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Essay on Barack Obama: First Afro-American President of USA

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Barack Obama: First Afro-American President of USA in English language for students in 700 words. In this article cover Topic : 

First Afro-American President of India, Educational background, Married life, Became the President in 2009 and now is serving second term, Challenges faced in the second term and Got many awards including Nobel Peace Prize.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States, a lawyer and a senator. He is the first African-American to be elected as the US President Barack Hussein Obama was born on 4th August, 1961 in Hawaii His father Barack Obama Sr was a black Kenyan and mother Ann Dunham was a white American from Kansas. Obama graduated from Punahou and went on to Occidental College in Los Angeles. Midway through, he transferred to the prestigious Coloumbia University in New York City.

After spending an additional year in New York as a researcher with Business International Group, a global business consulting firm, Obama accepted an offer to work as a community organiser in Chicago's largely poor and black South Side. From promise to power, the job gave Obama his first deep immersion into the African-American community he had longed to both understand and belong to.

Obama's main assignment as an organiser was to launch the Church- funded developing ,communities project and, in particular, to organise residents of Altgeld Gardens tn pressure Chicago's City Hall to improve conditions m the poorly maintained public housing project. His efforts met with some success, but he concluded that it was difficult for him to work without a law degree. In 1988, Obama enrolled at Harvard Law School, where he excelled as a student and won election as President of the prestigious Harvard Law Review for the academic year 1990-1991.

During a summer internship at Chicago's Sidley and Austin Law Firm after his first year at Harvard, Obama met Michelle Robinson, a South Side native and Princeton University and School graduate who supervised his work at the firm. In 1992 Obama married to Michelle. After marriage the\ settled in Chicao's Hyde Park neighbourhood, where, their first daughter, Malia Ann, was born on 4th July,1998 and their second daughter, Natasha, known as Sasha, was born on 10th June, 2001. Obama published his autobiography 'Dreams from My Father : A Story of Race and Inheritance', in 1995 His work received praise from many renounced literary figures and the audio book narrated by Obama himself received a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album in 2006. The Obamas moved to Washington on 5thJanuary, 2009, two months after Barack Obama was elected President, they had spent almost their entire lives there.

The Obamas chose to send their daughters to Sidwell Friends School. Sasha as a second-grader at the school's Bethesda, Maryland, elementary school campus and Malia as a fifth-grader at it middle school campus in Washington. The Obamas were accompanied to Washington by Michelle's mother, Manan Shields Robinson, whom they invited to live with them in the White House. Robinson is the only surviving parent of either Barack or Michelle Obama.

Obama swore the oath on 20th January, 2009 for his first term to serve the public. He is currently serving his second term. which will end in Janu.1ry 2017. Obama faced many obstacles and scored many successes in his first term as a President. He signed a health care plan extending medical insurance and health care to millions of Americans. His work and efforts to steer the country away from financial crisis were unbelievable.

Though the country is still recovering from its economy's deep turn down, he saved the country from depression. His able move in the financial sector was signing the Budget Control Act of 2011. One of the biggest achievement of Barrack Obama is its extended international help by deploying all the US milit1.ry forces out of the country to end the war in Iraq.

Obama faced various failures :and challenges by republicans and democrats on financial fronts, health care sector etc m the first half of the second term. But, his external and internal policies have proved effective in prospering nations economy and maintaining its power.

Obama has been successful in leading the country on the road of recovery in all possible ways. His agenda for his final term is centralised and focusses on boosting the economy, tackling environmental issues and reining in nations' growing debt. Obama is conferred upon with various accolades and honours like Nobel Peace Prize 2009, Time:; Person of the Year 2008 and 2012, NM E award for Hero of the year 2013, Ambassador of Humanity 2014 etc. Obama is saluted for achieving more than any President in modem history of United States.

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