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Essay on 'Proverb & Idomatic' The Child is the Father of the Man

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on 'Proverb & Idomatic' The Child is the Father of the Man in English language for students in 420 words. 

Wordsworth, the famous nature poet wrote a poem 'The Rainbow' and left behind a very famous saying that "Child is the father of man". This statement has been interpreted by various critics in various ways. For Wordsworth, statement it is important because a child is very innocent and spiritually elevated. Wordsworth was of the view that a child is a symbol of purity and honesty which remains untarnished till he gets engaged in worldly affairs.

A child is spontaneous and unselfish in his sharing of love and these qualities, a fully grown up man can learn from a child Living in this world is not easy. As one becomes adult, he learns so many things like deceit, flattery, lies, hypocrisy to survive in this world. A man can learn from a child unselfishness and purity of mind which can make him a better person.

Another explanation to this quotation is that we try to teach our children all that we have learned but some where down the line our children teach us things that we may have forgotten. They teach us to smile, to laugh, to love :and to forgive, simple spontaneous things that have been missed leading our busy lives.

Sometimes, in the rat race of this world we are not able to enjoy even small things like beauty of a flower or relax for a while. A child's innocent query or an expression can teach us to sit and relax and take life easy.

Wordsworth was an ardent lover of nature. He was of the view that man should always find time to appreciate nature and praise beauties of small things. The poet feels that a child sees a celestial light and enjoys himself in the dreamy grandeur

What he means to say that a child is like a mystic or an angel who has some ability of seeing the light of heaven is some objects of nature which an adult may not be able to see. So, the child can lead the way and teach men to enjoy beauties of nature.

Man has forgotten to spend sometime in the lap of nature and appreciate marvels produced by God. But a child, who is away from all wordly worries and musings, finds joy in very small objects of nature like a colourful butterfly or jumping frog.

In this way child can be considered father of man who can find happiness in small things and keep himself contended Adults can learn so many things from a child such as innocence, instant spontaneity, love and happiness.

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