

Computer has wide ranging application in medical field. The way tele-medicine revolutionised health sector is commendable. Access of health facilities in remote location has truly bnefited humanity. Other general purpose use of computer is store health status, family history of patient etc.

Computers in medical research field can also be used to publish journals and references for sharing of information and data. Computers also find application in various diagnostic tests like, Computerised Axial Tomography (CT Scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) etc.

In the Field of Banking

Banking sector is another area which has wide ranging application for computers. In 21st century computer is the mainframe of any banking system. It is used to store customer information. It also keeps track of bank's product offerings, their interest rates and capital.

It also carries out communication with other banks and analyses the financial market. ATM (Automated Teller Machine) invented in 1970s change the customer-bank relationship by making it more seamless.

Also the net banking facility and online payment modes of banks have changed the way commerce takes place. E-commerce platforms have revolutionised the way people shop over internet and banks have become a harbinger of change in this regard. Also, recently mobile wallets and Apple Pay have changed the way we transact by also using biometrics.

The 'JAM Trinity' Qandhan, Aadhaar, Mobile) advocated by Government of India for financial inclusion, is a manifestation of revolution that computers have brought about. Government functioning is another area which has changed its modalities due to use of computer. Digital India programme launched by Government of India has transformed the way government services are available to citizens electronically.

The key projects under the programme are Digital Locker (for physical storage of documents); e-Sign framework (to digitally sign a document using aadhaar authentication); e-Kranti (has 41 services like e-Healthcare, technology for farming, security, financial inclusion etc.).

Computers have revolutionalised the mode of interaction between Government-Government, Government-Business, Government-Citizens. It has not only enhanced the access but has also brought about ease and smoothness in all forms of communication.

In the Field of Sports

In the world of sports, computer is used as an aid. For an athlete they have come to become an irreplacable component of daily hectic grind. They are primarily used to store data systematically.

These are also used by team selectors for logical conclusion. Other application area is Bio-mechanics which allows athletes and coach to analyse playing style, workout regime. Biomechanics allows to fine tune an 'athlete's performance and also make them less prone to injuries. They are also used as a simulators mostly in motor sports.

Another major application of computers is in equipment design. Sports accessories are made more safe for athletes with the help of computer designs. Also through the use of Telemetry computer provides conditions of field, speed of balls, reaction times etc. For a coach computer makes pattern analysis and allows for strategy formulation.

In the Field of Entertainment

Computers are also used for entertainment internet sites like You Tube, Netflix, Dailymotion are video and audio hosting sites. Their consumption for public are free in some cases and paid in other.

Similarly, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ have changed the virtual platform . Recently virtual reality devices launched by various companies have revolutionised the entertainment industry. In a related field virtual gaming also called online gaming, fantasy league have simulated conditions of play and have brought them to the users electronically.

In the Field of Artificial Intelligence

Similarly, other emerging field in this area is of Robotics. The pivotal role is played by computer behind the curtain. The role of artificial intelligence has taken robotics at a different pedestal.

The motor movements, locomotion, biomechanics of a robot are all driven by computer programs. Robotics has a wide ranging application in industries assembly lines. The mechanisation of manual work can be solely attributed to the role of computers.

In the Field of Biology

The role of computers is also manifested in biology. Computational biology involves development and application of data through mathematical models and computational models to study biological, behavioural and social functions.

Another related field is of bioinformatics which is the convergence of computer and biology. Bioinformatics is information management for biology whose application can be seen in DNA sequencing etc.

In the Field of CAD

3-D printing is made possible only because of the virtual design which is a Computer Aided Design. It has various applications ranging from apparel, vehicle, medical, hie-printing, robotics, space, art, communication to education, research environment, cultural heritage etc.

In the Field of Agriculture

Similarly, computers are used for wide ranging purposes in the field of agriculture. e-Agriculture is an emerging field which can be used for evaluation designing, development and analysis through the use of computer programs.

Also through!he use of remote sensing and geoinformatics computers can aid in development of agriculture. Recently in India 'Prime Minister Fasal Beema Yojana' was launched. The extent of loss will be determined through remote sensing technology which employs computers.

In the Field of Education

Computers are also used for education and dissemination of information. Tele-education is an emerging field in this sector. Various applications and websites host education videos and materials for the benefit of users. Also e-books and other hand held devices viz tablets, truly changed the way we consume information.

Study Web of Active-learning for Young Aspirants Minds (SWAYAM) is an initiative by Indian Government where professors of centrally funded institutions like IITs, IIMs, central universities will offer online courses to citizens of India. Similarly, electronic media has left print media behind due to the computer interface.

Throughout the history of evolution of computers they have increased in capacity and processing power but have decreased in size. Owing to this change they find their application in many electronic devices thus making it easier for humans to interact with devices of everyday use which hitherto used to be mechanical.

Owing to its use in different fields, life without computers is unimaginable. Further it should be went in mind that era of computerisation should not head to dehumanisation. Excess dependancy on computers may hamper general humane skills and values we possess. Hence it is imperative that humans take control of computers not the other way round.

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