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Essay on 'Proverb & Idomatic' Quick But Steady Wins the Race

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on 'Proverb & Idomatic' Quick But Steady Wins the Race in English language for students in 400 words.

Quick but steady wins the race is just the opposite of the famous age old saying 'slow and steady wins the race'. Being quick means that one is faster than the others and being steady means there is continuity in one's endeavors.

If we analyse the age old saying of 'slow and steady wins the race', even it emphasises on the continuity of efforts. But it is the modem version that holds true in light of the rising competition in today's world.

We all are living in a world where everyone is running in a rat race. Right from the time a child is born; he enters the race of life. It is just that the finishing point for each race may be different every time.

For the young children, the finishing point will be getting the admission in the school. For the teenagers, it may be getting into their dream college and for a college pass out, it will be getting a good job. This vicious cycle goes on forever.

The finishing point of one race is the starting point of rhe next race in life. The irony is that everyone is running m this race but nobody can spare the rime co look back or help the one who is left behind.

So, in order to fulfil one's expectations and achieve the desired goals. one needs to be quick and steady. Thanks to the cut-throat competition. one cannot afford to fail. Sometimes the consequences of the failures are unforgiving. A single moment

of failure may take one far away from his goals, missions and future.

The goals are missed and the dreams arc shattered. in fact, the century has become synonymous with fast life. The technological revolution has led to the replacement of traditional techniques and equipment with advanced techniques and gadgets. Quickness and speed have become indispensible in order to leave the competitors behind

Steadiness ensures consistency m the efforts. Success comes handy with continued efforts. We need to chase our targets continually despite the failures we face. The beauty of life lies in that fact that we fall seven tunes and get up eight times.

Failures shouldn't deter one from achieving one's goals instead they have to be the stepping stones towards success. However, greater speed can lead to errors and it can affect the quality of work. There may be times when one is not able to introspect and ponder upon his work.

At the same time, excessive steadiness towards the projects which aren't delivering results will also affect the quality of the work. So, it becomes important to ensure optimum steadiness and speed in our efforts.

As each flower blossoms at a different pace, each one of us is blessed with some natural pace. Each individual has its intrinsic capabilities and potential. One should work according co them. Stretching them beyond limits may result in failures but steadiness will come hand nil throughout

Patience and perseverance pay. Things take the time to unfold. The most successful men are the products of steady accretion of their hard work and will power. One must ensure that success doesn't come at the behest some unethical practices. Rather, speed and consistency should form the pillars of success.

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