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Essay on If I Were a Teacher

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on If I Were a Teacher in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 930 words.

Education has been the importance of every age. As long as there is a human life on earth, the importance of education will continue. There is no doubt in it. Education is said to be light, so the human eye is also considered. The person giving education is called a teacher. If education is also of great importance due to light and eyes, then it is also very important that the teacher giving eye and light. It has been said and it has come to be known that the importance of education in today's life society is important, but the value and importance of the teacher has been reduced and it is declining. For this, where today's education system is considered to be guilty of the norms of society, there is no shortage of teachers. Today, teachers of education have not given up a sacred, selfless service, and have left a type of business, hence the teacher is not respected as before. Even if I want to become something in life then I want to become a teacher. Why do I want to be, there are many reasons and plans, which I can complete only after becoming a teacher.

If I was a teacher, then first of all, my students used to try to expel them from the circle of boundaries of this bonding system. For real education, he also tried to get them out of closed class buildings. He told them that we should also read open book of nature with an open mind. Education in it should be considered as the true and real education of life. Because we have to pass exams in the era we are living in. To cross the exams, reading of books is important, for this reason, the teacher also teaches books to his students, but not in the tied-up manner that does not provide the upper knowledge of the subjects. Only then the students studying the keys become more clever. The number of exams gets more, but it does not have any real knowledge. It is thus clear that our present system of examination is also faulty. Who can not examine the student's actual compatibility. For this reason, if I was a teacher, I also tried to change the system with this useless education system.

It is often seen that our teachers do not want to go to the countryside. If you go, you can not read and write by adopting the environment there. Teachers coming from the countryside get their appointment in their village school. After doing this, after teaching and writing, they are engaged in their own domestic chores. If I was a teacher, I would go anywhere and teach them by heart. Even after being appointed in the school of his village-city or street-school, he does not have the right to teach his first work, but he does not have the right of his home business. Only a teacher can be used in life-society by having a good heart, enthusiasm and effort. Self-conviction can also be found. Teaching is really a holy karma. The true base of nation-building is teacher. So a good teacher always runs in front of the national construction and national interest in mind. At least I must keep the goal in front and run.

It is often said that today's teachers do not read themselves, the books which the students have to teach, they do not even read, then what will they teach the students? If I was a teacher, then this accusation never took place. Those who have to study in the rooms, read the course of their studies, read the books related to the topic and also read books, giving them more and more information to increase their knowledge. Some teachers themselves keep their knowledge limited to keys; they put pressure on their students to read the keys, buy keys, if I were a teacher, then writing all kinds of restrictions on writing and reading keys. In fact, this Kuni-culture has removed the wisdom of the teachers, the environment of all education has been corrupted. So I fight against all these evils and struggle. Taking it away, it hurts. In addition to reading books, the inspiration of reading good books was given to their students so that their talent could be well developed.

It is said that teachers do not teach in classrooms, but they come to their home and put pressure on students to study. In other words, emphasis is placed on tuition. Make up groups of twenty-five-fifty students. There, too, not only the whole course, but also the necessary questions. In this way, they earn huge amount of money from every month students. In school examinations only students passing tuition passes by giving an anonymous number, but when they go to the examinations of student board etc., they can not pass. This type of tuition teacher often gives out the question paper by taking bribe. This type of education system destroys everyone. If I was a teacher, then I would try to root out this tuitionist tendency. After the school is over, we can teach the weak students free of cost. But tuition can never be forgotten.

Thus, the ideal teacher is the one who is trying to develop his students' all-round talent. If I was a teacher, then by determining my duties and doing it, I want all the teachers in the country to work themselves by becoming the nation's future. In this, he is the real welfare of his own, education world, future citizen students and the whole country.

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