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Essay on In India Economic Development and Democracy

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on In India Economic Development and Democracy in English language for students in 2000 words.

A patriarchal interest approach is on the brink of extinction. With the passing phase of 1964 (Panditji's death), hard work is being fought with freedom of 1900 years.

In fact, dedicated, civilized, learned, pro and pro-poor politicians are not present today. Despite being a democratic building, India feels like breaking its hold on the basis of democracy.

Living like a Phoenix is ​​an epitome of India's epithelium, we have gone a lot since time to time, the rivals have tried every time, then we should be put on a bird, but every time we will wake up from the ashes and against the obstacles Will work hard.

Following the ideology of 'wiping every tear with every eye' is desideratum for the world's largest democracy. The struggle against cruel flaws and British imperialism seems useless today. For whom is Swaraj and struggle? Whether it is for rich or poor, for vicotrates, elitocrats, bureaucrats, philanthropists or destitute, tribals, dalits and needy.

The word democracy is not much more than a rhetoric in practice in India. It is not secular, democratic and socialist, as is the enthusiasm under the constitution, but lies in the second half.

Such a practice can corrupt, drug or neglect any socialistist artificial masterpiece. The word of democracy has been explained by Nobel Prize winner professor Amartya Sen that he is "a democratic society, where people are free to choose better equipped to deal with poverty".

The ever widening difference between rich and poor is a matter of concern and it can not be confronted on paper. In 1972, the then Prime Minister late Mrs Indira Gandhi said, "We are facing all the pollutants, the worst is poverty", said the supplement to the statement "poverty and development are two great pollutants on earth, while development is a solution But poverty is not ".

There is no doubt that this is a puzzle because the population is the biggest obstacle in dealing with poverty, but political and permanent officials will have to join hands and addressing public concerns, the egoistic character and the ivory tower must be isolated. .

Bharat Nirman, various road plans and plans to provide energy are not needed at any time, the real focus of government agencies, NGOs, civil societies, and even citizens should develop a man compared to things.

Development and infrastructure building are two things, where the former is to educate the masses, to follow righteousness, to believe in national and cultural ethos, promote compassionate feelings, and later for business activities and economic excellence compared to classes. Should be limited.

A debate is needed for development in the field of education, because socio-social, profitable institutions will not educate the youth but prepare them in market and human world.

This privatization, Weststrosti, lack of market-oriented edges will develop a clean person. Education in practice is a luxury for a common Indian, which does nothing more than training children in a bright cupboard. The government may have brought the RTE law and it may be shown as a fundamental right under Article 21 (A) in the Constitution, but it is still behind the soul. Existence and efficacy are two different things, RTE may exist later, but unless it is effectively implemented in its waste

Different State Governments have money to meet the expenses for setting up parks, gardens, visiting abroad for medical treatment, setting up of their respective government garlands. Rather than sharing the responsibilities of implementing the RTE Act, every government heads play flute instead of being transparent and accountable for the common man.

American jurist J. Jerome Frank wrote: "In democracy, it can not be familiar with the truth about the activities of any branch of the public. It is not entirely democratic to behave as a public, Are unable to accept the inadequate shortcomings. "

The entire Sher Shah Suri road has been restructured since last year and the real element behind this may be due to infrastructural development, but it has taken a toll on the environment, the majority of trees and agricultural land have been overthrown. I am worried about the activity of such an anti-nature, apart from that I have to do extra work. The disruption caused by this has increased the accidents every day. The Prime Minister is of no avail to such basic infrastructure development, which is toll on the lives of human beings, because every single death reduces human resources.

The government has to limit itself to grab land holders under the eminent domain's garment. The strength of Indian economy is in agriculture excellence, therefore it needs to be addressed. Increasing numbers of business houses, industries, shopping malls and other western-oriented club houses can find foreign tourists for us, but the destitute, tribals, people, which After working for a long time of the day, they fail to eat twice, that is, keep making the real Indian Sappo (Vidarbha) They say best).

Our achievements in the last 65 years have been remarkable and deserve praise. The country claims succession, but it fills the ground, the fact is that poor people have gone worse, nothing has improved from mediocrity and the rich has probably stolen the show to the extent possible. . In a definite report, India is mentioned as a nation where most people are satisfied with the condition that they are, because this is not all right, the reason is that we can add ourselves to the situation.

There is nothing like the famous satire 'Yar Democracy is Ian Hi Chulta', for which the government can back its back. The fundamental idea of ​​democracy is to provide all those stakeholders in accordance with the questions, which are said to be adjusted with examples that are run on them. It is often heard that the state protects the rights from the womb to the grave but adjusting towards the value of the coin, which remains from the grave to the tomb with one and all.

The so-called human protection and protection laws should be removed and all should be eliminated with the ideals recorded in the Bible of Indian democracy, that is, 'the constitution of India' has come to change in India in utopia, mother earth There is a paradise. This leap must be careful without disturbing nature.

Stakeholders are in a position to be resurrected, the government can control this furious anger by only submissive to claims and raising their sleeve. We do not expect a crappy gift, but any kind of delay in addressing claims will add fuel to the fire and it may be a runaway.

The issues related to the Maoists, Jammu and Kashmir can only be controlled by abandoning them and through referendum. We believe that the government is in a state of panic, but a true essence of Indianization can be accomplished by weaving the society of each and every class in 'one's society' only in one cloth. Valmama Paul V. In the words of an orbiter brain in Cochin University, the Honorable Supreme Court said, "Pluralism is a major place of Indian culture and religious tolerance is the basis of Indian secularism".

Mournful 'and their mouths should be addressed through justice, liberty and equality as mentioned in the Panth. The purpose of Nehru, and the spirit of the fraternity in the mind of each Indian and providing them a respectable life.

Rhetoric are no longer serving the purpose and are proving as a socio-political catastrophe. The ball is in the government court, it is to decide if they are ready to handle fringe elements with the hands of iron, who dismisses democratic ethos or are focusing on the skirmishes on the roads.

Two D (development and democracy) can be distributed only by following the Gandhian ideology of the cooperative government. And not with the conflicting theory of Britist's who at least address their fate, fair justice is a legal claim in democracy, therefore "violation of any law violates an inefficient rights of a person who is unjust and tyrannical There is no law in the law. " - Robspeare warning

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