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Essay on Child Girl Massacre

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Child Girl Massacre in English language for students in 500 words.

In Indian society women get it, they will treat at all levels or atrocities. A child is in bondage from her childhood, she is constantly, alert, before the parents, her husband and eventually not only her own children, she often condemns death before birth. It is called the murder of a woman in the uterus itself.

In ancient India, the birth of a girl was said to be auspicious auspicious an old Indian proverb that without a daughter the house is like a body without the soul. Comparing the arrival of a daughter in the house, the Goddess of wealth and Saraswati Devi Lakshmi, compared to the goddess of fine arts. There was always the blessing of a father at the time of his daughter's marriage: "You can achieve excellence in learning and public speaking" without any presence of women, no ceremony was considered complete, it was believed that "without a woman The house is not complete. "

Things, though there was considerable change during the Middle Ages when India was constantly subjected to foreign invasions. Women were also involved in the attacking batting, poorly curating and 'prasad' became prevalent. Sending girl to school is risky, therefore, lack of female literacy and lack of women in society has decreased. This tradition has continued till today and the murder of one fetus has started fast.

The problem of female fetus in urban centers is widespread, with the help of new techniques, it has been possible to determine the gender of an unknown child or fetus, and if it is a girl then there is a miscarriage. Such service providers have come across the country.

There are legal laws against misuse of parental diagnostics techniques, which means only to detect abnormalities in unborn babies. However, doctors violate this law. Under the law, so far no single case is fielding, which prevents such an immoral practice.

Today, the problem is quite wide in the northern states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Tamilnadu's pocket is killing a girl, she practically practices. The tribe, The Toda, Kallar and Gundar, who were formerly in the field of war, are facing the torture of army soldiers. They started killing the girl to keep women's population down and thus attacking the forces prevented them from rape. Even in Rajasthan, a girl is seen as a curse, because her father has to lie low during the match in front of the boys' father.

Upon receiving puberty, a girl is considered a security risk, a possible source of trouble for the family's respect and prestige is possible. Then there is an economic reason for his assassination. He has an obligation from his marriage to marriage to his parents. This has not been done in the dowry system, which breaks behind the parents. He has got rid of the partition to save the family properly. In some communities there is a filthy superstition that a daughter is murdered, the next child will be a son. In China, the largest male child sees the property of a male child as a patron and a supporter of old age. This leads to the murder of gender bias girl

The biggest tragedy is that women have allowed themselves to be killed in the death of their daughters. The unwanted child is often left in the maternity homes on the road or in the night; it may be due to unhealthy sex or the husband of death before marriage, which is the only source of taking her and her child. This unhealthy exercise has many states and The proportion of boys and girls in communities has caused a lot of imbalance. In order to prevent this situation, we should provide proper education and law, which can not be caught in the present criminal, must be strict. So all the children who are involved in child's offense in this child think twice before doing this.

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