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Essay on 'Proverb & Idomatic' Lending a Hand to Someone is Better Than Giving Dole

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Lending a hand is better than giving dole' is a proverb used to explain that it always better to help and provide support to a struggling person by empowering him than doing favours on him out of kindness and sympathy.

sympathy. There is no doubt that helping others out of kindness is a good gesture and makes the world a better place to live. Our society considers helping others a noble deed and expects people to help the needy proactively.

But there exists a thin line of difference between lending a hand and giving dole. Giving a dole is a temporary solution to the problem. The solution actually lies in providing the resources and the strength to the needy, so that he is able to solve his problems by himself This will be better explained by the following case. There are two ways to help a poor child who is begging for money.

The first and easy way is to give him money. The second way is to pay for his education, get him the books or teach him for free. The first one will fulfill his temporary needs but will not be sustainable in the long run. The second one will make the child independent. It Wlll empower him to earn his livelihood and achieve a desired standard of living. Subsequently, he has the choice to leave his profession of begging and shift to some better source of living. However, in the first case it will be tough for the child to shift to some alternate profession.

A perfect example of this proverb will be of Lord Krishna and Arjuna. In the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna guided Arjuna ro fight the battle himself and chose not to fight on his behalf. Although Lord Krishna had all the mighty powers, he decided to be a guide to Arjuna.

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Giving someone a dole is a kind of charity and could play havoc with the self-respect of an individual with high self-esteem. In some cases, it may make the receiver lazy and more dependent The person will never experience the sheer pleasure of the achievement of something which is attained by hard work.

The society should discourage the practice of giving away on of pity. In fact we must try to provide support that may sustain a person throughout life and help in leading a dignified life.

A dole may lead to everlasting dependence which is not good for the healthy growth of the society. It is important for the individual, society, and the government to do away with the practice of giving dole in any form. Dole may be Justified but only for a short while. Support is dignified and is a reward for the efforts. It motivates one to work harder in order to follow and fulfill his dreams.

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