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Essay on Pollution Outbreak

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Pollution outbreak in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 570 words.

Pollution is a worldwide problem. In this problem all the cities of the world are plagued. For various reasons, the pollution of water, air sound and soil erosion is called pollution only. Pollution is born due to the development of elements which maintain the environment. Indeed, human scientists are really interested in increasing pollution by humans. The cities are growing rapidly and rural population is also migrating towards this. Due to which Anega Nagar has become a metropolitan country and the population has passed its maximum limit too.

The population of the country has crossed the figure of 100 million, even after this the speed does not stop, although China's population is more than our country. But that day is not far away when our population will leave China behind.

Growing cities and metropolitan cities and growing population in the country give rise to a serious problem. That's the problem - the problem of pollution. The direct effect of this pressure of population falls on the atmosphere. Earth falls short for this population. Due to which the number of slums, slums and slums is increasing in the metros. At this place the atmosphere becomes so polluted that clean air is not available for breathing. Many cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kanpur are seriously polluted.

There are many types of pollution in the metros. First of all, air pollution is considered the most harmful in other types of pollution. The atmosphere becomes polluted due to the increasing number of vehicles, tomorrow factories and industrial units in metros. Vehicles running on the roads daily smother millions of gallons of dirty smoke. When this smoke goes into our body through breath, asthma, mangos, TB, lungs and cardiovascular diseases lead to fatal diseases such as cancer. In order to solve the problem of housing, trees are uncontrolled in these metros. Due to which pollution is also increasing. Due to deforestation of trees, there is no way to remove the impurity of the environment.

Water has also become a serious problem in metropolitan cities, the sources of water in the cities have also become contaminated. When residual items and chemical wastes emitted from the industries spread around the cities are flown in rivers then the water becomes polluted and the drinking additive is not there. By drinking this polluted water, many types of stomach diseases are born.

There is no shortage of noise pollution in the metros. Noise, noise from dense population and sound expansion etc. due to vehicles and vehicles coming out of factories is the main reason for noise pollution. Sound pollution can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, ear diseases etc.

Land pollution is also found in large-scale large cities. Dirt in the densely populated areas gives birth to pollution. Due to the absence of toilets, bathrooms etc. in the slums and huts, soil pollution is increased. Flies of mosquitoes increase in land pollution. And there is serious harm to health.

It is absolutely essential to stop the increased pollution in cities. To prevent this, population control is essential first. The government should endeavor to develop small scale industries in villages in such a way that the population of the villages should not migrate to the cities. Also, industrial units should be put away from the cities and the strict laws should be followed strictly against the waste products and waste disposal units. To make maximum tree plantation in the cities and bite the cutting of green trees.

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