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Essay on Self-Sufficient or Self-Supporting

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Self-sufficient or self-supporting in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 640 words.

A person can neither advance himself nor can any work of his own society and the nation. Swavalamban means - to be your support, to be self-sufficient. The main eye always sees the faces of others

As a dependent, he always has to be living under the shelter. In such a situation neither his self-esteem nor his self-esteem survive He becomes subject to frustration, harassment, torture, pain, humiliation and neglect by becoming a puppet of others' hands. Therefore, dependency is considered to be a serious sin.

The self-assured person has learned in the right sense what the pain is and what the value and the importance of happiness, the happiness and the self-satisfaction. What is the world and society? What is the pain of humiliation. Lack in some way can make the person moderate. The realities of such things can also be realized in fact, a truly self-sufficient person can understand. Instead of abandoning the relinquishment of respect and humiliation, staying away from the perception of inferiority, thus having a person becomes a personless person has to spend life. The natural desire to become a simple human being, human dignity and dignity resides in every human being. Being self-sufficient, it can be accomplished.

Being self-reliant does not mean that humans have large, high-rise palaces. There is immense wealth, if it does not happen, then man has no right over big, high-speed methods, then it is useless to not be all of them. By working independently and willingly, man can be successful in helping the neighbors, the neighborhood, the society, the society and the whole country. A self-supporting person can take proper steps by thinking in a liberated sense. Every drop of perspiration flowing through the diligence done by her is as valuable as the pearl. That is called true happiness and self satisfaction, it only achieves self-dependent person. Considering all these facts, the poet Maithilisharan Gupta also has a line in Saket:

On the one hand of Swavalamban, the treasure of Kuber can also be laid on the life of Nayouchhana Kuber, ie Swabhiman, which can be lived on a normal level. A self-reliant person can also improve his life along with his own self. Such a person used to spend his or her palanquin mats for other people of life-society. Saint Kabir cloth weavers used to follow their family while Guru Nanak Dev used to take the sonship of the Dharamsala (gurus) even by invoking the displeasure of his sons. Gana Charana of Shri Krishna, Saint Raidas and Dadudayal are going to indicate signs like doing the knot. Certainly, it is the inspiration to become self-reliant. Their importance is also to highlight. '

The person who is not self-sufficient, is also responsible for all his failures. Tulsidas ji has rightly said, "Dev-Dev lazily caller." It is here that he alone is called lazy and beneficial. Self-reliant people continue to strive without regard to success or failure, and pave their way by obstructing obstacles, disturbances. Continuously move on a narrow path. The traps of the path can not stop their steps and ultimately success is theirs. On the strength of Swavalamban, Shivaji had chewed a huge army of Aurangzeb with small soldiers. Eklavya had acquired supernatural skills in archery even when neglected by Guru Dronacharya. A simple person like Napoleon was able to become a great senanayak. A farmer and carpenter's son, Eicher Lincoln, became president of America. History is full of such examples.

Today's person wants a lot of wealth and means of pleasure but by plundering others and pulling down the legs or behind them, not by keeping their hard work and self confident and loyalty on their own. This is the reason that today's person is free and unhappy even after being independent. This situation is the only solution to redemption and it is self-supporting, none other.

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