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Essay on Terrorism and it's Changing Face

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Terrorism and it's Changing Face in English language for students in 750 words. In this article cover Topic : The concept of terrorism and its originantion. The transformanon 01 the concept after World War II. The aim of modern of modern terrorism. Causes of terrorism in modern era. Ways to control terrorism. Other domains of terrorism viz, maritime and cyber terrorism.

Terrorism is the tactics of demanding the impossible and demanding it at gunpoint. It is an act of violence to coerce or intimidate the civilian population involving threats, destruction etc. Terrorism today is threat to the whole humanity and even its existence. With few notable exceptions, the weapons and tactics of terrorist have not changed, hut the perception of threat and the vulnerability of modern societies have. The history of terrorism is as much European as Middle Eastern, and as much secular as religious far from being willfully indiscriminate it was pointedly discriminate. The attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 11th September confirmed that terrorism has acquired a new face. Terrorist are now engaged in a campaign of suicide and mass murder on a huge scale. The word terrorism entered into European languages in the wake of the French revolution of 1789. It was a 'system or rule of terror' by few who had usurped power.

But in 19th century terrorism underwent a fateful transformation, coming to be associated with non-governmental groups. One such group was small band of Russian revolutionaries in 1878-81 who used the word terrorist proudly. Their efforts led to the assassination of Tsars. Terrorism continued to be associated with assassination of political leaders. In lndia during the freedom struggle many leader chosing the path of revolutionary violence were called terrorist because they involved in assassination of unpopular British officials. But after World War II, terrorism broadened well beyond assassination of political leaders and heads of state. The terrorist movements come to be associated with indiscriminate killings In September 190 them up on the Palestinian terrorist hijacked several large aircraft and blew them up on the ground in Jordan. Then in 1972, 11 Israelis were murdered in a Palestinian attacked on Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich. By 1990s the new face was completely discernible with emergence of terrorist outfits like Al-Qaeda, and recently Boko-Haram, ISIS etc pose a global threat rather than restricted to any particular region. One of the most important aim of terrorism today is to create public attention or even sympathy for their overall demands. As Bruce Hoffman said, ''Terrorists are interested in publicity not killings". Jn contrast to the stereotypical terrorist group of the past today's terrorists are part of amorphous, indistinct organisation operate on a linear rather than hierarchical basis, have Iess easily defined or identical objectives. Today, they have turned ro weapons of mass destruction as it was witnessed in Syria in 2013. Nuclear terrorism by stealing nuclear weapons or acquisition of fissile material may pose the greatest danger to humanity.

Terrorism is also fueled by unprecedented interference. I n the garb of introducing democracy, many countries has created fissures in the society to promote their selfish interest. This process is continuing since 20th century, whether it is Sykes-Picot agreement or creation of Israel or wars waged by Western nations in Middle-East countries from time to time.

They interfere by arming rebels as in Libya and Syria and distinguish between good and bad rebels. Islamic terrorism is also result of foreign policy of USA and NATO. ISIS born out of these interference and arming rebels, is involved in many attacks including Paris, Belgium , Syria etc.

Erstwhile uneducated, unemployed, large scale poverty stricked attracted youths towards terrorism. Apart from this, in today's time educated people to get brain washed and join terrorism, rendering their whole education process futile. Wasim from India completed in Hyderabad in 2011 and flew to London to pursue MS programme and also secured degree from Greenwich University, but later on joined terrorist outfits. The first and most basic step against terrorism should be eroding their base and discrediting their ideas. It can be done by dissemination of modern values and solving their economic, social and political grievances.

Further Western states should realise that democracy cannot be imported as it is a bottom-up process rather than top-down process. Revolution by the United Nations obligated all states to prevent financing of terrorism, followed by G7 expanding the writ of its FATF to cover terror financing. In this regard India enacted Prevention Money Laundering Act. Further restriction has been imposed on issuing of pamcipatory notes. Coordinated planning for effective consequence management is imperative for fighting against terrorism. Last but not the least focus on hitherto neglected domains of the maritime and cyber terrorism as these are most effective medium of terrorist interaction. These measures should be effectively implemented menace of terrorism will bring destruction to humanity and peace.

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