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Essay on Education Without Values: Makes a Man Clever Devil

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Education Without Values: Makes a Man Clever Devil in English language for students in 750 words. In this article cover Topic :  Role of education in human life. Importance of values. Value-oriented Indian education system. Modern-day education system. Importance of values in education. Difference between value-based and value-less act. Effect of value-less education. Natural of real education & Combination of education and value is the need of the hour.

Education gives us knowledge and awareness. Knowledge gwes us skill and makes us prepare for our career, livelihood. Education has multiple roles to play. Education is the proet!is of imbibing external progressive ideas, thoughts and belief into our internal thinking, which eventually gets reflected in our action. Role of education is immense towards a moral, ethical and just society. The knowledge which are supposed to guide students to success may be abused or even misused for malicious acts. In order to prevent this, a set of values is necessary to guide the use of these knowledge. Values are principles or standards of behaviour and it is someone's judgement of what is important in life. Values are essential in education to prevent students from developing into a manipulative individual.

In the Vedic period, in Ashram education, the Guru (Teacher) instruct his Sishya (student) to follow certain values throughout the life. In modern education system, value oriented-education gets priority over others. It helps to develop scientific temper of mind, large heartedness, co-operation, tolerance, respect for the culture of other groups etc. Value education can take place at home, as well as in schools, colleges, universities, jails and voluntary youth organisations. Recently, the Government of India promotes value education in its schools. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has taken strong steps to introduce values among schools and teachers training centres.

Value based education is the only means which can give the young generation the right direction. In modern time people are extremely focused in the pursuit of their own success and self interest with killer instincts. They need success at any cost In this process, they do not remain human and become robots. Their activities become heartless and value free. Success may come to us but at the end we are not having a sense or feeling of fulfillment It happens due to the lack of values. Swami Vivekananda pinpointed value education as a total upliftment of sooety. Martin Luther King Jr said that the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education. All scams and episodes of corruption in the recent times in our country and the world are evidence to failure of human being, not because of lack of education, but because of immoral character Good character never a1lows one to perform under pressure or greed.

Osama bin Laden, a dreaded terrorist was a civil engineer, whose higher education could not help him to follow virtuous path. Education without values tends to make man a clever devil. It 1s important to have an intelligent mind, but it is far more important to have a good heart. Nelson Mandela rightly said that a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination Gandhiji took the path of non-violence and taught us to follow value-based right path in our life.

If we analyse the activities of a soldier and a terrorists, we can find that a solider gives life for his people and his country, whereas a terrorist takes the lives of innocent people either in the name of religmn or in the name of politics. A soldier has both brain and heart but the terrorist has got only the brain. Now-a-clays many educated youth take the path of terrorism. This highlights that how education can be used to propagate ideas which are not only irrational but against peace, harmony and progress of human society. Values help us to differentiate between good and bad acts, while education only teaches us about the various acts.

The real education should come with moral values and character. Only the education with values can lead a man to path of virtue. Thus, our education system should adopt value based education at all levels. The value-oriented educational programme should not be led only during the school level, but should be carried on further up to the level of higher education too, as 1t is from there that the nation's bureaucrats, army personnel and future leaders would emerge.

Only the value-laden education can bring developments in form of eradication of poverty. generation of employment, removal of social ills, empowerment of women, problem-solving skills, decision making power and an inclusive society. With the value-based education we can achieve a society, "where the mmd is without fear and the head is held high, where the knowledge is free."

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