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Essay on Plantation

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Plantation  in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 740 words.

The tree is considered as the best companion and companion of the whole world. A group of trees can be called by forest, park, forest, and anything else. The trees can be called prince of nature and forests, gardens or forests as their homeland. In other words forests are formed from a group of trees, and forest nature forms the lifesaving beauty of nature. Trees and forests give us many kinds of fruits, shades, wood air, which we call life or life-force, its source is also really forest and tree. Not only this, the balance of the earth and the many color-shaped structures that exist on it, the root cause of this is only forest and tree. Tomorrow's factory or other types of elements that are spreading on earth, which are polluting many types of polluted substances, filthy winds, stingy gases, or other such toxic elements, all the protection of all human life and the world of the living are certainly forests and forests. The trees are the same. They lack the absence of apocalypse, accepting the fact that all legs are liberated.

The importance of deforestation is not the same. Good arrangements for breathing in our food system also do the same. The reason of rain is also these forest trees that provide greenery to the earth and feed us by feeding food and water. Suppose, if there is no rain, all the rivers, wells and water sources will dry up one day. The sea will lose its existence. Earth will become barren and then gradually become a heap of ashes. It is clear that the existence of forests and trees is important and necessary for the living and living world animals. His absence can bring the situation, his imagination is very fertile.
Knowing the importance of forests, trees, even today, we cut, sell or experiment in other ways by cutting them for the greed of some money. With this the equilibrium of rivers, mountains, etc. has remained unchanged. Even the balance of nature and the whole life is also increasing, the outbreak of pollution is increasing steadily. This is the result of cutting of forests and trees in between the wet mountains and water bodies that now the floods have to suffer much more. There is no rain in the weather, due to which there is drought. Of course, cutting of one-tree must be bitten and its wood is for our use only, but it also becomes a duty if we cut a tree, then another egg may be replaced in its place. But we are changing the forests into plains and settlements. How long will it last? Of course, this knowledge of today is not going to be high, it is understood by today's scientist man. That is why today the process of planting trees in our country and in all the countries of the world is being celebrated as Van Mahotsav. The tree grows, the forests grow again, we will not tolerate them, but only on ourselves. Plan your emotional security.

In India, the deforestation is indiscriminately done. As a result: the natural balance has deteriorated. Only after knowing this, the many programs that are going on in government or institutional form for progress and development in our country, tree-growing and forestry enrichment are also a major task. Every year millions of trees and millions of trees are planted. But sorry to say that after forgetting plants, we forget our duty. Do not pay attention to planted plants. He or she is either a stray animal or goes away after drying up in the absence of water. If we really want the basis of the human race and the existence of its existence, the balance of nature, then we will have to grow more trees than the proportion of the trees being bitten. They must also try their conservation and culture. Needless to stop unnecessary one-cutting. Apart from this, there is no other alternative to protecting the whole world and protecting the nature of the animal.

Thus the importance of tree planting or forest festival is obvious. We have celebrated the Van Mahotsav today so meaningfully and to realize the spirit associated with it, so that human life can always be able to celebrate happiness and celebration in the future. He himself is not bound to suffocate. Being aware can be fruitful. Could add new chapters of progress and development, and to become a new, pleasant history of humanity.

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