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Essay on If I Were Prime Minister

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on If I were prime minister in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 500 words.

Human beings are possibly ambitious creatures. He sees many types of dreams about his future and is lost in the flight of fantasy. Sometimes there is a desire in my mind too -If I was the Prime Minister of the country.

But this axis is like breaking the stars in the sky, however still there is a voice from any corner of the mind. It is not impossible. When a person of India will beautify the country's prime minister then why not you?

If my imagination is realized, then I will not leave any stone unturned to stand in front of the advanced, prosperous and powerful nations of our country. In my view, the prime minister's first obligation is to make our country strong and prosperous in all respects.

The security of the nation will be paramount for me as soon as the responsibility of the Prime Minister is handled. Although I will not be able to extend my friendship to neighboring countries, but I will not be able to tolerate terrorism and infiltration on the border. For this, I have to increase the Indian military power so that the enemy nation can not even dare to take an eye on us. I will stop the intruders from all walks of life, and I will teach such a lesson to the enemy that they will not be able to make an attack of attack there, and if necessary I will not be behind the war. In that context, I will not come under international pressure.

On becoming Prime Minister, I will make every effort to end corruption, dishonesty, bribery and brother-nepotism and will give the country a clean and transparent government. I will take strong action against the officials involved in corruption.

I believe that today India is more threatened by the enemy than the other enemies. Increasing terrorism and communalism in the country are hollowing the roots of Indian democracy and have become a threat to national integration and integrity. I will curb these evil practices by enacting new laws to crack them down. After becoming the Prime Minister, I will end my life by ending terrorism.

I am well aware that the kind of education system prevailing in the country will make it very contaminated, purposeless and job oriented. I will also try to change the constitution to bring uniform education system throughout the country.

India has been economically backward from the big nations of the world. It will be my endeavor that it can be economically equivalent to the advanced countries of the world. For this I will have two plans- modernization of agriculture and promotion of industry.

After becoming the prime minister, Through the channels, I will stop the turmoil happening on our culture and will keep the attention of Indian culture.

To overcome India's backwardness in the sports world, I will run the countrywide campaign by selecting talented and well-meaning players and taking them to international level.

I believe that there are so many functions and more difficult to improve, but my determination is that once I become Prime Minister I will be able to do everything.

Essay on If I Were Prime Minister in 900 word

My country is a republic country of India. Here, through a young person and any qualified person who is a citizen of India can become the Prime Minister of this country. Yet, becoming a Prime Minister of a great democracy like India is really a matter of pride and pride. To become a Prime Minister, it is very necessary for a long and comprehensive life experience to have a direct experience of political activities and activities. Although I do not have all the qualifications and experience, yet again it comes to my mind that if I was the Prime Minister of India then?

In dealing with the responsibility of the Prime Minister, in the first place, the nation's security and meditation. For this, I have to strengthen the country's military power. Generates feelings of unity among all Indians. If I become the Prime Minister of the country, I will introduce vocational and technical education in place of objective education. I will try to resolve the unemployment, poverty, ignorance and superstition in the country, which is hindering the rapid development of the country.

To improve the economic condition of the country, there is a great need of lasting reforms in Indian agriculture, without it neither food nor problem-solving is possible and progress of business and business is possible only. Therefore, I will encourage the country's agriculture through scientific method.

If I was the Prime Minister, I would have implemented all types of construction-development schemes in such a way that they could be fulfilled only through national resources. National - Protecting the interests, unity and equality, protecting the honor of the person - and the suppression of injustice to women - with every possible remedy.

If I was the Prime Minister of the country of prime importance, I would give special attention to social welfare as well as the rise of the country. The Dalit class provides as much support as possible to victims, disabled and helpless captives. Attempts in the progress of the country to end the major problems like price rise, profiteering, thievery, corruption and beggary. Self Like Mrs. Indira Gandhi, she came to be rigidly against Pakistan's terrorism attitude and acted as selfless and unbiased act like the Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee for economic prosperity of the country. Criminals declare citizens to be unqualified citizens to contest elections.


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