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Essay on Self employment or self employment scheme (Svarojgar or Svarojgar Yojana)

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Self employment or self employment scheme (Svarojgar or Svarojgar Yojana) in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 820 words.

Unemployment today is a terrible dream like rising inflation. Life-level is almost fixed. Loktant 9 has linked the common man to the dreams, in which he has created great axioms of the greatness of the hypothesis and the living. He wants employment for him. The new generation is a generation of dreams that many want to do. There is passion in it, there is a desire to do something and power is there. Imagine a beautiful dreamer of life, when standing on the threshold of unemployment, will look towards the earth in a dry sky, then what is going to happen on its interaction. What will be happening on his created self-confidence, expectations and dreams. Does not the sunshine in front of him be tossed like a dark sea?

He would have equally questioned himself why he had studied for sixteen-seventeen years. Why should he dream of living? Who is responsible for that? Now what can he do? Which direction proceeded towards. The 'no vacancy' plank is hanging around. Society does not need it. The state does not need it, it is the burden for the family. How rare is his condition? The same strategies, power, power, sense, and intelligence have all diminished. It's useless. She is powerless, she is discreet and she is helpless. The whole world is his enemy. He is trapped in a horrific conspiracy. He has been implicated in conspiracy. Who is trapping? Here his skeptical mind and the lost mind begin to search for his enemy. Now, all his power starts to decide the enemy.

When a young man, who is left alone on a sandy land, suddenly becomes enamored of the ambition and dreams, then he begins to get entangled in the quagmire of anger, fear, anxiety, insect, etc.

I was going through the same circumstances under the same circumstances, darkness was in front of me, the poor of unemployment was trying to swallow me either or she wanted to push me into the world of crime. What is the life of a poor life is hell, that can only know who has accepted it. If there is no money then there is nothing. Life is neutral. The person himself begins to hate his life. The complex resentment makes him atheist and he starts thinking that he is a victim of a pre planned conspiracy.

Job is not found anywhere I do not know what to do. What should I do? How do i Let's tear down the degree and come down into the world of crime. I was not able to understand how fewer people with less than I have been able to find a job and are looking for it. They are enjoying the upper income. His mind was rebellious by the name of the bribe, his fists were tarnished.

Then I got acquainted with the bank manager Dua, they became my friends. Seeing me frustrated, he started saying one day, 'Friends, if you do not mind, then say one thing. I did ya They made a proposal in front of me that I should start some work. Raise the question of what work? While the bank manager stayed there, the new colony was just going to be there that Manageen suggested to me to open a general store store there. First I was startled, I was staring at them. After all I got B.Com in first class did. What's that store for? What did the General Store open? I used to think it over and over again and I was filled with annoyance.

How long does he offer his proposal? There was no other way before me. Manager friend, I was getting loans from the bank. Ultimately I had to listen to them. I opened a shop named after Vikram General Store. The losers started the store with the mind. I continued to send my curse to my mind on this stupidity.

Time passed by. I do not know that the good thing and the price of the fair price will be so fascinated by the colonists that in two to seven months, there will be two thousand monthly men. Now I have a tendency towards the shop. Considering the attitude of shopping, I started working according to him. In my understanding, now the consumer came to nature. I started to understand consumer culture, As a result: the shop turned out

I understand the problem of unemployment has been solved. Why did we run behind the job? Why not move towards self-employment? This effort of self-employment started filling me with new power. I started experiencing freshness in myself again. I am neither frustrated nor in vain. Today, the job of the people is not inclined in the way of the cow before. It was understood by the educated person that he could make much profit using the available education in his business or work. Which can undoubtedly prove to be more profitable over time rather than a job.

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