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Essay on 'Proverb & Idomatic' Habit: A Good Servant But Bad Master

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on 'Proverb & Idomatic' Habit: A Good Servant But Bad Master in English language for students in 600 words. 

Habit is a regularly repeated behavior that requires a little or no thought and it is learned rather than being innate. Habit is a good servant but bad master means that habits should be in control of a person. No one should allow habits to overpower him or her personality. A person who allows or becomes habitual of undesired practices gots into difficulty or faces embarrassment many a rimes. Late m-ing, drinking, smoking, or unpunctuality are some of the bad habits which may harm a person in gradual course of life. Good or bad habits are acquired from childhood so parents must try to inculcate good habits and teach a child to be flexible and not under the control of any particular habit.

Initially, people indulge in an activity or action as they .:njoy and derive pleasure from the same. Slowly, they get accustomed to that activity and then this forms an indispensable component of their lives as the habits. Undoubtedly, an mdividua1 acquires a lot of habits during the course of his life but it is the initial years of the childhood which contribute significantly to the formation of certain habits.

Besides, this upbringing, environment, and education have an important role in the same. Once an action has transformed into a habit, a person tends to lose control over it and it is hard to change it. These habits slowly start reflecting m an individual's personality and play an important role in defining the person. A chain smoker or habitual drinker never intended to tum into one. Most of them have started out of curiosity or peer pressure. Slowly these catch up resulting into habits or better say, addiction.

The good habits such as punctuality, cleanliness, and responsibility etc add value to an individual whereas the bad habits take a toll over an individual's personality and life. The problem starts when bad habits strt overpowering and become the dnvmg factor of an individual's life. It starts becoming hard for the individuals to resist them. With time, these start reflecting in one's behavior. Bad habits have a negative effect on self as well as others. They may become roadblocks in the progress and development of an individual.

Bad habits die hard, which means an individual needs to put an exemplary display of will power and determination, in order to get rid of them. When the negative impact of the bad habits has become profound on one's life, it is only an individual who can take charge of the situation.

The first step in this direction is introspection. One needs to analyse his behavior and the pattern of bad habits. These habits won't vanish or disappear in a day but will go away gradually with time. It is important not to lose the confidence and faith in one's abilities during such time.

People enjoy smoking, people enjoy drinking, but when these habits of smoking or drinking becomes our masters, we feel uneasy or wearisome. Without smoking or drinking we feel bad So, it is rightly said, "Habit is a good servant but a bad master". "Don't let the habits to control you, conquer you; keep them your 'servants' and enjoy their company", is the secret of enjoying the life to the fullest extent.

Always remember that good habits are the pillars of success whereas the bad habits are the causes of failures. Irrespective of the nature of the habits, they must be deemed a the servant and should not be allowed to overpower an individual. In fact, they should be allowed to serve their master in the best possible manner so that a person can lead a happy and successful life.

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