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Essay on Student Life: Duties and Rights

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Student Life: Duties and Rights in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 810 words.

The general definition of colloquial is called a student wishing to attain education. From this point of view, education can generally be called student life. That's why a person lives a lot of things all the time, but he is not called a student. As long as he goes to school and college and keeps the exams accordingly, the same period is called student call. In this time, according to the name of the person, the main duty and duty of the person is to study the Vidya. The main meaning and purpose of studying science is to pass some examinations without having to learn something new. Understanding the meaning of life, whatever the person learns to make it successful, it is called Vidya only in a broad sense and its meaning - that is, the person who is interested also is called a student in a broad sense. Study of Vidyarthi for the student means not only to read some books and to take some exams on their basis, but to learn, acquire and then use all the things to get life to be successful and useful. Does happen. From this point of view it can be said that each student should be endowed with curious and eclipse. Only then can he lead a successful life by getting scholars.

Student-age can be compared to raw clay ladders. Anything can be made from the disintegration of the raw soil. It depends on the creator that makes something ugly or formatted. In the same way, even a student can change his mind and brain and make himself like you. Basically, there is a lot of enthusiasm in the student-life, but the sensation remains low. He often wanders after destroying all his life and ruins him, raises many kinds of troubles for his family, society and country too. Therefore, it is the absolute duty of the student that he focuses solely on studying his ultimate goal and focusing on education by not focusing on things such as worthless things, idle talk and spare people. On the basis of education, he has to make himself good and fit. So that he can do good to his family and the whole country.

It is considered a duty of the student to fulfill the learning and learning of life as well as supplementing all kinds of habits. In life and society, a person is identified with his good habits and behaviors. Thus, to stay away from all kinds of evils, to read mind-brain development, to play for health-care, to be free of all kinds of concerns, to create character, we have to say the main duty of the student life. Can. By doing so, he can become a good citizen of the future.

Only after duties, the question of authority raises. In our opinion, as far as the question of the authorities is concerned, in one sentence it can be said that it is the main duty of studying science from healthy mind and demanding proper business for all of them. This is also the main right. He can also demand good and practical education. He also has the authority to ask all the family, society and the governance to make his living, eating habits, good atmosphere. She can also demand that her teacher be a person of ideal behavior and behavior. The society should provide the ideal of good governance and discipline to make it practically pragmatic. Nowadays, after being seduced by the politicians, the students often start doing such demands, considering themselves as special classes, which are not accessible to those who are below the bottom line of poverty and below poverty line and can not be called justified. Such as concession on tickets in cinema houses etc. For them, being only curious and a learner in every situation can only be considered fair. In the name of politics can not be called a healthy mentality, such as turbulence, arson, unrest, aggression etc. Sorry to say that this is all happening today. The main goal of Vidya Studies has been left behind.

It is thus clear that even before every creature of society, the student also receives many types of duties and rights. But sorry to say that today's student gives a dash of so-called and arbitrary rights, he can not get his attention right up to primary duty like Vidya-Study. This is the reason that even after entering the life after the end of education, the youth is not happy and even balanced, its rights are automatically eliminated. If we learn to balance our rights and duties in student times for the success of life, then there is no reason why the future of our own and our society and country is not bright. Today's youth student class is beginning to understand this fact, then it can be accepted as a good goal for the future.

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