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Essay on Medium of Education

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Medium of Education in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 830 words.

Meaning means means or manner by which one person or we accept something. Before considering the medium of education it is necessary to know its purpose. To give rise to the comfort and secret powers of a human being, the ability to use them in the right direction is the real purpose and importance of education. The fulfillment of this important purpose can only be done by any country's education system only if it is given in the medium or language which the learner can reasonably understand-which he does not find unfamiliar and difficult, The circumstances are well-proportioned. This indecency of the learner in independent India will be said that the education system here is the same, the introduction of the old, the under-minded mindset, the slave-minded clerks and the clerks are on the other hand, on the other hand, it has not even adopted the universal medium. Could go As a result, our entire education system and its structure have become a mess. To eradicate this mess, it is necessary that one universal medium of change and change the whole system should also be determined. By doing so, education, education, and nation can be possible.

What is the medium of education in this country, the question has been taken many times at normal and high levels. But due to lack of resolution power our educationist, leader and government can not reach any final decision till date. Different types of ideas have come up. One main idea was that the medium of education from the beginning to the end should remain the so-called international language. But this idea can be termed as the introduction of mental slavery, and it is not possible and practical to do this for the common masses of this country. It is not appropriate even with the view of the general and the independent nation. The second thought is that we are also equal to all other independent nations, and we also make our Constitution-accepted national language the medium of education. But in the way of this idea, the question of the politicians who have vested interests raised north-south, they are stuck in talks with the lack of books related to technical and knowledge-related subjects in Hindi. It will be called the defect of our education system and most of the learners associated with it. Nothing else.

In addition to the above votes, one vote has also emerged that initial education should be in the main mother tongue of the particular region. After that the study of teaching of national language and English from fifth grade VIII could also be started. This order continued till the higher secondary education. After that, accepting as national language or any language medium for higher education, education should be given in the same. The question arises, what language is that? Of course, that foreign language can not be English but national language Hindi only.

Thus, the idea has also been seen that by dividing the country into some special sections on the basis of language, a specific and prevalent divisional language should be made the medium of education. But doing so, there are many difficulties of practical level. The biggest obstacle is that the use of special talent will not be used at the state level but will be restricted to the divisional level only. The second difficulty is also the choice of any one divisional language special. All will emphasize on their own language. Then a division will be left as the arena of language feudalism. So this idea can not be called pragmatic. By doing so, the division of the provinces can not be compatible with language.

In our view, decision can be made only through the medium of education of the medium of language. The majority decision is considered in democracy. So it should be seen that the Constitution-sanctioned fifteen to sixteen languages ​​are of the best spoken language, which is the language that is most read-written at the national-international level, after which it is spoken and finally done for work cracked up to be. By adopting this majority system of democracy, the medium language of education can be easily done. For this there is a great need of sacrifice for regional languages ​​and other selfish interests and the need is for the lofty spirit of national integration. It can not be possible to make a decision in its absence. If we still do not accept a medium for education of all the countries, then the current system and whole education will eventually get rid of its current formal situation. Therefore, on the basis of priority, it should be decided that what is the most appropriate means of education can be done. The real good will be possible only with self education and the Indian society and the nation. There is no other way. Due to stealing of the eyes from this burning problem, the country has been very harmed and is continuing. But now should not be too much.

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