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Essay on Current Education System

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Current Education System in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 890 words.

Education has a real meaning, doing something by learning something and completing it. Education in this sense is also called the eye of human life. The eye that gives a right vision of life to the person, makes it a composite, that he can do all the progressive work by doing good and bad thinking. Can lead a proper human life. Develop a sense of empathy, increase efficiency and enable Souji Shakti Jogir to take the life of the nation along with him on the path of progress. But what kind of education is being received by the student today, the way the education system is in progress, is it able to do all this? The answer is definitely 'no'. That's because it's not about making education system today. That is why even after so many years of attaining independence, even if education has become very much expanding, the people of this country can not get much less than literally, very few percent. If he is educated he can not even claim to be educated at the normal level. The reason for this is that continuing the same system of systematic education that Lord Macaulay had applied to frustrate this country, to create some clerks or clerks to run their empire. After almost fifty years of independence, due to not being able to change it, education itself, in the name of reality, the country is wandering in the darkness of literacy only. That too in the omnipresent way, in the inefficiency of indigenousness.

In our view, the existing education system has become a non-living machine producing the people who are hankering for being educated. Only then, it, by the name of production, brings to mind millions of directionless youth every year and is considered to be the fulfillment of their duties. There is a flaw in this education system that BA, MA After doing so, in the name of activism or life, the person starts to experience himself rather than tired and defeated. This system imposes the burden of being educated by giving general information about many topics in its original form, but does not even touch the angle of practical compatibility and pragmatism. As a result, the person becomes inferior to personality and remains an absurd puzzle and burden for himself. It is useless to expect such a person to do something for the nation.

This education and the examinations associated with it do not let the experience of the learner know the real plans. In fact, it has not been able to present any benchmark of the scheme-ozone yet. By this, the additives often wander away and take advantage of the useless benefits. Due to the burden of many subjects, the person can not be considered in any of the subjects, only he can count different subjects. Then this education system became burden and expensive too. It is becoming increasing day by day that every family and individual can not afford it. This education can not be successful in giving self-burden, national understanding, national understanding and humanity. For all these reasons, the tone of time is changing from time to time. The Commission also constitutes to consider, yet we do not know what is the compulsion that we should take the jug of the opposite education system on the shoulders only with the needs and needs of our country. The crows of the crusher roamed. This mentality can not be said in any way healthy and pleasant. In fact, this system is cutting the roots of education.

Education means the creation of a cosmopolitan citizen, making life worth living, alerting his duties. Because the current education system is not able to succeed in fulfilling its obligations, it is absolutely necessary to change it. The first requirement is to make education relevant to the interests of the reader. Then the selection of his curriculum and subjects should be such that can make us competent in life-skills-not only literate. Just as some topics are taught today only to pass the exam. Whether they are useful for life-style or the student's interests-whether they are friendly or not, reading-reading of such subjects should be closed. If subjects such as fine literature have been made electives, read only those who are passionate, they will be very good. The method of teaching should also be practical rather than not just books. Similarly, education should be given in open areas instead of closed rooms. Only then can education be successful in its real goals. It is not advisable to continue on the same way as a machinist who produces nonsense goods.

In the end, we just want to say that if we really want the country and the good of the nation, then it is necessary to change the education system of this loan as soon as possible and release it to a new system according to the need of country-time instead. So we will gradually lose our identity and will not stay anywhere. Today's disorientation will leave our Asmita and drown it in such a trough where it will be extremely difficult to get out. It is very important to become aware immediately in such a situation. It is necessary as soon as possible that the education of the needs of the indigenous countries and the indigenous medium of education is made as early as possible.

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