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Essay on If I was a Minister of Education

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on If I was a Minister of Education in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 620 words.

Imagine and cherishing a sweet dream for your future life is the instinctive nature of human beings. Due to being a student, when I look at the education system running in the country today the mind gets upset. I think that today the worst of the education being done in the country is not so much of any other thing. The education system that started by Lord Macaulay due to selfishness in India is still going on till today. I have read that how many commissions do not go for improving the education system, how many committees were formed, but there was no change in their basic structure. That is why I thought in my mind that if I become a education minister of the country, then I will not leave any doubt in improving these flaws.

Nowadays there are two types of schools in the country. One is the public school in which the children of the poor are studying and where the medium of education is English. For admission, a donation of up to fifty thousand rupees to two lakhs rupees has to be given, and secondly they can not even imagine the governmental students in the middle of the society or poor families, who can not even read in public schools. My first job will be to become the Education Minister of the country. To curb the commercial attitudes of these public schools. I will try to establish the same type of schools all over the country. I am public that it will not be easy to do this because the high and wealthy sections of society will never like this. If I had not succeeded in it, then I would definitely do that in public schools, I would definitely reserve 50 percent seats for the students.

On becoming a education minister, my focus will be on textbooks too. I have personally experienced that in all the categories of primary, middle and high, boys have no time to play and neither entertainment nor entertainment. The weight of the sitting of small children is also equal to their own burden. I will definitely reduce this burden of textbooks.

I am going to change on examination method in the current system in the country. The examination methodology evaluates the eligibility of the student within three hours, in my view it can not be right in any way. I will start the pure and overall evaluation system in education which can be properly evaluated for the ability and ability of the students.

I will take stern steps against teaching teachers properly and promoting tuition by today's teachers. I would plan that the teachers should be selected on the basis of their merit and their annual salary increase basis is also their test result. I will order an action against the teacher whose examination will not be corrected.

I will make Kanoon to separate education from religion and politics. I will not even hesitate to take a serious action against the educational institution which will violate this law. Similarly, in private educational institutions where teachers are exploited, they are given less salary. And the signatures are done on full pay, will they investigate their intelligence and take strict action against them. The recognition of such schools will be canceled or they will pass the legislation to get government rights. I am aware that to achieve my above-mentioned plans in reforming education, it is very difficult but someone has said right -

‘Jahan Chah Wahan Rah’'Where the wish is staying'. If something is fixed in the mind then it is not impossible to get it. This is the prayer to God that once I have the opportunity to become an Education Minister and help me succeed in my plans.

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