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Essay on Family Planning

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Family Planning in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 750 words.

Family planning means small and balanced family. How frightening is the warning that if our population continues to grow like this then by 2000, the country's population would be more than 100 million. Today we are severely terrorized and suffering from the effects of the growing population- Oh! Now it is 80-90 crores, then this condition and when it will be 100 million or more then? Then perhaps there will be a fight-related feud in order to eat and people will also be short of the country's land. The man's children will roam around like crabs. People will be killed and eaten by each other for stomping. Yes, if we were not able to control the rapidly growing population, even if we were wildly, superfast or faster than the speed of the jet, its rate would not be reduced to a large extent, then after the next ten to fifteen years this is going to be all over this holy land. is. The wise and the creature will also be forced to live the life of the best animals, even from animals, there is no doubt in it. Is a wise and progressive man ready to live in that situation? Of course not!
With just one count, look at where these forty-fifty years of population have reached their place after independence? The total population of undivided India was 33 million. The country was partitioned. Let the people who died in the riots of that time, let them go, after India's partition, the population of 10 crores went to Pakistan or left. The total remaining population of the rest of the present day is twenty six hundred and twenty six hundred and fifty million only in 40-50 years, eighty-ninety crore is three times more than that. Is not that surprising thing As the proportion of population increased, the country's land, production, trade and employment opportunities and opportunities have not increased even half the proportion. Can not move That is why today we have to be compelled to live in immoral and indispensable circumstances by becoming immoral at every level. There is only one way to avoid these situations, inequalities and future destruction - it is very necessary to make family planning, that is to keep families balanced or small by stopping uninterrupted growth of population. No remainder of the remainder left without it.

All the conscious people believe that by controlling the growing population, the present abnormalities and upcoming calamities can be avoided. On being a small family, all kinds of basic needs of his bread, cloth, house, health, education, entertainment etc. can be met with simplicity from the available resources. Everyone can be properly cared for. Today, the many tensions we are living in, home and family are breaking down, people have no faith, love, brotherhood, endurance, tolerance etc. The reason is that due to the many shortcomings and shortcomings, In comparison to the growing population. Only by employing a family can we avoid all these untoward situations and can lead a happier life.

Though for family planning, there is no remedy for restraint, discipline and self-control or celibacy, yet many types of artificial remedies have been made available by science today. Operation is also considered as simple and best-successful solution. And there are many tools and tools that the person can keep and keep the family small and balanced. Increasing the age of marriage is also considered a remedy, but it can not be said as effective. Whichever remedies are to be done, 'we two of us' belong to the family to the extent that it is best. More than this, nothing is more than invitation to troubles and tensions.

Today a national program of family planning or family-balance is being organized at every level in the town-village. Now the uneducated and rustic people have started to understand its importance. All types of available means and measures are also being adopted, yet the expected results are not coming, it is a matter of considerable issue. It can be said that there is a need to broaden this movement more broadly. In this way, any kind of fanaticism should be effective, nothing more than stubbornness and foolishness. Ours is good for the nation and our existence in the existence of the nation. Our intelligence and intelligence can only make this program successful in protecting our nation. Therefore, people of all sections, castes and religions should be brought together at the same level to make this work a success. Only then can success and natural life be possible.

Essay on Family Planning 2 in 540 word

Family planning means the process of controlling the family and its importance has been understood by all the countries. It must have been started from Britain, but after this, it has been promoted on a large scale in all European countries. In a country like India, family planning should be mandatory. In this context, our government has run a number of schemes and work is also being done in this direction.

India's population is growing at very slow pace. Today we are second in the world in terms of population after China. Today, we have crossed the 100 million mark. This is the reason that despite the many resources, the speed of our progress is slow. So family planning is needed today. In this direction if the concrete and positive measures are not taken then the situation in the future can be very distraction.

There are many reasons for accepting and implementing the importance of family planning in India.

1. Economic reason: The direct impact of the growing population falls on the economic condition of the country. Many families come under the condition of adversity because they are far behind in the competition due to population growth. So, to make the country prosperous, family planning is extremely important.

2. Advancement of the nation: Family planning is essential for the advancement of a developing nation like India. Due to the rapidly growing population, it has become a dysfunctional task for the government to mobilize the facilities of education, home and food to all citizens. Despite many resources, pace of development has taken a break.

3. Physical and mental condition of woman: Generally, due to the birth of more children, the mother becomes unhealthy and prone to malnutrition. Children born in lean period are often weak. Due to the lack of food and food during pregnancy, the risk of death of both the child and the baby remains.

There are many obstacles in the way of planning the wedding. Two-thirds of the country's population still resides in villages. Many of these families are poor and uneducated. They are still clinging to superstitions and conservative traditions. According to them, children are God's servants and control over them is against God's will. Many religious beliefs are also a hindrance in its meaning. Being uneducated, they do not understand its importance. For these reasons our population is growing unexpectedly today. On the other hand, India can not impose family planning programs on its citizens as being a democratic country.

Our government is making efforts with full efficiency in the direction of family planning. For this, family Kalyan Kendras have been set up in all parts of the country through which all information related to family welfare is provided to the people. Apart from this, free contraception material is distributed to them. Doordarshan, newspaper, radio and other media are being widely used.

The requirement is that all the citizens of the country understand the importance of family planning and make the government as much support as possible to make it workable. Today's situation is so explosive that achieving the goal is not possible only through governmental efforts. The success of the family planning programs is linked to the success of the nation, so there is a need to be aware at all levels.

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